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What you need to know about the ban on fishing

Fishing is probably one of the most common and hot favorite classes in all of Russia, and not only. There is no country in the world where you would not like fishing, because for centuries people fish produce their own food, feed their families, exchanged catch necessary for life things. In the modern world fishing is not a means of survival or production of food, although, perhaps, on the planet still remained a “virgin” parts, which are not touched by the hand of civilization. But mostly, fishing was fun, a kind of hobby, and in some cases, a means of earning. And few people know that in our country there is a ban on fishing…

The contents

  • Video news about the ban on fishing
  • When it starts and when it ends a ban on fishing
    • Restrictions on fishing in the spring-summer spawning period, relating to all regions
    • Fishing spinning reel in the forbidden period
  • Responsibility for violation of laws on fishing
    • It is possible, if carefully

Video news about the ban on fishing

When it starts and when it ends a ban on fishing

The ban on fishing operates in every region of the Russian Federation, and covers both sports and Amateur fishing. The law was adopted by the Federal fisheries Agency and coordinated with the heads of subjects of Federation. Each region has its own rules, dates and locations this prohibition.

Ban on fishing in a particular place

Date when starting and ending a ban on fishing in each subject of the Russian Federation are different, but coinciding with fish spawning. Typically, this spring and summer. Furthermore, the timing of the ban on fishing different from each other for each of the river or pond, even in one area, and for each type of fish. For example, in Tatarstan the ban is valid from 25 April to 10 June, in Bashkortostan, from 1 may to 10 June, in Saratov (on the Volga) from 1 may to 1 July, etc.

In Moscow and the Moscow region, when you enter the spring ban on fishing, the following restrictions (extract from the Order No. 1, accepted 13.01.2009 G. Federal Fisheries Agency “On approval of the fishing Rules for the Volga-Caspian fishery basin”):

  • On the Volga at a distance of less than one kilometer from the dam in the town of Dubna downstream (with the exception of the Bay in the Bayou on the right side of the dam);
  • In Pestovskogo reservoir:
    • from the mouth of the river Cocottes to the line across the Bay from the Marina for vessels of type “Rocket” (right Bank) to the military-hunting base “Barskie Prudy” (the left Bank);
    • the waters of Birch Islands at a distance of less than 500 metres from the water’s edge;
    • less than 100 meters from the water’s edge and less than 500 metres in both directions from the administrative borders of the village Drachevo;
  • On the Klyazma reservoir in the Gulf of Krasnaya Gorka;
  • In Lucena river and its tributaries within the administrative borders of Solnechnogorskiy and Dmitrovsky areas.
  • In the Istra reservoir:
    • waters Kostyaevskogo Islands at a distance less than 100 meters from the water’s edge;
    • right Bank the waters of the Istra river from the mouth of the river to the Black belt width of 50 meters for 1.1 km in the direction of the Pyatnitsky ples”
  • But a ban on fishing does not mean that you cannot do with a fishing rod to get closer to the pond. You can, but there are strict limitations.

    Take care of the fish as possible
    Restrictions on fishing in the spring-summer spawning period, relating to all regions

    • First, permitted to fish only one rod (float, bottom, fly);
    • Second, the hook needs to be one and its size must not exceed the number 10;
    • Third, it is possible to fish in the afternoonbut not at night;
    • Fourth, it is possible to fish exclusively from the shore.

    And when lift the ban on fishing, these restrictions also cease to have their power and we can equip a boat and go fishing with an overnight stay.

    Before the onset of the spawning period, you can go on the boat and catch a fish without restrictions, observing the rules of fishing and swimming driving a vehicle. But with the spring-summer spawning period you can walk on the oars, and fishing boats are banned. Moreover, it is impossible to catch from shore to moored boats and carry fishing rods and fishing tackle in it, even if you are not going to use them. That is, the fisherman can’t get, for example, to the other side, because putting the gear into the boat, he will have to answer before the law. One solution is to look for bridges, which in our rivers not so much, and sometimes not at all. If you have and had no plans to fish, and you just wanted to go kayaking in a place where fishing is banned, you will have to contact the local authorities to get permission to do so. According to the rules of fishing and fisheries management “… in terms of prohibition of fishing prohibited the use of the citizens of small vessels and vessels with engines”.

    The ban on fishing also includes:

    • Ban fishing from boats and off the ice during the night;
    • Fishing using explosives, chemicals or using the current;
    • It is forbidden to leave on ice in the vehicles;
    • Prohibition of fishing using zherlits and circles more than five pieces on one fisherman.

    Fishing spinning reel in the forbidden period

    Many people wonder why during the spawning of the ban are allowed to catch the usual one-hooking the bait, but there is a ban on fishing spinning. The fact that during spawning the fish can swim very close to shore: the female lays eggs and the male fertilizes it. A fishing spinning during Borozdina of the bottom, the fertilized eggs will blend in with mud or broken masonry, then the eggs will die. Because of the float rod and allowed her lighter tackle, which not drags along the bottom and does not bring damage to the calf.

    The spawning ban on fishing

    But spinning is prohibited not everywhere, but only in certain places, provided for the law on the prohibition of fishing.

    Responsibility for violation of laws on fishing

    If you went fishing during the spring-summer spawning fish, you need to remember about the responsibility that you if you are picked up by the inspectors of fisheries.

    Ignorance of the fishing regulations and the timing of the ban on fishing does not exempt you from administrative liability, therefore, going fishing in a particular area, is familiar with these rules.

    Approaching the fisherman, the bailiff must present official identification. It can inspect gear, catch your vehicle and ask to produce documents.

    By the way there is a penalty for fishing in a ban. In accordance with the Code of administrative offences, he may be from 5 to 10 minimum wages.

    Remember, paying the fine is not catching fish, and receipts in the offices of Sberbank, and a 10-day period you can appeal the decision of the inspector in court.

    For offenders punishable

    When serious violations of fishing regulations can be prosecuted under article 256 of the criminal code of Russian Federation “Illegal extraction of aquatic animals and plants”. In this case imposed a heavy fine of up to 200 thousand roubles or imprisonment till two years. Such serious violations include the use of the forbidden tools of fishing leading to the destruction of a large number of aquatic plants and animals in the reserve, in the zones of ecological disaster on the spawning grounds and migration routes to these sites.

    It is possible, if carefully

    In conclusion to the above I want to add: fish, cook a delicious soup and enjoy with a fishing rod in his hands. Just do it so as not to harm the fish, not to spoil all the natural processes of spawning and migration. For example, if the spawning period want to go fishing – take the bait, and not spinning, because the ban on fishing was invented not by accident. This kind of ballast between the human desire to fish and fish just want to live and multiply. Without disturbing the natural harmony and making everything in moderation, you will accomplish two important missions: diversify your leisure and will give a chance to the reproduction of fish.

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