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Norstream Spiker II 742H Spinning Rod Review

For the past two seasons, I have been actively fishing with the Norstream Spiker II series spinning rods. Last year it was a 742MH model (up to 42 grams). This year – 742H (up to 75 grams). I used my Spiker on the Ob and Irtysh rivers, and today I will share the impressions that I have accumulated.

They write that this spinning belongs to the class of generalists intended for jig and twitching. But if last year I devoted a lot of time to fishing on wobblers, then this year most of my time was devoted to jigging. And, in my opinion, that’s how Spiker 742H will be used correctly. I would define the purpose of the rod as 30% twitch and 70% jig. For wobblers, I prefer the rod more slowly, but with a jig, everything is very informative. I have the same opinion about the 742MN.

But let's get back to our hero. Spinning has a nice modern design. The handle is spaced out of EVA, it is pleasant in the hand. The input ring is double-supported, which inspires confidence and indirectly indicates the power of the gear. Anti-bite tulip, copes with its task. Fuji reel seat does not cause problems either. There is no eyelet for the hook on the form, which for some anglers can be a minus.

The first impressions that arise when you take the spinning in your hands are related to its power. I would like to deliver a larger load, a larger bait and throw the whole thing into a deaf snag, in order to fish out a pike or a larger pike perch. But, in fact, spinning confidently works and "on the bottoms." All season I used one rod in the boat, and it was enough for me to cover all the needs both on the Ob and the Irtysh. Of course, if we talk about weights of less than fifteen grams, then this will be another story. But from sixteen grams you can already work. Confident work begins with twenty grams. This is the weight at which I no longer thought about the density of the bottom, the information content of the cord, weather conditions, etc. The maximum I tried was a load of 70 grams and a 4-inch bait. There is already a limit. In principle, for me it was already overweight, basically I managed loads of up to 50 grams, with which there are no problems.

As I already said, I paid little time to wobblers this season. But I can say that in the claimed range (12–32 grams), spinning can cope with wobblers. I used lighter wobblers with it, about 9 grams; in case of special need it is quite possible.

Spinning has a large power reserve. This should be taken into account, since catching medium-sized fish will be just boring with him. Everything that is up to a kilogram will be "parked", even without really loading spinning. This power and rigidity of the top are necessary when fishing on the current. And since I catch on the Irtysh, I know a lot about it.

It is also worth saying a few words about the casting range. If it is important to you, then I would advise looking at longer models, the 742th is more suitable for boat fishing. In principle, she throws not bad, but the figure eight will be preferable.

To summarize, I would say that this “Spiker” is perfect for fishing with heavy weights in large water, in difficult conditions, for example in snag, where you need forced fishing. It has good sensitivity and great design.

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