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What fish to smoke at home: recipes

There are two ways to increase the shelf life of fish Smoking and salting. Smoke is a natural antiseptic, which allows to increase the shelf life of fish and gives it a special aroma and taste. Smoking – a procedure in which the product is aged in an environment of smoke. The source of smoke are chips (slices) of wood of different species that decay.

Smoked roach

The contents

  • Smokehouse for hot Smoking
  • Preparation of products to be hot smoked
  • The process of hot Smoking
  • Cold Smoking
  • Video cold-smoked fish
  • Video hot-smoked fish
  • Conclusion

Smokehouse for hot Smoking

There are cold, hot and napivharyache Smoking. Mostly tourists and vacationers prefer only hot Smoking, as this process does not take much time. The cold Smoking process can last a few days and this process is quite time-consuming. Smoke can be any meat and fish products. It can be sausages, various cold cuts, meat, poultry, fish and other products. Taste svejenarublennogo product is superior to taste the barbecue and grill. In appearance, the smoked products are a real decoration of any table.

To smoke fish at home is easy and simple. Hot Smoking smoke house is necessary. Smoker is mostly a tightly closed metal container, which can be done independently. You can use almost any bucket, large pot, small metallic barrel, etc. the Main requirement is that it is necessary to subject tightly closed and do not emit harmful substances inside the tank.

At the bottom of the smokehouse is necessary to build chips of wood, which subsequently when heated and no air will smolder, while emitting much smoke. The product is quickly prepared, as the temperature in the smoker at about 120 degrees, at the same time the product is impregnated with the wonderful and characteristic odor.

A small, homemade smokers mainly applied a method of heating the bottom of the smokehouse by heating on a gas stove, the stove or the campfire. If you use a fairly large capacity (for example, the refrigerator case) that the heater must be installed directly inside the tank. It is best to use electric heaters (hot plates with enclosed spiral), which set the pan with chips. Their heating does not require oxygen, and in the smoker they take up little space, unlike heating stoves.

To receive chips it is best to use alder or juniper wood. Also use hazel, oak, Apple, ash, pear (better if it will be branches, which were obtained during spring pruning), and also birch. Which trees will give the product its distinctive flavor. So feel free to experiment. You can also use chips from different wood species.

Chips on the bottom of the smokehouse

Before splitting from the wood you must remove the bark, because the bark contains much resin. That is why you cannot use wood from coniferous trees. The tree you need to chop up cubes of 2-3 cm in size, but no more. Before you fill the chips into the smokehouse, it should be slightly moistened and then pour evenly over the bottom of the smokehouse. If You are using a smoker the size of a bucket, then it will be enough 200-300 ml of wood chips by volume.

In the smoker you need to install the lattice on which will be laid intended for Smoking products. They can also be hung on a special flexibility. But it is quite time consuming procedure, so most people prefer a simple grid.

Preparation of products to be hot smoked

To smoke fish at home can be as fresh and pre-prepared pickling. Mostly small fresh fish without gutting. Big fish need to gut, and then to fill the abdominal cavity with aromatic herbs (parsley, dill). After that, the fish is rubbed with salt and put in the smokehouse. If very large fish, it is necessary to divide the spine into two halves.

The taste is very interesting fish that have previously padalily and padalily. Large fins and heads need to be separated. Then the fish should be rubbed coarse sea salt. If You are going to smoke oily fish (mackerel, mackerel, flounder, halibut, catfish) after fish has been cured it must be wrapped in tracing paper and then place under mild press.

Brining fish

The process of brining lasts from 3 hours to one day, depending on the size of the fish. After that, the fish should be hung so that it could drain the brine. Salt residue left on the fish should be carefully removed. This fish can be rinsed in cold water and then wipe dry. Podvyalivayut fish for about an hour, and then send it to the smokehouse.

The process of hot Smoking

In order to heat up the bottom of the smokehouse needed a small but steady hot fire. You can use different fuel grade wood is not affected.

Products should be placed on the grill in a single layer so that they could from all sides to contact with the smoke. The smokehouse should be closed, while pressing the cover in order to prevent the escape of smoke from the smoker, but the oxygen in there could not get.

The fire should be diluted under the smokehouse. The Smoking process starts with the smoke chips. The smoke will still be a little seep through the smokehouse. It is very important not to overheat the smoker. The temperature inside should not be very high, especially in the beginning of the process. The process can mainly be divided into two stages. The first is the drying takes ¼ of the time. Second – pre smoked – the rest of the time. The temperature inside the smokehouse when drying should not be more than 80-90 degrees, and when the smoked – 120 degrees.

Smoked fish

The temperature inside the smokehouse, you can define a simple method – if you drop water on the lid, it should evaporate without the hiss, but not boiling. At this temperature the products will samprada properly and not cooked.

To adjust the temperature necessary decrease or increase the fire under the smoke chamber. Time of Smoking depends on the strength of the fire, size of the smokehouse and quantity of products. It usually takes 30 to 40 minutes. But if You haven’t adapted to his smokehouse, preferably several times to remove it from the fire and, opening the lid to taste optimy product. When You repeatedly do this process, he’ll learn to do this will not have to.

The process of Smoking much easier to adjust if you use a hot plate, which has heating “pancakes”. These electric stoves, as a rule, infinitely adjustable, which allows you to choose the best option to heat the smokehouse. When You decide in the future will need to experiment.

Smoked fish

You should know that the product smoked is not durably stored. They are delicious when fresh. To store them it is necessary no more than 3 days and in the refrigerator. Longer products are stored cold-smoked about 2-3 months.

Cold Smoking

Smoked-dried fish is the object of desire for any angler. As the fish is processed in a cool smoke, then it disappears only moisture. Fish and smoked at once and getting dry, but to the hardness of dried roach process is not possible, as it stops at the half – when the fish evaporates only half the moisture. So cold Smoking is necessary to sustain the permanence and strength of the smoke. The temperature in the smoker should be no more than 25 degrees, it allows you to protect a fish that is smoked from overdrying and fat loss.

Smokehouse cold type can be installed in any planked shed, in an old tent in the dugout, in the bath and even in a tent. The main thing that the room height was 1.5-2 meters. Perches, which will tie up the fish, should be strengthened. Fish need plenty of salt and let stand in this brine for about 2-3 hours. Then the fish to air in the sun, so to keep the scales were dry. Under the fish it is necessary to put a basin or other container, it should build a smoky fire: you must first ignite a small fire, and then as the fire embers to fall asleep fine sawdust. As for hot Smoking-cold Smoking is best to use chips of alder or aspen. But not conifers. At the final stage of Smoking will be good, if You add in the raw fire of juniper twigs, as smoke has antimicrobial properties, fish less moldy that allows it to persist longer. Also dymokury you can add various aromatic herbs: Basil, sage, tarragon, etc Good taste of the fish that are smoked in the smoke from smoldering rye straw.

Smokehouse own production

The Smoking process lasts 3-4 days depending on fish size and humidity. Small fish (300-500 gr.) will be ready by the end of the second day, a larger one may smoke about 6 days. It is important that the container not burst into flame, as it will not be cold Smoking and hot. In order to avoid fire outbreak, you must cover the bucket with a sheet of iron. This is not to forget about safety.

When fish meat will become elastic and acquire a Golden hue, this means that the Smoking process is over. Can not hurt the fish to leave to hang for 2-3 days without a smoke, so she Padalitsa and will be much tastier. But dry is not worth it. If the fish has adhered to the ash, and the she dim and smoky, it should be cleaned with a cloth, which is pre-soaked in sunflower oil or fish oil. After that smoked fish is a bronze color.

Video cold-smoked fish

Video hot-smoked fish


Eat smoked fish – it is a pleasure and bliss. Fish are smoked or salted balicki is a great delicacy. What fish to smoke depending on Your preference, but we can say that the great taste comes from the smoked Lin, but even more delicious bronze-gold, like a sword long sabrefish.

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