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Where and when is the best time to fish on the river?

Many fishermen will agree that it is easier to catch a fish in lake, pond or other place with stagnant water than to catch on the river with a rapid current. Therefore, fishing on the river worthy of attention, and we will try to understand where and when to fish.

When selecting a location on the river, consider such factors as the speed and strength of water currents, the depth of the river, the nature of the bottom surface, and the presence of any vegetation. Don’t forget about the forecast for biting fish tomorrow. Since most fish love places with moderate flow velocity of water and sufficient depth, and where there are seagrass beds, and sandy or stone areas at the bottom where the fish sees and finds its food.

Where to catch fish in the river?

Any river can be zoned into the following areas:

  • areas where fast-flowing water gathered into foam, often you can catch Chub, roach, bleak;
  • in areas where the current is weakening, and the bottom is not uniform, there are holes with snags are most likely to catch a variety of fish, as in this place, due to the weak current of water, going to a large amount of life-giving organisms that serve as food;
  • in places where the river is flowing evenly on their own, in the Bush hiding all other peaceful fish, and next waits for her prey.

So where to fish on the river? A good option is fishing near platinum. If there are platinum, try to fish there as often, such places are very attractive to fish. And they are attractive fact that in these places, you will notice a huge amount of bubbles flowing from under the water, which suggests that the water is richly oxygenated. And large eddies fill this site with a sufficient number of insects, which serve as excellent fish food.

Note that near the dam feeds not only peaceful fish, but these predators, as, for example, perch.

Also, a large number of fish, often “standing” near the bridges, especially in areas with great depth. There are so many fish and on the rod (the rod is the place where fast current meets with standing water), because only there she can swim to the production of feed, and then swim back to the standing water and relax.

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