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Whether the right to control the boat with the motor up to 10 HP in 2018

With the onset of summer season, many fishermen preparing fishing rod are thinking about purchasing boats with outboard motors.
But to legally navigate the waters of Russia on motor-boat must have a driver’s license for operators of small boat. And those anglers who just want to buy a motorboat must have the right to control the small boat. Who they stashed those of course are great, but who has the rights to control the vessel, there is must undergo training at a special school and only then to obtain the coveted document. Training can take 3 months and many examinations and retests. You might not be able to enjoy all the pleasures of water with a fishing rod in hand. For such forgetful anglers we wrote our article.

According to Russian legislation all owners of small vessels should have the right to manage these courts and abide by the rules of use of small size vessels on water objects of the Russian Federation, these ships include : boats, boats, yachts, etc.

Again, under Russian legislation, small boats must be recorded in GIMS, such vessels are recognized all boats weighing more than 200 kg with motor, and motor power of 10.88 more HP

But many anglers produce fishing with light boats with small motors. And so for these fishermen, the government has done here is relief, to be followed by all inspectors GIMS during the test craft:

Small vessels not subject to state registration if the following two conditions:

  • The mass of a complete vessel (body + motor) does not exceed 200 kg.
  • Power of the installed motor does not exceed of 10.88 HP.

If the boat is not subject to registration, it is not a registered small boat; accordingly, the “right to control” is not required

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