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The technique of the pike fishing in the Donk

As technologies improve, each angler became available high quality spinning rods . As a result, this tackle was the main tool for hunting for pike, squeezing the float rod , which passes the catching this shark on live bait. But few know that good results can be achieved with a bottom rod.

The contents

  • The pike fishing on the Donk
  • Donka for pike with your hands
  • Donka for pike with your hands: video
  • Fishing technique
  • The pike fishing on the Donk from the shore: video

The pike fishing on the Donk

Donka for pike use when fishing for rare, but in some situations, it is very efficient. Bottom fishing for pike on live bait has a number of advantages:

  • it allows you to make far casts;
  • easy catch at deep stations, including on the course;
  • this rigging does not require constant monitoring.

With the help of donkey can be when fishing from the shore to throw the bait at a great distance. If the weight of the sinkers chosen correctly, the snap will remain at the selected point at any depth and force of flow.

As the Donk does not require constant monitoring, it can be used as the extra tackle. It’s enough to make a pass and place on the line signaller of bite, which usually use a bell.

But bottom fishing rod has significant disadvantages:

  • she’s less mobile than spinning or float rod;
  • Donka restricts the freedom of the bait fish more than the float tackle;
  • it is vulnerable to a hook at the bottom.

With the ground not so easy to change the point of catching in case of lack of bites. Also it does not allows you to maneuver the bait, moving it in horizontal and vertical planes. Catching on the float rod, you can always spend impaled on the hook the fish above the snags, and Donka such possibility does not give.

As bait for pike on a Donk, you can use not only bait fish, but dead fish. Such nozzle can be bought at the grocery store — suitable frozen capelin, herring and other types of suitable sized fish.

The Donk is preferable to use at those times when the pike are passive — in the early spring, late autumn and winter.

Donka for pike with your hands

To make a trout line for casting, you can take a spinning rod and spinning reels. In this test the rod should match the weight used shipped, which may exceed 100 g.

If possible, you should prefer the rod medium or medium-fast action. Fast and super fast forms do not give any advantages when fishing from the bottom, at the same time, their use reduces the casting distance and to draw out fish becomes more difficult.

To provide a bottom gear the maximum sensitivity as the main line, you must use the network. But doing it do not have — monofilament of suitable diameter will suffice.

To mount a simple snap for pike on a Donk, you must:

  • at the end of the main fishing line to the swivel pin via a metal leash with a double or treble hook;
  • the swivel snap fishing line with a sinker on the end.

That fishing was a more effective, need to use more sophisticated options snap. The use of a sliding sinker will make the Donk is more sensitive and will help you to stay with a good catch, as the pike will feel resistance at the moment of take. To make such a tackle is not too difficult:

  • should be put on the main fishing line slip sinker and a bump;
  • snap swivel and mount the lead of the fishing line;
  • at the end of the leash should be a metal leash hook.

Below the bait is not buried in the bottom after the cast, you must use the float. There are two version of mounting this equipment. The first assumes that the basic scaffold wearing a slip sinker, then there are two locksbetween them is the leash, which is a baitfish. By the end of the fishing line tied to the float.

In the second variant of the installation at the end of the line is the sinker. Above it are two locks, between which the leash runs, and a sliding float. In the case where fish have boats, do not have to use a float to keep the bait sink to the bottom. If the sinker is placed on the end of the main line and the leash with the bait attached above it, enough to keep the snap-tensioned after casting.

It is also well suited for hunting for pike a type of donkey, which is called elastic. To make it you need:

  • on the main fishing line at a distance of one meter from each other to place the two stoppers between which slips the leash;
  • by the end of the main fishing line to tie the clasp with swivel, a rubber with a diameter of 1.5 mm and a length of 7-8 meters or more;
  • to rubber to attach the cut three-millimeter nylon cord with a length of 1-2 m;
  • at the end of the cord to position the sinker, the weight of which can reach 150-200 or more grams.

When fishing elastic rod with the coil, as a rule, are not used. The fishing line before casting the pile in circles on a flat surface.

Donka for pike with your hands: video

How to make a Donk for pike below:

Fishing technique

A ground rod you can catch pike in the typical areas of its habitat:

  • in snags;
  • on the borders of grass;
  • the pits and ridges.

To the conditions of fishing, in which the ground rod is preferable to other gear for pike include:

  • snags, located at a depth;
  • deep pits;
  • areas with rapid current.

Important correctly to plant the bait, so he held tight on the hook and remained active for a long time. This can be done through the leash through the gills so that it came out through the mouth, and is then fixed to the end of the double hook. After this you should pull the leash back so that the double is firmly seated in the corner of your mouth the bait.

The pike fishing on the Donk does not require the constant participation of the angler. After casting snap you can put the bite alarm and to switch on float, feeder or spinning fishing. You can fish in a more active style, making frequent perezapisi in search of fish, but in this case it is necessary quite often to change the bait.

The opposite option is to put one or more of the market and check them every two hours or less, generally not following the bites. Pike, zaglotila bait, she sets herself down on the hook.

The pike fishing on the Donk — this unusual and interesting ways of fishing. In some situations, this rigging allows the best results in the other it is possible to try simply out of curiosity. In any case, with the right approach, the pike fishing on the Donk is very profitable.

The pike fishing on the Donk from the shore: video

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