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The best lures for pike

Spinners is a popular and effective bait for pike. They should definitely have in your collection each spinner. In the selection of these lures should give preference to quality products from trusted manufacturers. In this case, the fishing will deliver maximum fun and bring a lot of good trophies.

The contents

  • Top 10: best spoon lures for pike
    • Williams Wabler
    • Kuusamo Professor 3
    • Mepps Syclops 1
    • Acme Kastmaster
    • Blue Fox Matrixx Spoon
    • Little Cleo
    • Daiwa Silver Creek Masau
    • Kuusamo Hauki
    • Abu Garcia Toby
    • Acme Fish Hawk
  • Turntables on pike: 10 the best
    • Mepps Aglia Long
    • Mepps Aglia
    • Mepps Comet
    • Mepps Lusox
    • Lucky John Shelt Blade
    • Daiwa Silver Creek Spinner
    • Pontoon21 Ball Concept
    • Myran Agat
    • Blue Fox Super Vibrax
    • Blue Fox Piker
  • Baubles-nezatseplyayki on pike: 10 the best
    • Blue Fox Lucius Weedless
    • RB Atom-N
    • Rapala Minnow Spoon
    • Rapala Minnow Spoon 05
    • Gator Plain
    • Kuusamo Viiksi
    • XPS Stomper Weedles
    • Northland Live Forage
    • Balzer Colonel Z Weed
    • Johnson Silver Minnow
    • Kuusamo Rasanen
  • Useful video

Top 10: best spoon lures for pike

All of it lures spoons used for pike most often. Such lures are flying on turntables. Properly selecting the weight of the vibrating spinners, with them you can catch both on the big depths, and coastal shallow water.

Williams Wabler

This spoon, developed by experts of the canadian company Williams, first appeared in the sale of more than 70 years ago. Since then, she has lost none of its relevance. This spinner has an attractive play at any speed posting.

In the Central part of the body is a longitudinal ledge which stabilizes the bait. But the main feature of the bait a coating of real gold or silver. These metals very well reflect the light, making the lure as noticeable under water, and do not fade with time.

Kuusamo Professor 3

This vibrating lure was designed specifically for fishing trolling . While it has attracted interest as of a pike of trophy size and a relatively small fish. The body of this bait has a small thickness, thanks to this spinner has a very lively game. At the time of posting, she convincingly mimics a small narrow fish such as the bleak or vendace.

Mepps Syclops 1

Lineup Syclops 1 includes 7 different lures, 4 to 9 cm, which weigh from 3.5 to 26 g. Thus, it is possible to choose a lure suitable for fishing in any conditions.

The lure has a body of medium width, with strong S-shaped bend. She works well both on the course and in stagnant water. On one of the sides Mepps Cyclops is a large holographic eyes, which further irritates the pike, and serves as a reference when attacking, which reduces the number of empty bites.

Acme Kastmaster

The name of this spoon lures with a massive body of original form became legendary among anglers. Kastmaster work well for almost any predator. The lovers to hunt with a spinning rod for pike is also necessary to add it to your collection. The main advantages of this bait — excellent flight quality, providing long and accurate casts, as well as an active sweeping play on the wiring which will not leave indifferent the pike.

Blue Fox Matrixx Spoon

Another trolling lure that has an elongated body shape. It is made from brass. This spinner is also well suited for fishing from the shore. The petal features a textured embossed finish, which gives the bait more realistic.

Little Cleo

This is one of the best lures for catching big pike. For 30 years, she brings trophy predators anglers from North America. After the appearance in Russia, this lure quickly became popular among advanced anglers. Unique body shape with a strong curve in the back gives the bait boldly wagging vibrations, which do not leave indifferent the pike.

Daiwa Silver Creek Masau

Baubles Masau different from appeared to her in the sale of the Daiwa Silver Creek more elongated body shape and a great weight. Due to this it has excellent flight performance, which is especially important when fishing for pike from the shore. Heavy spinners elongated work better on the stream at great depths, where they often held big pike.

Kuusamo Hauki

Large baubles, which is well suited to hunting with a spinning rod for the trophy pike. Game Kuusamo Hauki — slow and measured, often it is this animation attracts the big fish.

Abu Garcia Toby

This lure thanks to the elongated form of the body flies far and accurately. It boldly prowling the game can attract pike even from a distance. Also the bait well respond perch, Zander, Chub, trout and salmon.

Acme Fish Hawk

The baubles surround the shape on the surface has significant relief, thanks to which it creates in the water for more turbulence, which attracts pike. The edges of the petal located the plastic beads, which reflect light and therefore increase the visibility of the lure.

Turntables on pike: 10 the best

Turntables are good at attracting pike of any size — from small pike, which is based in the coastal zone, up to large specimens, preferring to hunt at depth. The main disadvantage of these lures is the poor flight qualities that do not allow far casts.

Mepps Aglia Long

This blesna for many years market presence has become a legend among anglers. She well attracts all kinds of predator, the pike is no exception. This lure is the most popular among all range of lures Mepps famous. For pike fishing, a good bait 3 rooms.

Due to the elongated petal shapes this lure is great for fishing on rivers, including in the fast current, but it can be successfully applied in standing water.

Mepps Aglia

Spoon with wide petal, which has a great resistance and creates a water powerful vibrations. This lure is best suited for catching of a pike in standing water. The main advantage of spinners is easy the petal. Does it start before the beginning of the transaction, immediately after the lure hits the water.

Mepps Comet

This bait takes an intermediate position between the spinners Aglia, the angle of deviation of the blade which is 60 degrees, and Aglia Long, petal which is deflected 30 degrees. For Mepps Comet, this value is 45 degrees.

Mepps Lusox

This original rotating blesna has ogruzka located in the front. Thanks to her bait works well on the classic jig step. This transaction brings the best results when hunting for pike. You can also use the standard of spinners animation, which involves a uniform rotation of the handle of the coil.

Lucky John Shelt Blade

Despite the standard of spinners appearance, this lure combines a variety of innovative solutions. Its petal is made of durable metal, it is both durable and lightweight and has a precisely calculated geometric shape.

These features provide stable and strong rotation in any conditions. Petal painted on both sides, thanks to this bait looks voluminous and becomes more attractive for pike. Brass and tungsten beads that make up the core of the spinner, make a knock during the transaction.

Daiwa Silver Creek Spinner

Compact baubles large weight, which flies away when casting. The core of this lure is made in the form of a fry and carefully detailed. The spinner is equipped with a petal shape long, so it is well suited for fishing with medium and high current.

Pontoon21 Ball Concept

The body of this spinner consists of several balls of different diameter. The center of gravity of the lure is shifted to the rear. This increases the range of throw. In addition, the offset center of gravity provides the lure of the original game, which differs markedly from the game.

Myran Agat

This bait is with a heavy core has excellent flight qualities. It is presented in three versions, which have a mass from 3 to 30 g. Thus, this spinner can be used for catching small pike in the coastal area, and to hunt for trophy specimen at depth.

Blue Fox Super Vibrax

The main feature of this spinner is the bell of conical shape, whereby it becomes more visible when you post. Also, this core ensures easy and confident work of a petal.

Blue Fox Piker

Predpolojeniya rotating blesna, which was developed specifically for pike. Designed primarily for jig the wiring in the lower layers of water.

Baubles-nezatseplyayki on pike: 10 the best

Uncoupled spinners should be in the Arsenal of every angler. These allow the bait to sh in the grass and snags , which is always kept pike, including a major.

Blue Fox Lucius Weedless

This lure can be equipped with single or double hooks that secure the elastic mustache. Pike easily bends a steel wire, which is made from these protective elements, during the bite, after which the hook tip sticks it in the mouth.

RB Atom-N

The body of this spinner is made of brass. Hook bait is protected from snags and algae elastic mustache. The spinner has a body of classic form, the Atom, which for several decades remained one of the most popular forms kalabalak for pike. Petal with varying thickness specifies the bait wavelike oscillations along a complex path.

Rapala Minnow Spoon

One of the most popular spinners-nezatseplyayki. She confidently wades through the rushes and lilies, and also passes through the driftwood, fighting with them with his body. The high efficiency of this lure has been confirmed by tests experts of the magazine Era!, who gave her the victory in the rating kalabalak-nezatseplyayki.

The spoon has a dense elongated body and is easily controlled during the transaction. Raising the tip of the spinning, you can print on the surface, and lowering the rod to water — bury to the bottom. Surround realistic eyes located in the head portion of the lure serves as the aiming point for the pike. Due to this, the probability that the predator will miss when attacking, is reduced to a minimum.

Rapala Minnow Spoon 05

This oscillating of the original form perfectly catches the usual Russian pike. Its front sharpened edge, and at the rear of the lure is, through which the hook can be clipped . Artificial silicone fish tail which plays when you post, attracts pike and increases the effectiveness of fishing.

Gator Plain

This American fluctuating blesna-nezatseplyayki original form perfectly catches the usual Russian pike. Its front sharpened edge, and at the rear of the lure has a special cutout, through which the hook can be clipped Twister or vibrohvost . Artificial silicone fish tail which plays when you post, attracts pike and increases the effectiveness of fishing.

Kuusamo Viiksi

This lure is the result of years of research and testing. Like most other nezatseplyayki to hunt for pike, spinners Kuusamo Viiksi equipped with flexible wire antennaethat protect them hooks from snags, stones and algae. A characteristic feature of the bait located in the Central part of the spinner bright eyes, which serves as the aiming point for the pike.

XPS Stomper Weedles

This lure has a very unusual curved shapethat sets her boldly original game. The baubles are holes, through which during posting is to create additional acoustic vibrations. Single hook soldered to the body of the lure is equipped with a large edge. Such additional elements work best for the perch, but they also make the lure more attractive to pike.

Northland Live Forage

This lure is available in standard and uncoupled version. It has a heavy forged body of large thickness, therefore suitable primarily for fishing at great depths and on the course. Trolling caused a bright, shimmering all the colors of the rainbow holographic colorthat makes the bait more attractive to pike and angler.

Balzer Colonel Z Weed

This spoon is made of brass and equipped with a double crochet, which is protected from the hooks of the wire antennae. The interesting feature of this bait is the mounting method double. He fixed on the spinner bolt, and if desired, it can be easy to change. This is necessary after a broken hook, or in the case where it must be replaced by a model of a different size.

Johnson Silver Minnow

This lure is a classic among vibrating lures. She has a body of medium width and features a single hook is protected with a wire tendril. The thickness of the spinner changes from head to tail that gives the bait particularly attractive to pike game.

Kuusamo Rasanen

Another spinner, which is available in standard and uncoupled version. It is produced for many decades and has managed to earn a reputation one hundred percent working and catchability bait. A Finnish company has developed a special efficient colouring for the Russian market, which perfectly attract pike.

Useful video

About what are the best and most efficient spoon lures (spoons) in the video below:

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