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The bream fishing on the rocker in the winter

According to the law of nature after the fall comes winter, and all bodies of water go under the ice. For fans of winter fishing for bream comes the most awaited time. Many fishermen do this in a harsh time of year is a great pleasure.

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  • Tips before going for bream in winter
  • How to make a rocker for bream?
  • Tips before going for bream in winter

    It seems recently it is possible to fish with the shore, but lowering the temperature suggests that soon the river will have ice for the fishermen this season the most difficult time of the year. Thick ice yet, but with the coast don’t fish. As soon as the ice thickness becomes eligible fishermen go on the ice. If you look from the side they can be compared with a flock of penguins.

    The most important thing at this time to be mindful of security behavior on the ice and to observe some rules. Here are some of those rules: if the ice layer is not thick enough you need to leave this site sliding steps, without tearing off feet from the surface, the ice should be going out in pairs at a distance of several metres, use ice pick to punch the ice. It must be remembered that ice is undesirable to be alone.

    Going on winter fishing trips, experienced fishermen take all the necessary winter gear, namely, warm jacket, hat, pants, shoes, underwear, tent for winter fishing, ice pick and many more. You should bring a warm drink, tea. Doctors do not recommend ice to warm up with liquor. Also fishing tackle.

    A special place for catching bream is a “rocker”. The rocker is used for fishing on great depths, where the bottom is muddy, as the lure and sinker are drowning in the mud. It is used not only for catching bream, it is willing to peck other fish. Tackle this caught mainly large fish. The same principle of action there are a huge number of varieties of this equipment, which are virtually indistinguishable from each other. At home, the rocker on the bream can make even the most novice fisherman. Its design is very simple and convenient to manufacture and to use.

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