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What bait to catch trout and where to find it?

Very diverse underwater world of Russia, but every avid fisherman knows that in the Ural and Siberian waters are filled with king-fish, whose name is trout. As relatives, this fish is a predator. She has a narrow elongated body, the head is slightly tapered on the sides and top, a mouth with big teeth. Trout has a bright silver color on the body there are round dark spots, but on the rear surface of the body these spots are smaller than on the front. On the head are also dark spots on the body of the fish. Small animals on the side surfaces of the body about 10 dark cross bands. Their meat is tender, fatty, reddish color. Scales relatively small. The body length reaches 1 m and more, and thus weighs 60 kg or more.

There are many cases of longevity these fish. The “old” caught in 1944 in the Yenisei, near Krasnoyarsk, identified approximately age 55 years, and weighed this “old man” of 55 kg. a Year earlier, on the Kotuy river in the network of fishermen caught a hero among this species, weighing in at 105 kg. and a length of 210 cm Lives in many large rivers of Siberia, the Far East, Northern Kazakhstan and Altai.

At the moment there are four species of trout:

  • Siberian;
  • Sakhalin;
  • The Danube;
  • Korean.

Fishing for trout is a very exciting and laborious process. Today, it is almost impossible, because he dwells in those waters, where human foot steps. In order for fishing pleasure, as well as a good catch, you need to choose the right gear. Catch spinning most often, less likely to use the track. If you are in those places where it is assumed the presence of a large fish, it is better to use a thicker nylon line with a diameter of 0.7 – 0.8 mm. the course is not only a fishing line, many fishermen use strong cords, steel leashes and a suitable activator for the bite. Also pay attention to the selection of hooks, they should be strong, like fish, clutching their powerful jaws that can easily break your fragile hooks.

What to use bait for trout?

Now let’s look at the spinning bait. Their choice depends on the depth at the place of fishing and the current. In deep water the most convenient will be large spoon lures, in shallow water it is best to use large and medium spinners. Preference is given to bright lures, as our fish is the perfect predator.

But savvy fishermen are not restricted to lures, they also actively use other bait. What else can it catch? Oldest lure served as the traditional mouse. Now the fishermen prefer artificial mice. Basically this lure is used during night fishing and the only trout bite on the mouse white. It is necessary to hold the bait in the upper water layer. The most successful bite on the bait, the movement of which resemble floating on water animal. As bait do not have to use mice, rather simple method is fishing with live bait. This is gear bit of a simple construction which is bound through the metal leash to the load. Trout are very picky and not bite on any bait. He prefers tender and fatty meat. Great takes on the Siberian whitefish, whitefish, rabushka, Val, and in those places where this fish is not usual, the best bait is considered the bullhead.

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