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Norstream Artifact 662SULS spinning sports level for trout fishing and not only …


                    Tackle balance


Tackle balance

And finally, I collected all my files in a heap (not quite everything, some could not recover) but collected the main ones.

I had the opportunity to test an exclusive wand, a new product from Norstream is Artifact 662SULS, for which I would like to express my gratitude to the administration of the site Fishingsib.ru and Norstream.

My choice fell on this spinning, since it is not the first year that I have been keen on ultralight fishing. This is not only microjack, but also small wobblers, mormmying, microturbines, small spinners. In general, I wanted to experience this spinning. By the way, the fact that spinning is positioned as a trout did not immediately notice.

It seemed to be a spinning sports level for trout fishing. I would not even think that such an elegant and delicate stick can cope with such a fighter as a trout.

Let's take a look at its characteristics:

Length: 198 cm.

Test: 0.5 – 4 gr.

Story: extra fast

Weight: 81 gr.

Test on the line: 1 – 3 lb.

Transport length: 102 cm.

Handle design: spaced

Handle Material: eva

Arm length: 25 cm.

Ring insert material: Alconite

Tulip diameter: 2 mm.

Diameter of inlet ring: 11 mm

Mat-al blanca: carbon

Type of rings: single bearing

Number of rings: 8 pcs.

Knee connection type: plug

Number of sections: 2 pcs.

Ring Manufacturer: SIC

Package: cloth case

Article: ART662SULS


Here you will immediately notice the classic black color of the blank itself with the golden edges of the handle and the reel seat, as well as the attractive cursive easy-to-read inscription. In general, the design of the spinning caller.


Standard thick case on two limes, simple and convenient. By the way, the cover went through the wash and after it did not lose its shape or color, although I came across covers that faded after washing and became shabby. The edging of the cover is stitched qualitatively, and the lindens are sewn securely.


The rings on this SIC rod, ring inserts material: Alconite, extreme rings are expressed in bright orange winding, which allows you to visually better control the work of the tip.

Careful inspection of each ring showed that the windings of the rings are made neatly, the rings sit dead. Blank even that can not but rejoice. Anti-overlap tulip with an internal diameter of 2 mm

Rings on the form are exactly on the line, and do not play on the form.


Habitual raznesenka from EVA, a combination of black and gold colors looks nice from the side, with the severity of performance, a very comfortable skeletal holder of an unusual shape.

In the hand is great right. The platform under the thumb is made great.

The nut of the reel seat reliably holds and does not unwind, as in some off-budget spinning. Personally, I really liked the performance of this spinning, it has its own zest.

Here are just a little but a little eyelet under the bait …

Tackle balance

For ultralight, my main coil is the Shimano Ultegra 2500S, and with it I experienced this wand.

Of course, I am not a great esthete and it doesn’t matter to me that the coil is heavy or light. But I will say that I was quite comfortable fishing with this spinning with this reel, although of course for this light stick for better balance you need a lighter reel. For me it's a fetish.


The manufacturer claims that this rod cone system "extra fast" and this is true, this spinning tip has a very lively tip and the most powerful butt.

That allows you to make accurate and long casting, in addition, it gives high sensitivity to spinning and allows you to make effective hooks.


I still don’t have much experience in catching this class with spinning; Despite the fact that I use a coarse lace of 0.08 cheburashka 2.5 grams with a bait for micro-jig, it is very much felt in the hand on the sandy bottom.

Yes, and in windy weather, I was able to fish several times, here Artifact showed what excellent sensitivity means. Poklevka in hand transmitted perfectly. I was impressed with the sensory touch of the grass, all sorts of branches or branches. He even managed to cut a couple of branches, having regarded it as a bite, but gradually learned to hook the fish and not the branches.

Blank superbly fulfills the jerks of striped larger ones and does not give them a chance to get off the hook, or reduces this chance to a minimum.

Now, as for the work of the form with different types of baits. The manufacturer claims that it is a trout spinning, but of course it does not exclude another fish.

Since spinning is all the same ultra-light, then I mostly used delicate tackles: jig, microturbines, microjig, spinners, wobblers.

My first fishing was on microjig and mormyshku. I threw a weight less than 0.5 grams of this mormyshki and cheburashki equipped up to 3 grams plus a hook with a bait. To say that the stick is sensitive to the wiring and when biting and knits the fish well, it is to say nothing.

Spinning works just fine on the landing, it is easy to handle with a fumbler and a roach, and he keeps the zander strong under control.

The gatherings, if there is something very rare, and they are not the fault of the chopsticks, they are just hands curved))) The process of sweeping is controlled perfectly, sometimes even taking pictures of a fish directly on the water or above the water without fear that it will come down.

I didn’t have photos with mormysh after the failure of one of the disks.

By the way, where there is a microjack there and the drivers have passed a small test. Floods are uniquely subject to this stick unless the weights should not exceed the limits of the test. On one of the fishing grounds, the perch is so mischievous that I hastily gathered a microcarrel. And the perch did not take long to wait, although microjack ignored.

Not unimportant preference is given to me and crank fishing, and this spinning course, of course, drove medium-sized cranks like Yuni Krenk 36, chirful 34, ion 32 and others,

fluctuations from the work of the crinkles are simply transmitted to the hand, it feels like you just feel like the roll is rolling over from side to side.

With these wobblers, despite the fact that their weight above the stated test stick is coped. But even though twitching is not a priori, but the uniform rolls are on it, just from the smallest ones, up to the size of 4-5 cm,

By the way, the chopstick also copes with the spinner spinners at the expense of a softened “solid” tip. In my opinion, this form is comfortable to work with turntables of numbers 0-2 according to Mepps classification.

Testing the wand, I tried to squeeze everything out of it, and probably even more than everything. At the risk of breaking, for example, I took a 3-4-meter-high cliff, though not the big ones, but the Sudakers in a plumb spinning. And I'll tell you spinning has passed this test with dignity.

And of course the most important thing is the trout test. As without him, because this is its main purpose.

I will say this. I caught the trout for the first time and therefore I have absolutely nothing to compare this action with.

But when I met the guys at the trout pond, (by the way, they had serious sticks in their hands), they told me that in vain I slapped a pond with such thin spinning, the very first trout would break it for me because this fighter is still the fish. I just smiled at it and said, we'll see.

And it really is where the real fighter is. That's where I adrenaline hapnul full and even more. Feeding this fish simply has nothing to compare. Spinning knits a fish and extinguishes all its jerks, but here the correctly configured friction clutch plays an unimportant role.

I honestly just blissed out of a trout dodge on this delicate stick. Emotions going through the roof. And by the way for myself made what conclusions. Trout bite is very neat and barely noticeable, well, or so it was with me, and in the first 10-15 seconds, if you bring it to a sub-net, then it almost does not resist, so let's say it seems to be a shock (then you need to force events) but since I just wanted to enjoy fishing, namely, the trout extrusion, Artifact I gave the trout time to walk. And just enjoyed it.

By the way, my second trout pecked so neatly that I probably felt this nibble only thanks to this sensitive wand, and caught the edges, but got off the hook only after hitting the landing net.

In general, I hapnul adrenaline full. I didn’t cut out the fragments of the trout diving, I decided to share a link to the film with that very first trout fishing, you can see how the wand works, and you can also see with what serious tackles the guys.

By the way, not only the trout were caught there, but also perch and crucian carp and common carp.

So, I will say in general after catching with Artifact, I have a lot of positive impressions. Comfortable rod in all senses, while the price is not quite subunit. Of course, in order to unleash her full potential of this time, of course, it was not enough of course, but also in time for such a short time. I think in the future if I suddenly become the owner of this stick, I will make a comparison with the genre in the same test.

All NHNCH !!!

Sincerely, Sergey Lushkov

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