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What is zakidushka for carp and how to catch it

Carp are usually caught on the float rod , but donkey are frequently used. One of the varieties of bottom tackle — zakidushka.

This version of the donkey still remains relevant, despite the fact that fishing gear is constantly improving. Zakidushka attracts with its simplicity, make it easy, while it is quite versatile, it can catch on all waters. With the right approach to fishing with zakidushki is possible to obtain good catches.

The contents

  • What is zakidushka
  • The pros and cons of carp fishing on zakidushki
  • Types
  • How to make zakidushku for carp
  • Fishing technique
  • Useful video

What is zakidushka

Classic zakidushka consists of a main fishing line with a length of 30 to 100 m and leashes with hooks and a sinkerarranged at its end. Such a set is stored on the reel. After casting fishing line fixed on the shore. Usually, this is done using a sharpened branch.

Carp on zakidushku possible to catch as active and passive way. In the first case, you need to constantly be on the shore next to the gear, to do the strike after the strike and then to draw out the fish. When fishing passive way tackle after casting in the water can leave unattended, and then periodically check them to get stranded on the hook for carp.

The pros and cons of carp fishing on zakidushki

Have zakidushki there are a lot of advantages:

  • such a set is very simple to manufacture;
  • it is quite inexpensive;
  • zakidushka takes up very little space, so it is convenient to carry and transport;
  • as with any kind of donkey, it is suitable for catching carp in all conditions , from small ponds to large rivers with fast current;
  • zakidushku you can throw in a few dozen meters from the shore, which is always kept fish, including large.

Due to the fact that zakidushka is inexpensive and does not occupy much space, can be done to take fishing a lot — to several tens — of gear. Due to this the chances of a good catch increase.

But zakidushki there are significant disadvantages:

  • with such gear it is difficult to make accurate throw;
  • to draw out the fish without the fishing rod is not very convenient, especially if the hook sat a large carp, which actively resists.

Because of this the angler with a modern feeder that consists of rod, spinning reel and snap sinker-feeder on the hook, it is much more likely to get a good catch of carp. Sporting approach and good technique allow you to put a bunch of fish on a point and hold it there, resulting in a bite may follow one after the other.

But Donka-zakidushka still relevant and is used for catching carp. It is used by many anglers and are pleased with the results.

To catch zakidushku in any time on open water. When the fish holding at depth, this tackle has the advantage of float in front of the centrifugal pole. On for zakidushka convenient as centrifugal and match rods.


In addition to the usual zakidushki, which consists of fishing line with a leash and sinker, there are other options. Instead of the traditional reel you can use a tin can or a plastic bottle.

Such a set takes more space in transportation, but when fishing with it easier to do transitions and to exhaust a snap.

Instead of the usual load at the end of the snap can be fastened to the load-feeder. Due to this, the catches will improve dramatically. When using such tackle bait , stabbed in the manger, will be on the bottom directly next to the hooks, attracting carp. Feeder for bottom fishing you can buy for 50-100 rubles or make your own.

Instead use zakidushku, which is located on the reel, you can take a fishing rod with carrying rings and coil. Such a set will cost more and will occupy more space when transporting or carrying, but to catch up with her much easier.

As bite indicator for carp fishing at zakidushku can use:

  • foil;
  • bell;
  • svetlachok.

Foil is the most simple and cheap variant. Will fit any from cigarette packs, chocolate packages, and so on. It is necessary to collapse the tube around the fishing line. The movement of the foil it is possible to track the fish to bite.

The disadvantage of this option is that you need to keep the foil in sight, not to miss the right moment for cutting.

Bell is the most convenient option the indicator poklevki. He hung on fishing line after casting and ringing in the bite, thus. Bells can be used for daytime and night fishing. Using them as alarms, it is possible to catch at once on a few tackles.

Fireflies are used when fishing at night. They are very visible in the dark even from a great distance. The disadvantage, as in the case of foil, is that such a detector must constantly keep in sightnot to miss a bite.

How to make zakidushku for carp

To make a simple zakidushku for carp, you will need:

  • the main fishing line is usually used monofilament diameter of 0.3 to 0.5 mm;
  • fishing line for a leash — it should be thinner than the main, suitable monofil thickness 0.15-0.3 mm;
  • sinker weighing from 20 to 100 g.
  • For fishing on the course is better to take flat sinkersthat are well kept at the bottom and not destroyed by water flow.

    When fishing in stagnant water form of the goods does not matter, you can use almost any.

    The weight of sinkers is also determined under different fishing conditions. Loads weighing from 80 g is the best option for carp fishing on rivers with a strong current. This difficult snap-in, you can throw very far. If fishing will be held at ponds or lakes, it will be enough and 20-30 grams of cargo.

    Classic reel for zakidushki for carp are as follows. It is convenient to use and does not occupy much space during transportation.

    The desired number of such reel is easy to manufacture from boards, plywood, or foam. Wooden motoviltse can varnish or paint, is better in 2-3 layers to protect them from water. In this case, they will not rot and will last much longer.

    How to make zakidushku for carp:

    • you need to tie the main fishing line to the reel, you can use any node, and wound her;
    • to bind closer to the end of the main fishing line leashes, usually do them up to 5, you can use one of the following:

    • snap the leash hooks, very suitable for this knot Palomar:

    • by the end of the main fishing line to tie the sinker, for this purpose you can use the same Palomar.

    Leashes on the main line should be positioned so that the distance between two adjacent exceeded their total length. For example, 2 leash with a length of 15 cm must be attached 30 cm from each other or even further. This is to ensure that they are not confused between themselves when casting.

    Snap – zakidushki, you can slightly complicate it by inserting the end of a nylon cord, to take for him to casts. The rope is much easier to hold than the line, and to throw such a tackle will be easier.

    Fishing technique

    The first thing to do after arriving to the pond is to decide where to throw zakidushki. It is best to place the gear in the feeding grounds of fish, only in this case, you can count on a good catch. It can be:

    • border herbal undergrowth ;
    • edge;
    • pit.

    Carp kept themselves in the thickets of grass, and in the snags, but to try to throw zakidushku there not worth it, it may lead to number of hooks. When fishing with this rig casts are obtained are not very accurate, therefore, to put the snap-on promising in terms of small size, is problematic. When the place is chosen, it is necessary to send the water balls of bait, if you use this method of attracting carp. If you use a standard wooden or foam fishing reel casting tooling is produced as follows:

    • you need to wind up with motoviltse necessary for casting the amount of fishing line , usually from 15 to 50 m, carefully laying her on the shore of the rings;
    • to turn a coil of fishing line to when casting the first flew into the water the upper coils, but not the bottom — if not, greater the probability of entanglement of rigging and the education of a beard at the time of casting;
    • to take up the fishing line slightly above the sinkers to unleash a snap and send it into the water;
    • secure the main line on the banks — for example, tie it to stuck in the ground pointed the branch or tie to a treegrowing near the water’s edge.

    When casting you need to take the snap leashes above, that none of the hooks are not dug in the arm. Leashes should not be too much, to be able to make the throw that way.

    If the reel is used the Bank to make casting even easier. We should get a little snap so that you shoot to position the Bank so that its axis is parallel to the flight path weights, spin fishing line and send zakidushku in the water.

    After this it remains only to fix on the zakidushek alarm, if you use an active method of fishing, and wait for the bites. If fishing passive gear can be checked every few hours.

    Useful video

    Manufacturer of gear-zakidushki their hands.

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