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The fly-fishing – tackle, casting, fly

The fly-fishing is a way of fishing with live insects or flies (artificial lures), without the use of sinkers and float. In the process of catching, the selected nozzle falls in a free fall, and then is either on the surface of the water, or goes a little under the water. Artificial bait in the water, well imitate the movement and behavior of fry, insects, tadpoles – it all depends on the shape and appearance of the streamer.

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  • Fly fishing for beginners
  • Tackle for fly fishing
  • How to catch fly fishing
  • Flies for fly fishing
  • Fly fishing for beginners

    To catch this way in the usual places for fishing and remote, with a rapid current, and catch fly fishing can be almost any fish, the only exceptions are demersal fish (tench, sturgeon). On some bait perfectly caught even predatory fish: pike, perch, pike. The fly fishing for beginners is interesting, active and active method of catching fish, but for some reason we have it is not really that common. So why is this method of fishing is not common? I guess that for this, you need to carefully prepare, in contrast to traditional fishing, which is enough to take any bait tied to her fishing line with hook and bobber ohrozit. For fly fishing you will need a special rod and line and bait. Also some fishermen stop that with this fishing they will need a lot of walking, and to do it carefully, without falling under the eyes of the fish floating on the surface.

    Tackle for fly fishing

    From the correct choice of gear depends on the success of the future of fishing, especially in fly case. To select a fishing rod, you should be approached more carefully, as it will give you the opportunity to set the direction for the bait, and monitor it in the process, it also will help you to properly hook in the fish, to manage the cord and its tension. But an ordinary rod, you will be given with incredible difficulties.

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