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How to catch autumn carp on a big river, 9 golden rules from Nikita Dupin


Good afternoon, dear readers. This article is about catching the river giant, one of the most beautiful and strongest fish in the world, the river carp. Many fishermen believe that carp and carp are different types of fish, in fact, this is not so. The Latin name of this fish is Cyprinus carpio, which translates as carp.

It's just that it is customary to call the lake domesticated form of carp a carp, and the river carp, respectively. The river carp is a real fighter, it is very difficult to catch it, because this “mustached friend” is very smart and capricious, often fishing for carp is unsuccessful and fishermen come home with empty tanks to prevent this, I have prepared for you 9 golden rules, how catch autumn carp on the big river, enjoy reading, friends!

Cook the right bait

The first rule – you need to cook the right bait. Sazan is often called the "river pig" because he is very voracious, we can say that he eats always and everywhere. This is due to some structural features of his body, the carp, like all fish of the cyprinid family, has no stomach, which makes him eat a lot. The bait should be balanced, in moderation should be present proteins, fats and carbohydrates, especially good carp in the autumn period responds to maggots, worms, tubule and bloodworms, so adding a live bait to the lure will increase the effectiveness of your hunt for the "river monster". It is important that in the bait there is a balance of small dusting particles that will create a bait train at the bottom and pull the carp from long distances to the feeding point, and large particles that will hold it for a long time in your feeding place.

Here is my recipe for carp bait:

Throw 2 cups of peas into boiling water, cook it for 25 minutes over high heat. Next, add 2 cups of pearl barley, cook another 20 minutes, add 2 cups of millet and cook another 20 minutes over low heat, turn off and add a glass of corn grits + a glass of wheat grits. In cold water, to stimulate the appetite, I add 5 tablespoons of salt before cooking. The porridge is friable, while all the grains are soft. After it cools, I break this mixture with purchased bait in a ratio of 50 to 50, the color of the bait should be selected based on the color of the soil at the place of fishing, it should approximately coincide. Such lure is well molded into lumps, it turns out with moderate viscosity. The main thing is to add clay at great depths and in the course so that it smoothly disintegrates in the water and a bait loop forms in the place of fishing, the ratio of bait to clay is 50 to 50, the balls need to be molded very tight so that they break up at the bottom for a long time if fishing occurs on a dump , then you need to sculpt balls in the form of "pancakes" so that they do not roll.

It was a recipe for basic bait, which we feed the fishing point. But there is also the main mixture, which is added to the feeders. Here it’s already more difficult, the main lure should be of the highest quality, it is better to use purchased bait, verified import brands. I advise you not to look at what is written on the package. Bream, ide, roach, crucian carp – this is increasingly the marketing move of producers, for example, I have chosen for myself the most optimal bait for carp, a series of which is called "bream". It is important that this bait is fresh, well kept in the feeder, and creates a cloud of turbidity that will attract carp. I mix this bait in a proportion of 50/50 with porridge, which I use in the base mixture. In late autumn, I advise you not to be very smart with the flavorings in the bait, sometimes it’s better not to add it at all, so as not to frighten off the cautious fish.

Choose a place for fish

The second rule – you need to choose a place for the fish. This is the most difficult point, and at the same time the most important. When choosing a place for catching carp, you need to be sure that he actually lives in this pond. First you need to find out from local fishermen and old-timers whether there is a common carp in the river in which you plan to fish and it is advisable to collect maximum information about promising places where you can catch it. If you have information, it will be easier for you to navigate and it is much easier to find this fish. By the way, this year I acted approximately according to a similar scheme, collected some information on carp, and proceeded to search for it. In autumn, when the water gets colder than 12 degrees, the common carp leaves the channel and rolls into the channel, to a greater depth. It is worth looking for it in the pits, it is desirable that the carrier is nearby. Very promising places where rivers flow into or enter the channel channels. This is best done with a motor boat and an echo sounder, which perfectly shows all the differences in depths, snags and even fish at the bottom. By the way, the echo-sounder carp shows as a large fish, which lies at the bottom. As a rule, these are small flocks, from two to six individuals. If you don’t have a boat with an echo sounder, you can use a coastal echo sounder that is thrown from a spinning rod and works via Wi-Fi, there is a very large selection of these devices on the modern market, by the way, it helps me very well in unfamiliar places when fishing from the shore. If you don’t have such things, you will have to navigate the area, the depth can be measured using a marker load and a sliding marker float, the unevenness of the bottom can be felt using a marker load, and the carriage can be clearly seen visually.

Feed the fishing spot exactly

The third rule – you need to feed the fishing spot precisely, the starter lure must be very bulky, I usually feed 12-15 large balls of basic bait with one feeder. In my opinion, the most effective way to catch carp from a boat is exactly what I did this year. You need to feed up a little upstream, having roughly calculated where the balls will fall, this greatly depends on the depth and strength of the current, usually it blows the balls by 5-10 meters. You need to feed approximately every 2-4 hours to keep as much fish as possible. If you plan to fish from the shore, you can feed the fishing point using a regular rowing boat, after marking each lured place with a marker (cargo with a bottle).

Pick up a strong fishing rod

The fourth rule is that it’s important to choose the right rod. In fact, you can use the feeder, carp rod, crocodiles and more, the main thing is that your “stick” is very strong, because a very strong fish is carp, which can break a fishing rod not only at the moment of fishing, but also during the bite. Most of all I like to use feeder rods, they perfectly absorb jerking fish, all the bites can be seen perfectly, and they are very durable. I use a feeder with a test of 150-200gr, length 3.3-3.9m with a quick build. By the way, it is very convenient to haul carp from a boat with a feeder, 3.9 m long, my personal observation. I won’t write much about the coil, there’s nothing complicated, the main thing is that it be normal, whole and work well. It is best to pluck carp with the help of a 5000-6000 thousandth reel. In sazan fishing, especially when fishing trophy fish, it is better to use reels with lower thrust, the optimal gear ratio is 4.9: 1 – 5.2: 1. Friends, the most important thing is not to rush if even a small carp is pecked! He needs to be given a "walk", do not be afraid to loosen the friction clutch, usually after 5-7 minutes the carp is tired and easier to snatch, the main thing is to wait out the first powerful jerks of the "river fighter".

Proper installation of equipment

The fifth rule is that you need to make the correct installation of equipment, in which you will not have cliffs, empty bites and offensive gatherings of trophies. In my opinion, good old inline is best for catching carp on the river.

Inline is a feeder sliding on a cord or fishing line, which stops in any way familiar to you, a leash is already set below. I use either a bead as a stopper (if mounting with a swivel) Either I make it easier, I stop the feeder with a standard crimping tool, recently I stopped loving, in my opinion, extra parts in a snap, so I do not use swivels, I just put a pellet in front of the loop. It turns out a sliding feeder that walks along the cord, stopper, and loop. Next, we use the loop-to-loop method to fix the twisting of the feedergam, 1-1.2 mm in diameter. Twisting should be two times longer than the feeder, this is necessary so that the leash is not mixed up. Fidergam is an important element of equipment, it provides the necessary cushioning when playing carp, the likelihood of fish coming off and breaking off, provided that you correctly fished, will be minimal! Then, we install the loop method into the loop leash. I use leashes 1 – 1.5 meters long, this provides even better cushioning, the feeder does not interfere with trophy hunting and, in my opinion, such tackle is less disturbing for carp. The thickness of the leash is 0.22 – 0.28. The main thing is that the fishing line is strong, do not look at what the manufacturer writes on the packaging, check the fishing line with a micrometer for diameter, and with the help of weights for breaking. Hooks are best used large, 4-6 number according to international classification.

Choose the best nozzle

The sixth rule is to pick up the nozzle. I advise you to take as many different nozzles as possible. In autumn, when the water is warmer than 12 degrees, the common carp eats corn, peas, barley, crust of bread, boilies. In my first autumn outings for carp, at the end of September, corn was the best nozzle, and the more I put it on the hook, the larger the trophies came across. With water cooling, the carp was best caught on corn with maggot infusion, and in mid-October, it only pecked at the worm, or the worm sandwich with maggot. A bunch of worms work great in cold water, and I put on a lot of small worms in a bunch. Do not forget about bloodworms, this is also a great nozzle for this fish in the fall.

Believe in the chosen fishing place

The seventh rule is to fully believe in the chosen place. Sazany fishing is not an active search for fish, you should not move from place to place every two hours, you need to go in cycles in the selected area, which you have plentifully fed! My first carp fishing this year was very nervous. The first day we could not get to the fishing point due to bad weather. On the second day, I saw the first bite only 3 hours after feeding, before that, of course, a lot of thoughts were in my head, but I endured everything, stayed in one place and as a result I caught five excellent carp in a day. You just need to wait, endure, and most importantly believe in a place, the carp can start to bite right after feeding, but it happens that you have to wait for its approach for days, so I advise you to go fishing for more than one day. Along with carp, in your bycatch there will certainly be scavengers, breams, ides, roaches and dace trees. They live in one place at this time, but when a common carp comes to a point, it expels everyone else, so wait. What to do when it does not peck for a long time? You can read a book, you can leave the spinning, you can chat with a friend, just do not swim to another place!

Do not rush with fighting

The eighth rule is not to rush into the game of fish. If during the hooking you realized that there is a carp on the other end of the line, you need to loosen the friction clutch as soon as possible and let the “fighter” take a walk. Even if he unwinds at least 100 meters of the cord, our main task is to make him tired. Usually, after 5-7 minutes, the friction clutch can be tightened harder and more confident fighting begins, while you should always be on the alert, because a strong opponent is kept and can rewind a lot of cord at any time.

Choose the right landing net

The ninth rule – you must have a landing net with you. It should be large so that you can easily bring captured fish into it. It is advisable to have a friend with you who always helps. It’s very difficult for one to snatch and take carp, so I advise you to go fishing with a hobby friend, the main thing is that he knows how to work with landing net.

Fishing for carp is a difficult matter that needs to be taken very seriously, because if you want to catch a "river fighter", then you just need to be able to endure, have physical strength and properly handle bait, attachment and equipment. In my article, I shared with you my experience, which I received far from in one year. Use my tips, write and ask questions, always happy to help.

Regards, Dupin Nikita.

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