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What is a carp tent and how are they different from the usual

The contents

  • Differences tent from carp
  • Selection criteria and key features
    • Size and capacity
    • Resistance and water resistance
    • The type of construction
    • Single-layer and double-layer
    • Floor construction
    • Visor
    • Windows for ventilation
    • Detachable panel
  • How to choose a tent
  • Top 5 carp tents
    • Fox Retreat XL
    • Chub Vizor
    • Greys Torsion
    • Nash Double Top Extreme
    • Avid Carp HQ Bivvy
  • Useful video

Differences tent from carp

Tourist and carp tents are a number of similarities, but still differ in many characteristics. Highlight the main differences:

  • The windproof and tourism are based on the stretch marks. It takes a lot of time and guarantees high stability even in high wind. Carp are installed without wires, and their resistance is several times higher. While carp more weight and size in unassembled form.
  • Ventilation – carp have a ventilation system that prevents condensation in the morning. In the tourist condensation is the norm.
  • Material – tourist is made of lightweight and inexpensive materials that may not normally retain moisture. This again emphasis on lower weight, but for a carp weight of the tent is not a problem, and need is protection from the rain.
  • Dimensions – tourist usually have small size and weight. Carp are always spacious and comfortable with a large and wide entrance/exit, so even in the dark quietly to run out at the sound bite.
  • Versatility – designed for banal tourist accommodation. At the same time carp needs to have additional functions, as fishing may only last one day. The comfort in them is much higher.

In fact, there are many differences, but these are the main of them, which determine the properties of both types.

Selection criteria and key features

Carp tents have a number of characteristics, among which the most important are comfort, safety and ability to retain heat. Other less important but in some cases can play a role depending on conditions and circumstances.

Size and capacity

Carp tents are usually single or double. While they are much larger tourist counterpart. Fishing have to set up camp right in the tent, so the size and dimensions of the solve, especially if it’s the weather.

Here you can put a chair, table and even kitchen utensils for cooking and other equipment. Besides, carpatica lot fishing accessories and accessories that you need somewhere to store.

Resistance and water resistance

Carp tent have a high stability of the frame for a strong wind to hide the angler from any bad weather for several days. The tent material is usually water resistantthat allows you to not worry about heavy rain. Moreover, the material should be breathable, that is, the condensate should not accumulate inside the tent and run down the walls.

This includes protection from different animals. First of all it concerns mosquitoes and ants will try to enter the tent and bring a lot of problems if they succeed. But there are still snakes, lizards and other creatures that can even cause harm to the angler, because I love a hot day to hide in the shade of the tent. In this case, two-layer tents will save you from many problems.

Attention! We should also highlight the vents. In carp tents special structure, allowing to provide ventilation without loss of security. This is achieved through quality materials.
The type of construction

Carp tents are of two types depending on the type of design:

  • Framestretch is provided by curved arcs, bonded transverse arcs. The example of a baby stroller with a visor. There is the same type of design.
  • Umbrellaarcs emanate from the center to the sides, like an umbrella.

Type of construction affects the stability and speed of Assembly of the tent. However, it still plays the role of the material and the dimensions of the arcs. They can be made of plastic or aluminum. Some are easier, others harder.

Attention! You need to remember that weight is not always a disadvantage. Heavy arc in a strong wind can be a bonus, providing additional stability.
Single-layer and double-layer

Immediately it should be said that the two-layer model are significantly more expensive, however they have several advantages:

  • prevent the formation of condensate;
  • in hot weather reduce heat;
  • do not allow to penetrate into the tent, mosquitoes and ants.

These are important benefits that should not be ignored. Besides, in cold weather double layer tent can further insulate.

Floor construction

Gender can be molded or detachable. The second type is more convenient. Wanted – unfastened. This allows easier to maintain a tent, for example, to wash. In hot weather unfastened floor will give additional coolness. Not the most important feature, but in some cases useful.


This device performs several functions. In the first place gives the shadow in front of the entrance, so the angler can calmly wait for a bite inside without experiencing problems from the direct rays of the sun. In rainy weather with the wind he will protect the entrance from driving rain, which is also important. Without visor it is possible to do, but to neglect it is not worth it.

Windows for ventilation

These Windows provide additional ventilation. For single tents with one person is not so important, however, the double must be equipped with a similar item, this will be especially noticeable in hot weather. Some people quickly Deplete oxygen, and breathing is hard without ventilation Windows.

Detachable panel

Most carp tents are equipped with additional panels by default. The kit includes: mosquito net, blank panel (for sleep) and the PVC window in case of rain. All these elements are useful, so when buying it is advisable to confirm its availability in the configuration.

How to choose a tent

Before you make a choice you need to decide your needs:

  • In what climatic conditions is fishing?
  • As a frequent fishing trips?
  • As a fisherman endures the hardshipsthat happen on a fishing trip?
  • How long is the fishing?
  • What level of comfort is normal?
  • How much cash the angler is willing to spend on a tent?

All that you need to consider to create a certain image of a suitable tent. Next go to the selection of models based on its additional characteristics:

  • visor;
  • detachable floor;
  • single or double;
  • type of construction;
  • firm-manufacturer;
  • the existence of guarantees;
  • etc.

Then correlate their needs with the capabilities and rule out the least important elements, if any. Select suitable models and try to find a on a fishing forums reviews and other information about them. This is key, as the experience of other people is priceless, and the manufacturer of the goods always describes their product as the best on the market, which is not always true.

Top 5 carp tents

Consider the most popular carp tent at the moment:

Fox Retreat XL

This is a large double tent, which can accommodate even a folding bed. With space enough for clothes, fishing tackle and a field kitchen. Support carp tent Fox is made of durable aluminum, the stability is excellent. Included is the visor, removable panels, ventilation window, transport bag, and the straps secure rods at the entrance. Option from the category Suite.


Chub Vizor

The main feature is the excellent ventilationthat provides quick ventilation inside the tent. The heat is maintained even in cold weather. Frame system frame of duralumin spirit make the tent as stable as possible at any wind strength. Chub Vizor easily assembled and disassembled (only a few minutes), has low weight and simple design.


Greys Torsion

The type of frame of the umbrella. It provides high stability on uneven terrain. The tent can be installed in places where other analogs available. It is possible to adjust the height and width due to the tension rods, and even the angle of inclination. Additionally in the set are the Cape, snap-on snap-on porch and Windows. The most flexible option for any fishing conditions.


Nash Double Top Extreme

This is a classic carp tent. Has all the desired characteristics equally, that allows the use of any carpatica. The tent is no distinct disadvantages when a large number of advantages. Except that the price standard is high, due to the high quality of the product.


Avid Carp HQ Bivvy

Provides maximum protection in all weather and climatic conditions. Additionally equipped with a visor and a storm with sealed seams. Option for humid and rainy climate.

Useful video

Carp tent series Fox Retreat XL in the video below.

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