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Winter fishing. Fishing on first ice

Winter fishing on first ice

With the advent of the first ice, the number of fans of winter fishing on the waters increases significantly. For some fishing on first ice can be called a ritual, but for others it’s just the opening of the winter fishing season. Experienced anglers preparing for this event since the summer. Reliable ice on reservoirs becomes not earlier than mid-December.

Features fishing

Almost any beginning of the winter period, characterized by the appearance of ice on the ponds. Gradually, the ice becomes more reliable and robust, allowing the fishermen to engage in their favorite work. As a rule, solid ice appears on the freshwater ponds, this can be attributed to the river, bet lake and others.

Similar places most fishermen prefer fishing on first ice. Best places is considered shallow water, but every fisherman knows that in places the ice is the thinnest. Experience shows that the ice is dark in color is considered the most reliable, in contrast to the bright white of the ice.

But there is a danger in places with dark ice, but rather, where bright ice clearly shows a lot of dark spots with pictures of frost. There usually is a spring and a key, and for obvious reasons these places are better to avoid. For winter fishing the ice thickness must be at least five centimeters.

Every experienced fisherman knows that after a severe frost the thaw begins, which causes loosening and weakening of the thickness of the ice. Therefore, when choosing potential sites for fishing should be very careful. Winter fishing is a very interesting hobby, but failure to comply with security regulation can bring significant harm.

What you need to prepare for fishing on the first ice

Every fisherman knows that in order for fishing on the first ice was successful in advance to prepare for it, as, indeed, for any other type of fishing.

You should pay special attention:
1. Whenever possible, you must bring special equipment for this fishing Navigator and depth sounder. This equipment will allow to accurately determine the ice thickness and relief of the bottom. The definition of the bump of the bottom will determine the places where the fish are. Best of all these manipulations to be held in the summer, as all fishermen know. By autumn, most reservoirs are much smaller.
2. The use of echo sounders give the possibility to determine not only the relief of the bottom, but the presence at the bottom of all kinds of garbage, stone, driftwood and other objects.
3.There is a special device, the fishermen call it the Icepick, which allows to accurately determine the thickness and strength of ice.

If after one hit a successfully ice will break, then this is the place for fishing it is better not to choose. If you ignore safety precautions for fishing on first ice, you can not only get sick but also die. Typed in Google winter fishing at the first ice video, you can find a lot of useful videos, especially for beginners.

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