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Intech First Braid X8 cord review

Do you need an eight-core cord that meets all the standards of a modern angler and at the same time will not be affordable !? So you need First Braid X8 from Intech.

Before we get down to the review itself, let’s figure out what and where is the eight-core cord needed?

Eight-core cords, including Intech First Braid X8, have a more round cross-section, if compared with 4-core cords, then with the same diameter, the breaking load of eight-core cords is always higher (here it is worth making a note that compared cords should be plus or minus one price categories), and of course, eight-core cords are smoother and have increased softness. The last mentioned properties allow us to achieve a longer casting and avoid unpleasant noise on the rings at the time of casting.

Reviews: Intech First Braid X8 Cord Review

It’s no secret that because of their roughness, four-core cords make a very loud noise, which causes some discomfort on fishing.

Based on the above information, a logical conclusion suggests itself that we need eight-core cords primarily for casting distance. This is true for asp fishing and, of course, for fishing from the shore, especially when using sailing lures.

Reviews: Intech First Braid X8 Cord Review

But if everything is more or less clear with lures and wobblers, then how things are with jig fishing – this is constant contact with the bottom, underwater debris, shell rock, etc.

Reviews: Intech First Braid X8 Cord Review

This is where you need to be extremely careful when choosing a cord, since some of the eight-core cords are not at all suitable for jigging. Of course, these are often models that are not sold for the Russian market and are aimed at narrow, specific fishing. What we see on the shelves of our country is more or less suitable for jigging. The Intech First Braid X8 is very decent for an eight-wire line, survives contact with the “difficult bottom” and is able to maintain its properties throughout the fishing. But do not forget that miracles do not happen and an eight-core cord should be monitored much more carefully than a four-vein. Therefore, after each fishing, cut off a piece of the working area and then you can avoid unnecessary cliffs, shoots or loss of trophies.

Reviews: Intech First Braid X8 Cord Review

I think you already understood that the Intech First Braid X8 is a modern, budget eight-core cord, which, thanks to modern materials, has incorporated all the qualities of a cord that allows you to fish with a jig, and with surface lures and spinners.

Reviews: Intech First Braid X8 Cord Review

A wide range of diameters will allow you to choose a line for a wide variety of conditions and fishing methods.

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