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Perch lightening with Ecopro Shprot-s.

Fishing for perch, especially in the winter season, always brings a lot of excitement and pleasure. This is especially true during the formation of the so-called first ice. It is at this moment that this type of fish is the main object of fishing and, therefore, is often found in the catches of anglers. What is it worth to fish for perch? Someone prefers a balancer, and this, in my opinion, is an excellent bait for finding and catching a striped fish, others, for example, athletes, exclusively for spinners, well, for a jig, while now it is not so important whether there is a live component on it or not.

I am one of those who often combine all three types of fishing, although it happens that in order to understand and reveal all the engineering ideas, when creating a lure, focus on one thing. This time is no exception, because today we will talk about a new spoon in my Shprot-s box, produced by the Ecopro brand.

Reviews: Perch luster with Ecopro Shprot-s.

The Shprot-s line includes seven types of sizes from 40 millimeters to 110 and weighing from 2.5 grams to 28, while made of 12 colors – this means that even the most demanding angler will find what he needs for his conditions, an object of fishing and mood. A tee is installed on the lure – a drop, the quality of which is at a height, without any kind of erosion and chips. The hooks are sharp to the touch, these are the time-tested Saikyo, and there is no doubt about their quality.

Reviews: Perch luster with Ecopro Shprot-s.With a spinner, a classic game after swinging the rod, with a sideways movement or shedding with higher and sharper strokes. This is the very shedding, or as they say at the moments when the spoon is pouring, quickly collects the perch and re-awakens interest if there was no bite earlier. All this is perfectly visible in the echo sounder, how the perch reacts, how it accompanies the bait.

Reviews: Perch luster with Ecopro Shprot-s.

A small perch responded well to the game of Ecopro Shprot-s, quickly rising from the bottom to a distance of sometimes up to one and a half meters. This usually happened at the moments of fast fishing and transition from hole to hole. If not a large striped one was still wondering whether this bait was “in the teeth”, then the fish of an edible size, swallowed “artificial prey” at lightning speed. And at times it was so fast that I did not have time to record it on the device screen.

Reviews: Perch luster with Ecopro Shprot-s.I tried to shine on different rods, but the best results in terms of feel and control of the game were shown by where the line with a diameter of 0.14 millimeters was wound. Also, in my opinion, it is effective to use Shprot-s in places where the depths do not exceed 4 meters. For places with greater depth, it is better to use balancers or spinners 50-80 mm long.

Reviews: Perch luster with Ecopro Shprot-s.

In conclusion, they consider it correct to voice the average market value of the Ecopro Shprot-s lure, because given the general rise in prices, this is very important for most anglers. In the color S – silver, the spoon costs only 214 rubles, which in my opinion is available to many, including those who only want to master spinning and at the same time without prejudice to the family budget. Next time we will talk about a spoon with a “flashy name” Killka, but for now, everyone in the NCHNH, see you on the water bodies, with respect Sergey Egoist!

Reviews: Perch luster with Ecopro Shprot-s.

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