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Where and when is the best time to catch carp on corn?

Very well when fishing for carp proven canned corn in metal cans. You need to pay attention to when choosing corn for fishing on the size of the corn. It must be solid and as large as possible, and while it in no case should not be too soft or half-hearted. Quality corn held up fine on the hook and therefore don’t need to worry about not sleeping corn on the cast off the hook. Fishing for carp on corn, as well as fishing cake brings good results, this fragrant fish takes the bait very securely and well.

Fishing for carp

Because fishing for carp, and carp fishing is a very responsible task and therefore the approach it should be with understanding. It’s not carp, which can, without fear of noise, to actively bite the whole day. To catch big fish, you need to lure him and wait. However, if a carp came up and took the nozzle or bait, here the main thing not to miss. Haste here is absolutely useless, you need to wait until the fish take the bait. When playing carp in excess of 1 kg required landing net with which you lossless will be able to raise the fish out of water. To catch carp you can during the entire season starting early spring and ending in autumn.

When is the best time to catch carp on corn?

Best carp caught on corn in the early summer, a few weeks after spawning, at this time he is very hungry and without hesitation takes the nozzle and bait that it offered. Karpov males reach sexual maturity by four years, and females – by the age of five. The carp is one of those fish which spawn in summer. Active carp at water temperatures exceeding 15 degrees.

The average carp spawn for two to three weeks. Spawns carp on new and last year’s vegetation. In shallow water the carp spawning begins early in the morning. Large fish than females, and the males are noisy splash, “encroach” and large thickets of vegetation, and they quite frequently jump out of the water. Fish such as carp, quite prolific. The female carp weighing about eight pounds, there are more than five hundred thousand eggs, and dvenadtsatikolonnom females, may be about half a million eggs. Feed on the fry of common carp of different benthic organisms: small molluscs, insect larvae. And adult carp are omnivorous little. Carp can eat a variety of foods, both plant and animal origin.

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