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The stuffed head of a pike. Saving the captured trophy

Catching pike heavy weight – a memorable event in the life of every fisherman. Their prey is a decent instance, every fisherman tries to capture the memory in photos and videos.

But no photo can compare with seen personally the head of the toothy beauties weighing more than 5 pounds. The best way to keep the memory of the capture of such a trophy – make a Scarecrow head from a pike and place them in the interior of the apartment.

The process of creating a souvenir fisherman’s quite laborious and time-consuming, but the result will please the author and all viewers for years to come.

The contents

  • How to keep caught pike
  • Cutting and gutting
  • Preparation of the head to maintain the shape
  • Preserving
  • Drying
  • Cosmetic work
  • Making eyes
  • Fixing on the basis
  • Examples of ready stuffed

How to keep caught pike

If the plans of the fisherman the preservation of pike heads in the form of stuffed animals, to take care of caught the trophy is immediately after removing it from the pond. The first step is a careful extraction from the jaws of the predator lures. You can’t just pull the tackle – so it is possible to damage the jaw and teeth of a pike.

Then pike must immobilize and wrap in a damp cloth, so that the skin doesn’t dry out during transportation of the trophy. Work on making the stuffed head of a pike begin immediately upon arrival with fishing: the freezing or storage of fish is not desirable, because the skin will dry up and the jaw will shaderevent.

Cutting and gutting

Before manipulation of the head it is necessary to separate from the body of the fish. Head cut off, leaving 3-4 inches of the trunk over the gills, keeping the shape of the fins. Make cut on the bias, to be attached to the base head was slightly tilted down while hanging on the wall.

The head freed from the meat and brain. Eye also removed, because the process of drying they are still not saved. Through the eye sockets with a knitting hook or other suitable fixture to pick out the meat from the cheek of space. Then with a cotton swab, wound on a pair of tweezers, clean out the brain. You can remove the brain through the notch in the skull from the body, having done there a small hole with a sharp knife or scalpel.

Important! If you want to make stuffed pike with open mouth, gills from the head is not removed.
Preparation of the head to maintain the shape

Gutted the head of the pike carefully wash off the slime with a toothbrush. This should be done carefully, so as not to damage the skin. The next step is making the future of the effigy form. The jaws of the predator you need to immediately uncover and fix jaw, inserting into them a spacer(wooden peg, a thick wire, a piece of plastic). Emphasis is placed in the bonebelow in the drying process does not protcols skin.

Then gently lift the Gill cover and spread themselves rasklinivajut gills. Convenient to do it with rings cut from plastic bottles.

A spectacular view of the effigy lend unbent from the head fins. They push back from the skull to the sides and fixed with clothespins. To fins slightly bulging, under them it is possible to insert strips of plastic from the bottle and locked in that position by clips.

In the process of drying the head bone is not lost form, from the body it insert wooden or foam plug. Sometimes from the jaws of a pike fall out teeth, so they are also advisable to record clips or tie with thread. After drying, the teeth are securely fixed in the jawand mount can be removed.


Preserving heads is carried out in a cool saline solution (10-12 tablespoons per liter of water). The head set vertically in an enamel bowl and is filled with brine. As option, all external and internal parts liberally sprinkled with coarse salt, especially trying to fill the space inside nadzhabernoy caps and mouth.

The process of salting the head lasts at least 10 days. If pike weighing more than 7 pounds, the preservation lasts for two weeks. All this time the dishes are kept at a temperature not higher than 7-8 degrees. Head is actively secretes mucus, so it is removed from the brine once a day and washed under running water. The bulk of mucus from the head is allocated in the jaws and space between the teeth, so these places should be washed carefully.

One of the options of conservation – filling head with alcohol or gasoline-alcohol mixture. In this case, the solution is changed every 3-5 days of conservation.

Attention! Keep your head in brine for more than 14 days to better preservation impossible. From this, the scales will begin to flake off and the appearance of the trophy will deteriorate.

Proper drying of the head is one of the important conditions for a beautiful stuffed. To maintain the shape of the skull of the predator put on a plastic bottle and place it in a well ventilated, cool room. In the drying process at the skin surface constantly stands salt and slime, so the head is washed daily.

The first three or four days pike head will exude a sharp, unpleasant smell. In this regard, drying is better to move outside, the outdoor balcony or in the shed. If this is not possible, you will have to put up with the scent of fishing in the apartment, because to confront this circumstance is impossible.

Attention! Dry the head under direct sunlight is impossible! The skin will crack and lose color.

As soon as the basic salt will stand out from the head, the drying process is accelerated. In order not to lose shape stuffed in the hollows of the cheeks stuffed with clay or foam pieces. The skin over the gills and inserted the oval, cut out of foam.

The main advantage of the trophy pike – huge teeth. To show them in all their glory with tweezers or a screwdriver , lift the skin and stoked the flesh of the gums above each tooth, trying to maximally expose it.

Cosmetic work

Finally, the dried skull of the predator will lose its appeal. Skin becomes dull and faded, so the Scarecrow it is necessary to work with paints. Best for paint suitable gouache.

  • Mixing green, yellow and white paint select the perfect color of the skin.
  • Gills stained a rich red color.
  • A small amount of redness added to the fins.
  • The color of the fangs and the inner space of the mouth slightly enliven the white paint.

Important! Not worth it for coloring to choose too bright colors or completely cover the skin with a thick layer of gouache. The head needs to look natural and not artificially dyed.
Making eyes

An ideal variant – purchase magic eye in specialized taxidermy shop. But not in every place possible to find a point of sale, so you’ll have to use improvised means. For making the eyes you can use one of the following methods:

  • To find buttons the right size dark green or yellow , and stick to them pupils from black paper.
  • To cast eyes pike from plaster, and then paint green and yellow gouache.
  • To use plastic from green bottles and glued to his paper the pupil.
  • Fill eye sockets with yellow clay and attach a small bead or button of the pupil.
  • Cast eyes of the epoxy resin, adding the paint.

The options of making eyes each author souvenir selects in its sole discretion. Importantly, orbit do not remain empty – it is just spoil the looks of even the best-executed effigies.

Fixing on the basis

Before you install the stuffed animals on the basis of a head covered with varnish on nitroboy or alkyd-based in several layers. The objective of this activity is to protect from moisture. Varnish is applied to the surface, inside the mouth and on the gills.

As a basis for fixing the head of a pike choose cut wood plate beautiful shape, driftwood, frames for pictures, etc. Fix stuffed a screw into the upper vertebra and the articulation of the lower part of the gills. You can pre – insert the basis of the wooden dowel and put it on his head.

Council. A real fisherman on Board must pay a label indicating the place and date of catch trophy pike, and do not forget to specify the weight of the predator.

The entry of the last stage of manufacturing of stuffed.

Made their own Scarecrow from the head of the pike will be a wonderful decoration of the room or will come in handy as a souvenir to friends. Compliance technology process will preserve the appearance of the head of the predator for years.

Examples of ready stuffed


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