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The choice of fishing line for carp fishing and carp

When fishing for carp a huge role for success is the correct installation of equipment and the choice of its elements, in particular fishing line, as carp are not only careful, but very strong fish, which are quite noticeable resistance when towing. Therefore, the fishing line carpfishing should possess a number of certain characteristics. What fishing line for carp and carp better and how to choose will examine below.

The contents

  • What type of fishing line to choose from for carp
    • A monoscaffold
    • Network
    • Flurocarbon
  • Features monofilament fishing line for carp fishing
    • Diameter
    • Breaking load
    • Color
    • Density
  • Fishing line for carp depending on the range of fishing
    • Spinning fishing
    • Fishing line feeder for carp
    • Fishing line fishing rods
  • Popular producers. Top 7
    • Shimano
    • Trabucco
    • Mikado
    • Suffix
    • Owner
    • Salmo
    • Berkley
  • What should I know about unwinding and winding of the fishing line
  • How to save budget
  • How to operate and store the line
  • Useful video

What type of fishing line to choose from for carp
A monoscaffold

The main difference between monofilament from other types of fishing line is its high elasticity, which can look like an advantage and as a disadvantage under different conditions of fishing.

When fishing for carp at distance and medium range up to 40-45 m, the elasticity manolescu will provide damping of jerking when playing a fish – part of the energy will go to her tension, softening the blows that will reduce the probability of a descent of the carp with the hook .

However, this length of monofilament gear will not lose its sensitivity, allowing time to monitor the bite of a carp. Also in favor of choosing mono will always play it low compared to other types of the line price.

However, when longer casts high elongation monofilament will reduce the sensitivity of the tackle, not allowing time to react to the bite and greatly reducing the probability of samorodnitsky carp.

Also the disadvantages of the monofilament can be attributed to its vulnerability to mechanical stress – for example, when fishing on the edge, in waters with considerable differences in depth and rocky bottom when playing carp it may damage.


The advantage of mono over other types of wood is its high strength for the same diameter. Also braided line has minimal stretch factor, so tackle maintains high sensitivity even on long casts, and also provides a good samorodnitsky carp.

However, the low stretch results in frequent gatherings with the hook, because without depreciation when playing the hook will tear the soft lips carp when using it, the probability of a descent fish can be up to 30 %.

Attention! Some anglers choose braided line for carp fishing because it better conveys the resisting jerks when playing a fish, making fishing more hazardous.

Flurocarbon fishing line has the approximate value of the refractive index to water, making it ideal when fishing for carp in ponds with clean and clear water. Also it is much more durable, less susceptible to the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Flurocarbon disadvantages of his low strength in comparison with other types of fishing line for the same diameter, and the high price.

Important! When choosing the type of fishing line for catching carp should take into account the type of used fishing rod – a rod with a soft structure, which could dampen the jerks vyvazhivanii fish, fit braided lines and fluorocarbon, respectively, fishing line for carp rods with hard structure — elastic monofilament.
Features monofilament fishing line for carp fishing

The thickness used in carpfishing fishing line is 0.2 to 0.4 mm, depending on the size of catches of carp.

The most popular one is the diameter from 0.28 to 0.35 mm – it is able to withstand 10 to 12-pound carp, however, for more captured specimens it is better to use the product section to 0.4 mm.

Also considerthat when fishing in snags or rocky bottom will create additional risks of damage to fishing line when playing a carp, so in such circumstances it is better to use a larger diameter.

The line cross-section of more than 0.4 mm not recommended, since in this case the tackle will play in the sensitivity to the same thick monofilament will deter carp.

Breaking load

This characteristic is often specified on the reel – however, sometimes the unit of measure on products for the European market are Libby – Lb. One libs equal to about 450 grams. The most often used values – from 6 to 20 lb, that is, from 2.7 to 9.1 kg, which is enough for playing carp weighing up to 10 -15 kg.

Attention! It should be remembered that the breaking load excluding knots and any knot will reduce the strength of fishing line up to 20%. In this case a wrong knot can reduce the breaking load and up to 40 %. Best results for carp fishing proved to nodes “Palomar” retaining the strength of a scaffold up to 90% and “grinder”, whose figure at 85%.

One should not chase the line with the limiting values of the breaking load, as quite often the current load is close to maximum, reduce the strength of the line. After playing trophy instance you have to change the whole line, which is quite costly. Such a scaffold, usually very hard, which adversely affects the casting distance.

Another caveat when choosing a fishing line with a corresponding tensile load – branded models are often specified values with a margin of safety, whereas the cheap brands, this figure is deliberately overstated.


Color fishing line plays a role when fishing for carp in ponds with clear water in good light. In this case do not use too bright colors of the line. Most preferred are the following colors – grey, brown and its shades, and dark green.

Help! Some anglers use bright colors of woods – for example, red or yellow, for night fishing , as they are more noticeable in the light of the lantern. At night the color of the line to affect the activity of the carp bites.

To determine density braided fishing line is enough to make a sharp bend on the cord – a loose cord will be dismissed at the point of bending, respectively, such a cord is better not to buy.

However, when fishing for carp in ponds with heavily silted, or littered the bottom, as well as abundant bottom vegetation is best to choose fishing line with neutral buoyancy because of heavy fishing line in this case may lead to entanglement of gear or its immersion in the sludge.

Fishing line for carp depending on the range of fishing
Spinning fishing

When fishing on spinning the choice of fishing line depends on the casting distance in each pond. On long casts is to use thinner fishing line, as it is less parasit and increases the accuracy of the cast gear. However, it is not worth to reduce the diameter to prevent breakage when playing large specimens of carp.

Also , the precision of the casting is affected by the elongation of the line is in situations where you want to send the bait to a certain point, the best fit braided fishing line or fluorocarbon that more accurately will give effort when performing the cast.

Fishing line feeder for carp

For feeder fishing is a very important the sensitivity of the tackle, so in the long and medium shots are best use pleting, but monofilament will greatly lower the sensitivity when you bite, so when fishing at long range on a feeder , its use is not recommended.

Fishing line fishing rods

Since the length of the fishing line when fishing the centrifugal float rod is minimal, the best choice is monofilament. A monoscaffold short length will keep the sensitivity when you bite, and will contribute to the damping of the jerks when playing carp.

When you use the same cord or flurocarbon on the float rod tackle may be too hard that will lead to the gatherings.

Popular producers. Top 7

This Japanese company began its existence in 1921 with the production of Bicycle parts, and only to the seventies took up the issue of fishing accessories. At the moment it has offices in 20 countries.

The main emphasis the company makes on the strength of products, including carp lines. At the same breaking load manolescu from Shimano is at the level between the braided line and monofilament. The most popular carpaticum Tribal Carp fishing line, Silk stoles, Technium.


Italian manufacturer of fishing accessories – including carp fishing line. A distinctive feature of the woods of this company – quite reasonable price with excellent characteristics of strength, durability and camouflage data.


Polish brand, but the main production facilities of this company are in Germany. Used for carpfishing models — SENSEI COARSE FISH, CRYSTAL LINE and have other excellent features and also have relatively low price.


This company is known for its feeder and braided fishing line for carp fishing. Line are of reasonable price and excellent durability.


The Japanese firm, founded in 1968. Has in stock a wide choice of fishing products, including woods. For carp fishing the most popular was the Broad line of Carp. This fishing line can withstand heavy loads and retains its strength at the knots.


Polish companyfounded in 1991 by certified fisheries scientists. Products recites 29 brands, including the line to carpfishing. Especially recognized by anglers braided fishing line for feeder fishing carp.


Well-known American firm, originated in 1937. For carpfishing of particular interest is its range of Big Game Gold Carp, produced in diameters from 0.24 to 0.36 m in spool length up to 1800 m.

What should I know about unwinding and winding of the fishing line

Very important the correct primary winding of fishing line on the spool. Thus it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • During winding the coil with the cut line should be put in a container of warm water. This method will reduce the memory fishing line, make it softer, allowing tightly wound it on the spool.
  • If off line the reel needs to have a counter-clockwise direction. Checks the correctness of the choice direction following method – you need to make a few turns then open the bail of laccolites. If the fishing line with the gathering puffs and twists, so the direction is wrong.
  • In the process of winding fishing line is best to pullusing a damp piece of cloth.

When fishing for carp quite rarely need to use fishing line with a length of over 100 meters, but be aware that when catching trophy instance in order to wear it when playing, you should release it on more significant distance. It is also possible when the open is required to restore the gear lost no time in winding the fishing line on the spool . The best is the length of the line of 250-300 m.

How to save budget

Dual coil on the spool can hold quite a lot of fishing line, so many seem irrational filling the entire spool of expensive high-quality product. Some manufacturers coils produce products with special substrates under the linethat allow you to fill a spool with a fishing line of a smaller length.

At home you can also save the budget – for this, some fishers fill the spool of old fishing line. There is another option – the spool is wound insulating tape, over which the fishing line already wound to fill the spool.

How to operate and store the line

High performance fishing line can significantly degrade when wrong operation and storage. Therefore it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • After fishing it is necessary to wash the line. For this you need to make a throw for maximum distance, then in the big ring to insert the piece with clean water foam, then clean the wound.
  • Prolonged interval between bites under the scorching sun you need to cover the spool coils with a clothto avoid damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.
  • You should regularly check the status of the last few meters of the line. This part tackles the most susceptible to damage, especially when catching trophy fish. At detection of any defects tackle it is best to alter.
  • During transportation it is necessary to avoid direct contact of the gear with metal objects.
  • When storing be aware that a monoscaffold sensitive to prolonged exposure to UV rays. Therefore, it is best to store the gear in a dark place at a temperature of from 12 to 25 degrees. The optimum moisture content for storage is 60 %.

Useful video

What to choose between the fishing line and braid.

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