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The angling from the boat, photos and videos

The benefits of boat fishing rod long list. Not for nothing during the spring ban, when allowed fishing from the shore with one fishing rod with one hook, specifically a ban on fishing from boats, including boats.
The availability of the boat greatly enhances the ability of the angler, especially when compared with fishing from the shore:

  • You can get to the reeds, the hole, another promising place from the open water;
  • You can anchor and take a sh, a shore can’t get no Donk or float;
  • You can make an accurate pass in lured place, without almost any effort.

On any body of water in the summer season, the angler with the boat definitely will have more catch than anglers using shore gear. In addition, there are water bodies (or places on such waters), where to catch fish only from the boat. For example, fishing for “the ring” is only possible on the river and only boats.

Fishing from a boat

In fishing from a boat can be applied to almost all forms of fishing that are used in fishing from the shore. You can catch:

  • on float tackle (centrifugal, Bolognese, match fishing methods);
  • on Donnie tackle (classic feeder, picker, “gum”, “nipple” feeding, “ring”, etc.);
  • spinning (all methods of fishing with artificial bait);
  • a plumb line (using a Lodge or float);
    Equipped with a rod for the latter method of fishing was the unofficial name of the side rod.
  • For each method of fishing it is customary to use specialized rods. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    Fishing rod for fishing with rubber boats photo

    Fishing rods for boat fishing

    As a rule, equipped with specialized on-Board rod. This is a special type of rods, which have:

    • Short (1 meter) hull with thickened handle;
    • Signaller of bite, flexible, sensitive gate;
    • A few crossing the rings at least three of which are located in the shed and one on the handle.
    • A coil of fishing line, usually ego replacement inertia type.

    This bait is used for fishing on float tackle at great depths and for fishing for various bottom snap. Blueprints and video instructions on equipment such rods can be easily found on our website.

    Fishing rod for boat fishing don’t have any particular specialization, such as, for example, carp rods. The length of each of the rods needed for catching some fish, the fisherman can determine. The test rods will have a value only in case, if you have to throw bait long distances. Order and class of the rod is important for anglers that intend to use the rod from the boat when going “hunting” for big fish.

    The most important indicators for fishing rod that will be used for boat fishing:

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