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Techniques for catching Chub in winter, the necessary equipment

The main feature of fishing for Chub in winter is a constant search space. It is rare that this fish begins to bite at once. Often have to test a lot of holes. Along with the Chub can be caught perch and even pike.

It is advisable to study the nature of water to have an idea about all the characteristics of the bottom, and on the nature of the flow.

The contents

  • Where to catch Chub in winter
  • The best time for catching Chub in winter
  • Fishing for winter Chub on small rivers
  • Bait
  • Baubles
  • Fishing for winter Chub on a jig
    • The best jig for catching Chub
    • Game jig
  • Fishing for Chub on the balancer in the winter
  • Useful video

Where to catch Chub in winter

At the beginning and end of winter Chub can come closer to the shore, where a lot of undergrowth vegetation. However, he prefers those places where there’s a current.

The optimal place for catching Chub in winter it is necessary to look where there is uneven bottom relief – eyebrows, pits, slopes, piles and fallen trees.

If near the shore are thickets of any type of vegetation and weak currents, and deep areas near steep banks with a return flow, then surely there “looks” Chub.

This fish is constantly moving in search of more warm water and feed, which is a small fish (fry). Chub may be in areas with strong currents and great depths at the time of the hunt. Ie he often lives in places where the borders of areas with weak and strong current.

Due to the irregularity in the bottom formed eddies, which slow small fish. She becomes the prey of big Chub. Any detail that might slow down the reverse current could potentially be the location of the fish. But such places are small in area. Hole drilling better, not only in areas of eddies, but also up and downstream. Look for Chub in areas of large turbulence is not necessary.

Chub in winter, most often dwells at a depth of 4-8 metres. Bites can be anywhere on the horizon. This files most often takes the bait in 30-40 cm from the bottom, at the surface – much less.

It is better to drill a few holes at a distance of 5-6 meters from each other. By testing a single hole do not want to spend more than 10 minutes. In one place may not be several flocks. Start to sh in the first hole to which you can return the fish, frightened by the noise (if there was). If no hole had no effect, have to go to the other end of the pond and start over: drilling holes, try fishing.

Help. If at some hole managed to catch at least one fish, some fishermen are advised to mark the hole if you intend to come here again.
The best time for catching Chub in winter

Chub can behave very active even in very cold weather, though it is considered a thermophilic fish. But a better time is considered the first frosts and the last days before the thaw.

The greatest activity is most frequently observed after 10 o’clock in the morning. It was at this time, it is desirable to have a sufficient number of holes. The bite can be throughout the day.

Fishing for winter Chub on small rivers

Often good fishing on the unfrozen rivers, into which flow some tributaries with a constant current. Here Chub can be found near podmyta shores, in places heaped with logs and driftwood. In the shallow places there, where the water is colder than at depth.

Open water in the winter chubs can be caught the same way as in the summer. As bait you can use bloodworm or bait, based on the meat (e.g., chicken liver), maggot, meat loaf. You will need a bait with a high content of animal food.

Open water over you can catch on the summer gear, which is adapted to the current. Best tackle – feeder, in which:

  • the rod up to 3 meters,
  • test up to 110 grams;
  • heavy feeder.

Such parameters of the gear provide stability in the flow of the winter river.

Depending on the speed of the flow , you can use feeders of different weights from 50 to 120 grams. Basket shall be plastic or mesh, with a metal strip. This trough will steadily lie on the bottom, and pull it not working.

The coil should have a supply of durable fishing line with a diameter of 0.18 mm. This scaffold will help to get any big catch.

In winter you can catch and the usual summer fishing rod with a float , if you use the form of summer fishing on open water from the shore.

The parameters of the rods :

  • the thickness of the twine up to 0.35 mm;
  • the length of the leash not more than 70 cm;
  • the number of hook – 8-9.

As bait is to use a meat mixture. Vegetable bait natural origin winter will be unattractive.


The opinions of fishermen about the need to lure Chub in winter differ. Some believe that it is impractical to do, others disagree.

Bait depends on the nature of the reservoir and fishing conditions. It is best to use bait animals components – feed bloodworms, maggots, meat. The bait can be partially simply pour in the hole and in the neighboring well of a lower trough.

Help. If the bite in principle, but not very active, the bait can attract more fish. But you need to use feed efficiently, not to pour it in vain hoping for additional parish fish when its actually not.

Here also, as in the case of the game with a jig or a balancer, it all depends on the individual understanding of the situation of the fisherman in the specific conditions.


Many fishermen prefer to catch winter Chub on a lure , not a jig. In the first frosts and before the thaw, when the most favorable time for fishing Chub, spinner is a relevant element of the set, because at this time, the fish preys on the moving food in the first place – to fry. Chub actively moving in search of prey, and the game lures also attracted his attention.

In the middle of winter this way of food that requires a lot of energy, chubs are not attracted to. At this time, it is recommended to use small spinners grey or white with a length of 3-4 mm.

The course is more suitable if you expect the spinner typethat has attracted Chub. Diving lures are used infrequently, they are more suitable for rivers with low flow. On diving the spoon rather eat perch.

Wiring is simple: the spoon is lowered to the desired depth, hand made breakthrough at 30 cm, is lowered again and pause for 1-2 seconds. Often Chub biting when the lure is in the stream. Pauses allow the fish react to the bait, and the angler has a better bite.

Fishing for winter Chub on a jig

Other experienced anglers in the dead of winter (not at the beginning or at the end of it) prefer to fish for Chub on a jig. Trolling in this period, the Chub responds reluctantly.

Fishing line is best to choose the thinnest (0,14 — 0,17 mm). Thick fishing line can spook the Chub. This fish is considered to be very careful.

The most common types of jigs:

  • “cone”;
  • “pebble”;
  • “uralka”;
  • “ant”;
  • “disk”;
  • “bug”;
  • “droplet”;
  • “oatmeal”.

The best jig for catching Chub

The classic jig“the pellet” with a diameter of about 6 mm. it is most often biting Chub. When a strong current can take bigger. The hook №5-6. You can still use a “droplet”.

Generally Chub caught on a baitless jigs. Natural animal lure can be simulated by using different elements, spitted them on the hook. As a natural bait may be the larva of beetles or flies, bloodworms, maggot.

A little to dull the vigilance careful Chub, some fishermen do not clean the hole with small pieces of ice. In this case, less light penetrates. Enough with a stick and make a little hole that just walked in the jig.

The line is thick (thicker than 0.14 mm) is not recommended, because the Chub is a fish very careful. Paint the jig in any color is not necessary, Chub, and responds to the gray color of lead.

Color of jig is better to choose closer to natural – dark, black, brown. Sometimes to be more attractive on a jig baited with pieces cambrica (not more than 5 mm) white or yellow colors (together or separately). Can I have a piece of yellow cambrica a length of 2 mm placed between two white in the form of a “sandwich.”

The combination of yellow and white are good at attracting Chub. In clear Sunny days are the best to use a jig or matte black colors to avoid glare of sunlight.

More important than color are movement. If the lure moves a little, simulating the mobility of a small beetle, is a more effective technique.

Game jig

Game jig it is better to start from the bottom. With frequent vibrational motion to raise it about 30 cm If biting is not present, it is possible to dramatically lift and drop the jig to attract fish from a distance, then repeat the slow smooth transaction.

Often Chub takes its prey at a height of 30-40 cm from the bottom, but sometimes he dwells in the higher horizons. So after a catch in the bottom layer, you can try fishing in the upper layers. The rise needs to be slow.

Biting the Chub in winter is accompanied by a sharp bending of nod. Sweeps must be firm and confident, but not strong. Hooked a Chub at first, makes a strong and sharp jerks to the side, but quickly cease to resist, and obediently give to pull yourself up.

If no bites, then we must move on to another hole.

Fishing for Chub on the balancer in the winter

On the balancer it is better to catch Chub at the beginning and at the end of winter, as well as trolling. In the middle of winter, in periods of thaw. At other times it is better to give preference to the jig.

Balancer for Chub is better to choose no more than 4-6 cm, weighing 6-12 grams. It all depends on the flow rate – the longer it takes, the harder it must be bait.

The tactics of the game the balance it is better to choose individually for themselves, experimentally. A lot of options. It can be very light, barely noticeable movement, and can be active and move boldly. Must be a pause so that the fish could attack. Must be taken into account that in winter the fish are not so active as in the summer.

Useful video

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