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What are the jigs for winter fishing

In this article we will talk about this is inseparable with winter fishing how to jig. The jig is called a popular fishing bait, consisting of weights, with soldered to it a hook. By the way the word itself comes from the word the name of a small crustacean — gammarus, which is found in fresh water.

The content of the article:

  • The basic and most popular form
  • The differences in weight and size
  • Choose a suitable color
  • Popular materials for the manufacture is tin, lead, tungsten, copper (and sometimes silver – but it’s a waste of valuable material) and others. These lures can be fished without nozzles (they are baitless, or bezmetallny), and using the along with faux (artificial bloodworms) or natural baits.

    This type of honeypots are distinguished in form, weight and color.

    The basic and most popular form

    The jig is a lure that is always in movement, and this movement depends on its shape. As for the shape, it can be almost anyone, here are the most popular:

    round or as they are called “pellets”. Is fixed at an angle of 45° or 90°;

    in the form of a drop – “drop” corner mounting 45° or 90°;

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