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Than artificial bloodworms better?

Find bloodworms in the winter time — it is rather problematic. For this we need to hit a certain time in specific markets, as a rule, it’s the weekend, but not all people, because of their work, the weekends fall on Saturday or Sunday. In connection with such circumstances very often the question arises, where to get bait to go fishing.

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  • What to catch in the winter?
  • Than artificial bloodworms better than usual?
  • What to catch in the winter?

    If in the summer you can find a way out ways how to produce fish using a barley dough or semolina-mash (typically, these lures are suitable for carp, roach or bream), in winter, these options are absolutely not acceptable.

    Some angler use bezmetallny jig, however, this option is not for all people because it requires to own a very perfect technique possession tackle. Of course, those fishermen who know how to do it — not burning with desire to share their secrets with other people.

    In connection with the above a large number of avid and not only in winter, fishermen prefer to use artificial bloodworms. The exterior of this synthetic lure is very strong like the original alive. It is a thick, fat moth the size of a matchstick.

    Practical experience shows that the fish already from the first time the use of artificial bloodworms are taken on it is no worse than natural bait. However, the use of this bait also has certain disadvantages. This is due to the fact that some fish, for example, perch, produce the capture of the bloodworms in a little long tail of this lure, and when it starts cutting artificial bloodworms are often left with a fish in his mouth.

    Of course, for fish it doesn’t do any harm, due to the fact that the artificial bloodworms are manufactured using only bio-inert materials. But for the angler it’s a very unpleasant situation, because lost a large amount of time wasted.

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