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What to look for when choosing sinkers for carp fishing

The ground rod suitable for carp fishing very well. With such tackle you can easily make long casts, catching in stagnant water, and on the course.

This is the best option for hunting for the trophy fish, which you well know everyone experienced carpatica.

But the fishing ground was successful, you need to choose weights for carp fishing. The importance of this element of the snap-in cannot be overemphasized.

The contents

  • Why you need sinkers for carp fishing
  • Materials
  • Varieties of sinkers for carp fishing and carp form
    • Round (spherical) of cargo (Ball Lead)
    • Cubic weights (Square Pear Lead)
    • Classic pear (Pear Lead)
    • Flattened (flat) pear (Flat Pear Lead)
    • Bullet cargo
    • Sagittal weights (Elevator Lead, Tri Lobe)
    • Framework sinkers
    • Methoden load-feeders
    • Marker sinkers
    • Rear weights (back leads)
  • Cyprinids shipped according to the type of mounting
  • How to choose the right carp sinkers
  • Sinkers to fishing line unwinding
  • Storing shipped
  • Useful video

Why you need sinkers for carp fishing

This element of the snap-in performs 4 functions:

  • gives you the ability to do far accurate casts;
  • captures a snap at the bottom at the desired point so that the current can not move it;
  • ensures correct presentation of the nozzles of the fish;
  • when fishing with a blind installation of the goods it provides samopoczucia carp.

On this basis, it is easy to understand how important the right choice of weights. When the selection should take into account the characteristics of equipment, conditions of fishing, size of fish and its activity. Sometimes the wrong choice of cargo reduces the number of bites, sometimes leads to the fact that the unlucky fisherman remains without a catch.

Carp cargo stand apart from the rest shipped. There is a large variety of shapes, they also vary in colors. They are not cheap. All this is because in carp fishing there are many nuances, typical of other types of fishing.

Here is the complete list of characteristics that you should pay attention to choose a good sinker for carp fishing:

  • weight;
  • material;
  • form;
  • size;
  • coating and color;
  • the type of fixture.


Traditional material for the manufacture of goods – lead. This metal is very easy to handle, it has a decent weight. Therefore it is well suited for the manufacture of carp goods which are inexpensive and thus provide a comfortable catch.

But lead is a significant drawback – it poisons both air and water. Therefore, many foreign companies produce carp sinkers made of tungsten or natural stone that meet the most stringent environmental standards. On some private ponds in Europe can only be fished with such goods.

Varieties of sinkers for carp fishing and carp form
Round (spherical) of cargo (Ball Lead)

Ball – the simplest form of sinkers, the best option for float fishing, when used light and medium weight equipment. On the line with a float rod to put on a few weights of pellets in descending order of size: biggest at the top, closer to the float, the smallest, which is called the shepherd boy – bottom. If you use hard-float snap-in, is not advisable to use spherical sinkers, and olives.

Round weights can be used in bottom fishing, but this is done infrequently. These weights do not fly very well. When fishing with a dull snap their difference from other forms is that they provide very easy , samorodnitsky. But their drawback is that for easy dragging them along the bottom.

In addition, they descend from the slopes and the sidelines that makes difficult their use even in stagnant water. In General, to apply spherical sinkers for carp fishing is when fishing on reservoirs without currents in small and medium distances on a flat, solid bottom.

Cubic weights (Square Pear Lead)

For carp fishing available cargo in the form of cubes with rounded top and bottom edges. They had properties similar to spherical: flying is not too good and it is easy to fall into the mud, but very well caught fish. Unlike cubic cargoes from the round that they do not slide down on the inclined bottom and can be used not only for fishing on flat areas.

Classic pear (Pear Lead)

The classic pear is essentially a slightly modified ball-shaped sinker. Most such cargo have actually not pear shape, and form drops. Pears have good aerodynamic properties on this parameter it surpasses and round and cubic weights. Also, such cargo is much less buried in the mud.

Flattened (flat) pear (Flat Pear Lead)

Flat pears, unlike the classic, steadily lie on the bottom in the course of not slipping on the crest and slopes of the seamounts. They are perfect for fishing on rivers . On the surface of the pear may be projecting lugs, which make it even more resistant to flow. There is a pear with a hole in the middle, which is better zaglubljajutsja.

Bullet cargo

The main advantage sinkers bullets – its aerodynamic properties. Flies like the goods very well, so it should be used in situations when you need maximum long casts. In addition to increasing the range of this form contributes to improving the accuracy of throws.

The lack of bullet weights that the current will drag it along the bottom, so fishing on the rivers it will not work. Also the bullet rolls on the edges. However, it can be used in stagnant water very successfully.

Another negative – the standard bullet does not provide an easy and confident samorodnitsky carp. But sales have to modify Lead bullet sinkers Bomb. The center of gravity of them coincides with the geometric center of the sinker. Because of this carp easy samozaschita.

Sagittal weights (Elevator Lead, Tri Lobe)

Best choice for areas with snags and grass. Also, these cargo are well suited for catching on sharp edges.

Framework sinkers

Have a heavy lead frame with spikes-cleats. Are intended for catching on a strong current and fishing with the importation snap to the desired point on the boat. They work well on steep ridges. The main advantages of such goods:

  • they weighted the front part, so that they fly far, and a throw of 100 meters – no problem;
  • even a 100-gram framework sinker holds on the bottom in places where the flow blows 180-gram load of other forms, it becomes possible, as the area of contact with mud or sand and have large studs-lugs;
  • thanks to the wide through-hole in the center of the load he quickly sinks to the bottom and communicates minimally in this course.

Methoden load-feeders

Large size sinkers, which are filled with bait before casting. Well suited for low-activity fishing for carp. These weights demonstrate when fishing on a soft bottom thanks to their large size they do not sink into the mud or sand.

Marker sinkers

Such goods resembles in appearance a miniature Mace. On its head are lugs. This design provides sinker and good flight qualities, allowing you to use it at any distance, and reliable adhesion to the bottom during marking.

Rear weights (back leads)

Such goods are located “behind” the primary weights, that is closer to the coil . Their task is to limit the fishing line after casting. There is such kind of rear weights, rear weights like flying (original title – the Flying back lead). They are located on the shock-leader and needed to waterboard the tooling, making it invisible. Their use is justified when fishing ultra-cautious carp.

Cyprinids shipped according to the type of mounting

The type of fastening sinkers carp are divided into two groups.

  • Side mount (side). A load, typically, is mounted on the fishing line tight. Typically, these sinkers include vertiujeni through which they are mounted. With the load is like on the side from the scaffold. The advantage of these weights is that they provide a more long casts.
  • Through hole (inline). The fishing line passes freely through the load. These sinkers are good for creating moving montages. Their advantage is, that the line is not confused during the casts.

How to choose the right carp sinkers

Consider the basic rules for the selection of cargo for carp fishing under the specifications of tackle and different fishing conditions.

To avoid premature wear of the rod, you need to follow a simple rule: weight of cargo must not exceed the upper limit of the test range for more than half an ounce (that is 14-15 g). For example, when fishing rod tip with the dough to 80 g it is not necessary to use sinkers heavier than 95

If in a windy day of fishing, equipment will be much to endure during the transitions. To reduce the influence of wind to a minimum, it is necessary to increase the weight of sinkers (it is also possible to reduce the diameter of the line).

As already mentioned, the best option for catching in overgrown reservoirs and among the snags swept sinkers. Worse suited for fishing in these conditions, spherical and cube of cargo, in such situations, you should not use at all.

When fishing on the muddy bottom it is necessary either to use a flat sinker with a large area, or to reduce the weight of the cargo that they had failed.

On the course it is necessary to use either heavier weights or a flat model. Flat enough heavy load is guaranteed not to be demolished. Also when fishing in such conditions, it would be useful lugs.

Sinkers to fishing line unwinding

We should also mention sinkers to the fishing line unwinding. They are not part of the equipment, but they definitely cost to have in the Arsenal. When fishing with a spinning reel fishing line inevitably twisted. It is fraught with loss of strength. This problem is particularly acute when using braided lines, monofilament, but is also spinning. Of carp gear are more likely to suffer spod and marker.

Sinkers to fishing line unwinding are made so that during podmanivaya they twist the line in the opposite direction to that in which it spins bezynertsionnoj. Enough to put on a snap of a load, to make a few casts and the thread will return to its initial state.

Attention. Sinkers to fishing line unwinding is useful not only for carp bottom fishing, but also for spinning and float rods. You can buy several models of different weights, the respective test rods – 20 g, 40, 70, and so on.
Storing shipped

To store sinkers for carp fishing best in a special bagthat you can buy where the other products for carpfishing. It is no secret that most unfortunate incidents with fishing gear is not during catching and during transportation.

Storage bags shipped made of soft material that will separate the heavy load and other things. They are durable and are equipped with durable handles, designed for a large weight.

Useful video

What sinkers are best choose for carp fishing and carp in the video below:

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