Intech Micron Cord Review! How good is it?

For quite a long time in my fishing practice, I did not pay much attention to inexpensive cords, I was distrustful of them, however, everything changed in an instant when Intech released a new product – the Intech Micron cord!
Without thinking twice about the diameter of the cord, I decided to purchase this cord, because the cost is quite low, therefore, it will not be a pity to use it.
After several fishing trips, I realized that the line would really become a hit among spinning players, and, already speaking for this period of time, I was not mistaken in my thoughts.
While there is a lot of frost on the street and there is no special opportunity to go fishing, I present to your attention my little office excursion on the Intech Micron cord, based on a long period of personal use.
Enjoy your viewing, friends!
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