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Pymta river. The Bears.

After a week at work after a long sick leave, I realized it was time. It's time to run fishing. The fused ribs still hurt, but this is not an obstacle. Therefore, when it was proposed to drive to Pymta, I immediately agreed.

There she is, Pymta. It flows into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

Part of the way there lies along the Gazprom road with reverse movement and with a strange regime of passes. To go fishing for two days, I had to call on Thursday, and leave on Sunday. Took a couple of days off.

In the evening we left and after 4 hours were at the checkpoint. Then the first bummer awaited us. The road on Thursday was categorically closed, and on Friday opened for oncoming traffic. We sat, burned and went to spend the night on another river. On it was to hang all the next day. There also poured rain. We spent the night in Spartan sitting. Good workout for a wounded body.

In the morning, they started trying to fish. The water rose to such an extent that the fly fishing did not unpack, it caught with a spinning rod. During the day I managed to persuade a couple of trout. The mood is decadent. I didn’t take pictures. We set up a tent, prepared dinner. The rain continued. After a snack it became easier. The rain turned into snow. Rise at 4-30.

In the darkness and under the snow, wet belongings were collected and again at the checkpoint. I had to hesitate along the way, but we managed in time. We drove first. Another 150 kilometers along a broken dirt road and a soapy forest road, and here it is Pymta. There is little leaf, a lot of water, fish …, as always, there is. Still go to their point, but stopped. For some reason he pulled out his spin and, from the first casts, painfully parked a pair of coho salmon with pumping.

Such coho salmon is not very edible and, as a rule, is released. Moreover, a ticket is needed for him.

Not that I liked it, so I cracked it with a friction clutch. The snow gave way to rain, and we hadn't had breakfast yet. Let's go to the parking lot, located in a secluded place. In the future, it played against me. The place is good for both the tent and Delica, only the fish nearby do not peck. But nothing, ate and scattered. Two spinning players up, I'm down. Gathered an armful of fly bells and whistles to familiar rocks. I found out with regret that I forgot at home a floating cord and a tenkara cord. This significantly limited both casting and the working arsenal of lures. However, the assistant on a heavy sinking lace soon delivered the first trout. Since I was alone, I let go of everything.

It was the turn of the tenkara. Tied from the fact that there was a kind of cord and adapted a tiny mouse. The current is equine, so I had to drag a little perspective with a mouse. A small trout took classically. She showed her whole face out of the water and sniffed her mouth and ate the proposed "treat." The fishing rod in an arc, the buzz indescribable. Hardly a minute passed from the moment of bite to the neat removal from the beardless hook, and fishing had already taken place.

He sat, smoked, waited for the campaign. Thought we were going to dinner, but no. They, my greedy friends, dragged me even further down the river. There are places there, but everything is on the other side, and you won’t cross the river. But let's go. Farther than I expected. At a distant point, they managed to persuade a fly-fishing almost trophy trout-mykizha. It was already too much, so I did not go fishing anymore.

The play of light let down a little.

At about 4 o'clock they returned to the camp, quickly had a bite to eat, and again parted. However, only they parted, I stayed on the farm. At 6, it begins to get dark, so I went in advance to collect my “herd”. I had some idea where their meeting was.

I met, but not my own, but two completely unfamiliar bears. One is big and the other is even bigger. These two were fishing on the other side, taking turns wading into the water and crafting all sorts of bear things there. Coho salmon was still strong at that time, so the fish that died after spawning became their prey. Type of canned bone and shreds of touched rotten skin. I tried to take them on the phone, and was noticed. The place is open, but tall grass prevented me from trying to take it. The one that is smaller (I will call it Arkady) after another unsuccessful call for coho salmon swam to my shore. Nimble scoundrel. I went offshore in advance by 20 meters, and here because of the liquid bush where I had just appeared a curious snout of Arcadia. The distance is 25-30 meters, uncritical, but he is heading towards me. Out of the corner of my eye I notice Masha, the mother of Arkady, swimming nearby, and I begin to move away from close contact. On the belt is Mora’s knife, in the hand there is a fly fishing, around there is only dry grass and frail bushes. Far to birches. It only saves that the pursuer is alone, without the support of the mother. The classic of leaving is not to run, but to leave with dignity, but quickly. He walked about 100 meters (to the birches) and began to look after the shelter thicker and higher. Then he remembered that I was wearing boots with felt soles. The climber, therefore, is not any of me, even if you take off your shoes. I look around. Arkady is not in a hurry, but he is not far behind. Maria has already crossed and follows Arkasha. Damn, jokes aside. Hiding behind skinny birches and using uneven terrain, he moved from a step to a jogger. Without cod and noise, I reached the camp. It’s good that the wind was from them. I think it came off 200 meters, so there is time left. I dug up in the herm the old old false raised. A cardboard box such as a cracker with metal staples instead of a pen (20 years ago (right now I remember) they gave out 20 at work back). How old is he. The inscriptions are erased. He often carried it with him, but there was no chance to use it. Check it out. The trunk on Delika is good, far from it. While looking around, I remembered about the gun in the cabin. He quickly went down and dug up a weighty black case. The model was not familiar, but the hands then remember. I assembled a double-barreled vertical from three parts, without a belt, I could have a machine gun, I guess. Found four some cartridges. Heavy, then charged. Two in the pocket, two in the trunk. I remembered about the fuse. Discharged, snapped, checked how to turn it on and off, charged, climbed onto the trunk. Bears do not see. It became interesting what I charged. He took out, looked, bullets. It’s bad that there is no belt, it’s hard. I stand, legs wide apart in the rain, on the shoulder of the trunk. Eh, someone would take it from the side. 18 hours, it starts to get dark, there are no corephans. I was about to go after my friends, remove them from the trees, but then a furry couple appeared. Follow in my footsteps. Ahead is Arkady, followed by Masha. They go, of course, to me. The owner’s gait, they’re not afraid of anything, but I somehow know how to stop them. Shotguns and pyrotechnics are nonsense, the main thing is a well-set voice and understandable phrases made up of correct (unprintable) words. I started with this weapon. The effect was not what I expected. They, of course, stopped and even split up. Arkady began to go on the left, Mary on the right. 5 meters to the left of the river. I had to expand the phraseology and add volume. I managed to wrap Arkash to Masha.

Let me remind you that the wind is still from them. And now they, driven by my eloquence, had already passed the clearing, and hello. Then they heard a mixture of smells from our tent. And there and there and everything and everything is tasty and smelling. I’m Trindets. The circus began. They smelled and they need it. For a long time I did not swear, but the defense began to crack. The time has come for the raised fire. I crush steel brackets, and one falls out. Rare horseradish. Somehow I get it out from under the trunk, put it in place and cautiously, but I sharply pull out the massive ring … HORSE !!! It turned out to be the “door” to the main ring on the rope. Continuing to "talk" with the family, I pull the second (well, the rope has not decayed in 20 years). There was a distinct clap, even a little light flew out … and that’s it. I even shut up from such meanness, and began to prepare the barrel. But after about ten seconds a smoke went out of the cardboard, then flared up. Standing with a torch on the roof, he noticed how dark it was. Arkasha, meanwhile, was picking something on the shore, and Masha got into a cloud of smoke from my light. I understand that she knows this smoke and is not afraid, but, nevertheless, withdrew from the clearing into the forest. A leisurely gait.

But this smoke played a cruel joke with Arkasha. Apparently the smoke broke the chain of traces of his mother, and he began to rush through the clearing in her search. I had to tell where to go. Retired. At 18:38. It is a pity that at the most interesting moments I had to put off the camera and phone and take up arms.

Ten minutes later, the disgruntled spinning men returned. It turns out that Mary and Arkady slammed almost all of their catch and at the same time went unnoticed. They envied my close contact with the bears. They did not know what would happen tomorrow. Just in case, they sprayed the territory with vinegar, dined and slept.

At night the cyclone arrived. If before this sprayed intermittently, now it poured abundantly and with the wind. Woke up from swinging car. The bears dreamed, but it was only a breeze.

In the morning only one of us was greedy. On the way we stopped at a familiar meadow and began to watch how he removes fish from the water. It's good that he immediately hid the booty in the car. Good, because, Masha and Arkasha are here, like here.

Usually here in waders it is easy to switch.

I specifically did not demonstrate my vocal abilities in order to let everyone enjoy the moment. This time the bears were bolder and showed in every way that they were at home, and we were unwanted guests. The trunk was buried in a boom. I had to retire. Where is this fish?

That was such a highlight in this fishing trip.

What well? It’s good that we didn’t meet Potap. Potap is the master of those places. I have never seen him, but for four years I have been watching his growth. He dug out under one of the birches and broke the root. It turned out a small sweetish-mud bath. He takes it, and then rubs against a birch and scratches it with its claws. It grows little by little.

This is a totem tree. (Stone birch)

The second one. Bears didn’t go to the mountains, which means that the season ends early.

There is also a story about fishing with bears in the zahashnik. Earlier. It was just tin. But most likely many have already read it. He walks the network in variations of two authors (a real writer and mine).

In general, meeting with shaggy is more comical than tragic. Otherwise, you would not see it.


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