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Norstream Rooky is not for boredom. A little review of the spinning

Manufacturer Norstream

Rooky 832ML model

Length 2.51 cm

Weight 151 grams

Lure test 4-18 grams

By tradition, let's start with the outer shell of the spinning – cover. The cover is simple, no frills. Made of oxford with a density of about 170 g / m. It has two pockets on linden.

At the first acquaintance with Norstream Hands and the test "on the shots" there was a clear confidence in the purely jig orientation of the rod. Build rods fast, with a very "live" vershinkoy. With numerous fishing it turned out to be the best, under a jig spinning fits perfectly.


Form spinning fast down, at the same time, elastic enough for spring casts. Handle and reel seat lined with all the usual EVA. The design of the bobbin holder is also familiar, with the top nut, which presses the coil leg well. The stroke of the nut on the thread without biting. Reel seat comfortably in your hand.

Rings on the spinning without any markings and identification marks on the chrome "legs", set carefully. Tulip with anti-overlap frame. Bandages are covered with black lacquer.

The decal of the blank is made in burgundy color with sparkles – rather unusual. The blank itself is unpainted and has a matt black color.

On the decal there is information with the model number, form length and tests for baits and cords. There are also stickers with "safety technique".

Hook keeper in stock, made in the form of a throughput ring without an insert.

The bat cap on this model, like many Norstrim, metal.

The length of the handle from the batcap to the top nut of the reel seat is 43 cm. You can easily and naturally throw it with both hands.

The joint of the spinning is fitted with high quality, there are no backlashes and loss of alignment when fishing.

Spinning is well balanced with the most common reels, weighing 250-300 grams, you do not feel tired in your hand when fishing.

In general, spinning is quite interesting and worthy for its price category (the price is just under 3000 rubles).

Spinning work in different conditions

Jig For the jig, this model is suitable for all 105%, and it is in this length of the spinning that I emphasized when I only looked at the form “on the shots”, a very worthy chuik in my hand. The top works out a step in the whole range of dough, most of the fishings caught on a load of 8 + – 2 grams with a not very thin cord, about 0.12-nd diameter – very comfortable! On a hard bottom, knocking to ringing in the ears) Thinner with a cord will be even better! The upper test, on sensations, can be steamed, or even five grams to exceed, the power margin is good. I would mark the bait test as 4-21 grams. In general, for jig and powered snap definitely recommend!

Wobblers. This model with a height of 250 cm for the correct twitch, in the full sense of the word, is not very suitable, but nevertheless small minnow draws quite fitfully, ridge-like wobblers 60-80 mm in size are completely included in the working area! The 90th ridge is already heavy, but it can be animated. For uniform spinning is suitable for all wobblers within the test.

Iron. A variety of lures fly quite well due to the drop-offness of the form, even small lures of 3-5 grams are quite acceptable. Like all spinning rods, Hands work best with lures in the middle of the dough.

Spinning is very cute! Much kiduchei ProForsa in close parameters, only for the price of Pro Force you can buy a dozen Norstream spinning rods) Why did he compare with Proforce? Yes, because he was at hand and almost the same in test and length.

Work spinning dynamics. So, with a cast from this model, everything is very successful, even more than …

On the landing of a large fish 1/3 of the whip “fails”, and the entire load is distributed to the rest of the whip and the butt, which is powerful for its test. With whipping of fish of medium and small sizes, one whip copes, due to its powerful lower 3/4, the butt does not even tense up. At the same time, during the forced dugout, the form does not tear the lips of the fish.

By and large, the form is quite powerful and thick-walled, but at the same time it has a certain elasticity, in general, everything that Proforce will not forgive, will forgive Ruki)


Summing up, I note that Rooky is worth its money. With a purchase budget of 3 thousand rubles, you should pay special attention to this model. Due to its fastness, it is perfect for coastal fishing, and will also be relevant when fishing from a boat.

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