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The best and most efficient spinner for pike in the fall

Autumn is the best time for pike . Sharp-toothed bite is very good. Therefore to pass this time-it is better to take the right tackle with a set of lures and head to the pond. A good choice is spinners. They were the first artificial spinning baits, are they still relevant. They start most beginners, they catch and athletes. What spinners should add to your collection to successfully catch pike in the fall?

The contents

  • Features of the behavior of pike in the autumn and selection of lures
  • Top 15 autumn spinners
    • Turntables
      • DAM VJ Executor
      • Blue Fox Piker
      • Myran Agat
    • Spoons
      • Daiwa Crusader
      • DAM Effzet Twin
      • Akara Action series aver
      • Kuusamo Hauki
      • Abu Garcia Pike 40
      • Smith Pure
      • Rublex Eira
      • Blue Fox Esox
      • Carnosine
      • Rapala Bergman Original
      • Strike Pro Cyber Vibe
  • Useful video

Features of the behavior of pike in the autumn and selection of lures

Autumn zhor pike starts as the predator tends to put on fat for the winter. At this time she prefers a large bait. When fishing large spinner baits trifle will disturb the minimum, and the probability of catching trophy instance will increase.

The autumn season is the best time of yearto hunt for the trophy pike, so the opportunity should not be missed.

The best catches in the fall can be achieved on cloudy days, with fine drizzling rain. For fishing in this weather is to choose brightly colored lures. Such baits will be the best choice for autumn fishing in most situations. They are well irritate the pike, causing it to attack.

In the autumn of the predator is kept mainly at depth. Accordingly, and bait for fishing, you will usually need pretty heavy. With light fishing at great depths is problematic. For pike in the autumn, are used mainly spoons . Good results can be achieved with heavy turntables with uploading.

Light spinners will be a good choice for fishing light to medium depths and for catching in stagnant water. Kolbaskami to catch more convenient, but turntables are usually more attractive to fish and bring the best catches.

Attention! Very successful fishing in a plumb with boats on vertical spinners. Very convenient to check the pits and deep snags. For such fishing suitable and conventional spinning tackle, you can also use on-Board fishing rods and winter fishing rods for blesneniya the ice.

Vegetation in the autumn, the ponds are almost there. Therefore, lures can be fished in all waters, not afraid to collect on the grass tees. Nezatseplyayki at this time in demand to a minimum, although when fishing in snags without them, of course, can not do.

Top 15 autumn spinners
DAM VJ Executor

The geometry of each element of this spinners is calculated very precisely, that provides a confident eye-catching game in any fishing conditions. The shape and size of the petal alignment bait, shape, additional elements, which are arranged axis – everything is done perfectly. The body in the form of a bell creates an additional acoustic effect when you post.


Lures DAM fishing more than a dozen years, and they are always pleased with their quality and excellent work. Executor flies away, make a half-turn and works well, without tulipani.

Andrey, Moscow

Excellent quality and beautiful work. It is, of course, not cheap, but to catch such bait – a pleasure.

Fedor, Saint Petersburg

Blue Fox Piker

Prednovogodnyaya rotating blesna. It is easy to understand from the title of this lure, Blue Fox the company is positioning it as a chopper, sharpened fishing for pike. Although it responds well well as other predators. Like all predpolojenie bait, this spinner is great for bottom step of the transaction. Blue Fox Piker No. 3 weighs 21 g.


Blue Fox and blue Fox. Excellent turntables, and the price is reasonable.

Vladimir, Petrozavodsk

Start immediately, with a half-turn. So catching step is very convenient. Hardly anyone uses a stepped transaction with a turntable, but it works on the five plus.

Valentin, Lipetsk

Myran Agat

A turntable with a weighted core, which flies away on the casting and is suitable for fishing near the bottom at deep stations, including the strong current. High quality workmanship and attractive game – everything you need for a successful pike fishing.


Heavy turntables are my favorite bait. Fly away, catch fish fine. Myran Agat is one of the best quality.

Artem, Makhachkala

Great quality chopper. Heavy, so it can be fished at depth. Pike loves her, on the last fishing as much as 15 tails. Purchase still.

Sergey, Tyumen

Daiwa Crusader

This kolebalki from famous Japanese company originally developed for catching salmon, taking into account their habits. But she attracts more “standard” predators. In addition to pike, this spoons, perch and pike.

Looks like this bait, as virtually all spoons, pretty simple, but its main advantage – a unique, unique form that provides interesting and attractive for the predator game on slow and fast transaction.


Kolebalki as kolebalki, excellent workmanship. To catch good, but you can get by with cheaper baits that I usually do.

Maxim, Izhevsk

Very clear kolebalki. Caught her biggest pike.

Timur, Krasnodar

DAM Effzet Twin

This dual kolebalki first went on sale in 2000. Before releasing it to the market, the company’s specialists a long time tested it on the water, in order to verify the correctness of the concept. Today she caught thousands of anglers around the world. Fluctuations of the water which passes between the petals attract the fish.

In addition, pike annoying noise constantly hitting each other half this lure. Baubles collected from the petals Effzet, the shape of which has long proved only from a positive side.


Probably the most efficient kolebalki. Once accidentally saw this one in the store, decided to buy and try and never regretted. Now in the collection of a dozen of these lures. They catch when no catch the rest colello.

Ruslan, Vladivostok

Such double spoons there are other manufacturers, of course, but I like the version from the DAM. Very good looking, and catches that is necessary.

Igor, Ulyanovsk

Akara Action series aver

Ideal for casting and trolling fishing. This spinner quite a wide body and a slow, smooth. Such bait better show themselves in the cold water. 90 mm is the optimal size of spoons for fishing in the fall toothy of any size.

In the sale there is also a version Akara Action Series Aver Eyes on the petal which is a contrasting “eye”. It is well marked pike in the water and serves as an aiming point during the attack. This kolebalki more efficient than conventional spinners.


Noticed and loved the products Akara, starting with floats for centrifugal fishing rods, then tasted and everything else. Akara Action Series – inexpensive and very cool bait. This spoon is pulled from five pikes on the last fishing trip. But they, as usual, come off on the cast, so it’s time to take another.


The spoon with the eye very good. Looks nice and I like it, works well and like the pike.

Yuri Astrakhan

Kuusamo Hauki

Classic pike lure from the famous Finnish company. She has a wide blade which works fine even on the slowest transaction. This is one of the best kalabalak for cold water. In the autumn the pike are good at attracting and fast moving lures such animation Hauki will also show their best side. With a length of 80 mm and weighs 22 g – so, to throw it very far.


Bought this spinner once, by accident, very pleased. Regularly brings me a trophy pike. Normal laces too hung up on it.

Shamil, Kazan

Similar to the conventional spoon, only more elongated. A good hefty spoon for fishing at depth. Flies far, sinks fast, for not picking it up from the bottom (of course, if the current is not too strong, but pike on a strong usually does not hold).

Daniel, Nizhny Tagil

Abu Garcia Pike 40

The number 40 in the title refers not to the length of the lure and its weight. Weight 40 g this kolebalki great for pike fishing in great depths and decent for casting or trolling. The length of the spinners – 11 cm These size and weight makes these spoons a good choice for hunting for pike in the fall.

On posting, the bait shows waves with a large amplitude game, which is very like the predator. The spinner is available in 8 color optionsfrom which you can always choose a suitable one depending on fishing conditions and personal preference.


Serious lures for serious fish. On the Jumbo. Also the price is quite reasonable. I actually bought these spinners at a discount and are very happy. Fishing in the casting and trolling. Trolling with acid colors, it is very good pike from 2 kg. Silver color works a little worse.

Eugene, Vladikavkaz

Good lures for trophy, but the laces are not against to take it. Fishing from a boat in a plumb.

Stepan, Murmansk

Smith Pure

High quality kolebalki from a Japanese company. In the series there is quite a small model, weighing 1.5-3 grams perfect for trout and other smaller fish. There are in the line and spoons to 18 g, which will be a good choice for hunting for pike. Smith Pure available in a variety of colours. The disadvantages include the price, not as low.


Rare gems, hard to find, especially in big size. But it is possible. And the search is worth it. Smith is Smith! For those who in the subject, this name means a lot. The spinner really catches! Although in General it is mainly for Chub and trout, but the large version is excellent pike. Native hooks are very good, no problems holding any load.

Arthur, Cheboksary

The price bites, but this trolling really biting well. Have reslover pike on the first fishing trip, since I have this one working lures for pike, which is constantly in the box.

Nicholas, Tver

Rublex Eira

Rublex is a French company, which has more than 50 years, produces bait excellent European quality. Kolebalki Eira is interesting because in addition to the tee, located in the rear, it is completed with a double crochet, which is in the head. Due to this bait much better pinpoint pike, especially in situations when the predator is attacking the spoon “head” and not catching up from behind.

This spinner is a unique interesting game that is well attracts fish in all conditions. On the surface of the spoon is embossed, imitating the scales. Rublex Eira is available in four sizes and weigh different versions of 9, 17, 18 and 30 g.


Did not know that it for firm but decided to buy the spoon because of the second twin. Don’t regret the choice, I pike catches, now included in the top ten of my favorite lures. Look-a-like and a basic tee, it’s easy to change, but it makes no sense, native hooks.

Alex, Samara

Interesting and inexpensive baubles, decided to buy. Catches perfectly. Use for pike, peck and perch, and catfish, and more.

Michael, Salekhard

Blue Fox Esox

Short and wide kolebalki from a renowned manufacturer. The wiring shows sweeping the game, which attracts pike.

With a length of 65 mm and weighs 22 g, and 85 mm – 35 g. For pike in the fall is better suited to the latter. This size is excellent for hunting for the average pike can bite on it and the trophy instances, and very small Murata.


Decided to buy spoons from blue Fox. I used to have a fan. No regrets, will buy more. Rootless Colella is more expensive, but a good thing, you feel that you are holding a quality bait. Uniform wiring, speed, demolition – catches good on any transaction that is tried.

Ruslan, Sosnovy Bor

85 mm is my best spoon for pike. Heavy, flies away, well, it stays near the bottom, catching as it should. At the time on an average and large pike.

Paul, Irkutsk

Kolebalki, petal which resembles a tea or table spoon without a handle. The baubles on the market for several decades. Today it produces many different manufacturers. An interesting feature of the Spoon is that after 3-4 hesitation, she makes non-standard “diving” movement. The lure as a little break from the game, that is very well provoke an attack on the pike and other predator.


My favorite lure for pike, along with the Atom. These two lures are very broad, sweeping play – that is necessary for fishing on lakes and ponds. Although the rivers are working fine.

Athanasius, Sochi

Great colello, fishing this lure for 40 years. Fish number 1 – pike.

Constantine, Mozhga


Another example of Soviet classics. This spoons today are produced by many domestic and foreign companies. Due to its ulovistost she, like 50 years ago, is popular. Chernopiskii symmetrical oval lobe, its surface usually has a stamping in the form of scales.


Bought this lure by accident, because I liked the name. Stars in the sky are not enough, but it catches properly. Constantly in my box with lures, I use it mainly for pike.

Gennady, Ufa

Catching her 40 years ago, fishing today, remember their youth. Modern differ somewhat from those that were before, but are caught as it should.

Valentin, Anapa

Rapala Bergman Original

Vertical spinner from the renowned company, which is perfect for pike at any time of the year, either from the ice or from a boat. The lure of expressive playing, even on short strokes spinning. Tee pendant, fitted with a red straw that is used for the predator’s point of sight.


I bought this lure for fishing from the ice, but in winter rarely go. So I tested it with boats in the plumb Bob – works great. At first the fishing got 6 of the pits of pikes per hour.Friends showed me a vertical fishing for pike from a boat, now so constantly fished. Nothing particularly for this kind of fishing is not necessary, you can use any spinning . Has Rapala

Marat, Ulyanovsk

Bergman – my main bait. Bought it too on the advice of friends, pike loves it.

Boris, Krasnoyarsk

Strike Pro Cyber Vibe

Catching in zabros, catching in a plumb.

With a length of 55 mm this lure weighs 15 g, and in the amount of 65 mm 26 g

The colors are natural and vivid provocative.

Strong vibration, which is transmitted to the hand.

Three holes at different angles and aggressiveness of the game.


The most efficient lure for catching in a plumb. Thank you, prompted me to buy this, I wouldn’t have guessed to try it, always passed by such “wild” strange baits that are seen on the shelves.

Egor, Elektrostal

Catching up on Cyber Vibe in the cast and in a plumb. Once accidentally bought this, and then who’d have thought that I would catch her all year round any fish. This is mainly pike, perch, Zander. The tees is usually changed to doubles hooks less.

Cyril, Magnitogorsk

It takes only a few models from this list to stay with good catches. But the more different baits in the Arsenal, the greater the chances of success. Although the main thing is not the tackle or lures, and fishing techniques, the ability to find pike in the pond and properly apply her spoon. The skill determines the success in the first place. A good bait will get you started on your way to great catches.

Useful video

The best bait for catching predatory fish in the video below.

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