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Winter bait with your hands

Winter bait with their hands — the theme is always important and relevant for any angler-winter road, especially for someone who all these new-fangled and quite expensive bait mixtures for winter fishing can not afford. Moreover, modern industry of fishing products completely adapted to the requests of the fishermen, and often wishful thinking, skillfully using advertising their brands. Packages can be written — “winter bait”, while the composition of this mixture is no different from the summer, as in the situation with the ropes, when all of these penguins, snowflakes and the word “ice” on the label — only the change in the packaging… So many inquisitive anglers are often looking for themselves the secrets of making simple and effective winter bait, and cheap, which is important in today volatile situation with finances, which many “sing songs”…

But perhaps you should first focus on what is different winter bait from the bait, as they say, by default? In fact there are distinctive features for each fishing season. Yes, the basic rules for winter bait is. It is primarily their fractional composition, where components are used finely. Small particles of the bait create a dust cloud near the bottom, attracting fish, but does not contribute to its saturation. For the same purpose are used low calorie fillers for bait, using copra, Belgian coconut, various husk and bran, of course, finely minced. Bait with such a low calorie components can be used in the summer, especially at low fishing activity.

Another difference winter bait is its crispness and low stickiness. Bait even in the form of dense balls should crumble when pressed on the ball, turning into many small solid particles without clots and lumps.

Now about the smell of winter bait. Since that time, the fish more cautious and sluggish, it is very sharp and strong scents can deter, instead of to lure to the hole. Therefore, use is not very active bait syrups for cold water, for example, such as: cancer of smoked, salmon, hemp fish, red caviar. And better, instead of flavors to add to the bait component of animal: bloodworms, small maggots, chopped worms.

About the color for winter feeding there are no special requirements, as the waters are closed by ice and snow, but in shallow depths is better to use light bait if the bottom is dark. And Vice versa.

Winter bait with your hands is made as simple as summer, but given the above inherent features of winter fishing. It is clear that the use of coconut our Belgian angler will not, so there are other substitutes, for example, bran, dry semolina. And to prepare cheap and effective bait for the winter can be as follows. The basis can be put to all known cereals. In this case, will be applied to components such as peas and millet groats with the addition of for friability and create fodder attractive cloud of breadcrumbs, roasted sunflower seeds and bran. First the peas, because it has been cooking longer. Peas for winter bait can boil until almost a puree to large particles. (For summer fishing, especially on the side rods, the peas cook a little longer to such an extent, and it has the form). The millet can be cooked separately. Grits should be cooked with addition of a small quantity of salt and sugar that the bait is also a factor in luring fish.

Same millet groats is on the contrary slightly undercooked to avoid the stickiness. It will not be a food that can saturate the fish. If you cook the peas and millet cereal together, where the peas will keep the shape of the grains, the finished porridge should be rinsed in a colander with cold water, and then it is advisable to slightly crush the cereal to the disappearance of large fractions.

In the finished porridge crumbly, and added a little toasted ground sunflower seeds, breadcrumbs, bran, dry semolina. The more of these components, the more powdery and “dusty” will be bait. As already mentioned, the flavors can be smoked crab, salmon, hemp fish, red caviar. This bait syrups for cold water. Before stirring the mixture to grease your hands with vanilla and anise, a little bit.

Winter bait with your hands an inexpensive and quite effective at skilful using it.

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