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Tech perch fry in the winter

Perch from year to year consistently pleases fans of fishing from the ice in your cool winter. It is extremely widespread and well caught throughout the winter, with the exception of periods of gluhozime. This is the most popular facility for fishing from the ice, which usually hunt with jigs . Less often as baits are used spinners , balancers, rattley. But there is another option – perch fishing from the ice on live bait. This method is the right approach yielded very good catches.

The contents

  • Perch fishing in winter, fry and sprat
  • The best time for catching perch on live bait in winter
  • The choice of a place of catching
  • Winter fishing rod-iuzovka
  • Snap-in rods for perch fry in the winter
  • Snastochki for current
  • Choice of bait
  • Fishing technique
  • Useful video

Perch fishing in winter, fry and sprat

This method can be called unjustifiably forgotten. As soon as the wide spread of received artificial bait, natural bait has moved into the background.

Now most anglers are limited to what you wear on a hook or jig spinners for fishing with ice bloodworms, fish eyes and other animal heads, to improve the biting of a minke whale.

But, catching perch fry, you can achieve better results than with artificial lures.

The advantages of such fishing:

  • live fish on the hook is very attractive to the predator;
  • the fishing easier than on an artificial lure because it is not necessary to animate – just omit the snap-in to the water and wait for bites while impaled on the hook the fish does all the work for you.

The only drawback perch fishing on live bait is the fact that you must first catch some bait and then carry it with you all fishing in the container with water. But these inconveniences can be patient for a good catch, which provides this lure.

Also good results can be achieved using as the main bait dead fish. This method is called fishing for sprat.

Interesting. In General, the sprat is the name of a small fish that become sexually Mature upon attaining a length of about 5 cm.

It is found in the Black, Azov and Caspian seas. But fishing for sprat also called fishing with any other dead fishused as bait. It works well, particularly for walleye, and is associated primarily with the catching of a predator. But bass and trout are attracted not worse.

The best time for catching perch on live bait in winter

Żywiec is one of the best tips for perch on the first ice. At this time, the whales are active and would like to profit from Malcolm. In the middle of winter biting the bait, as a rule, bad.

During this period, bass are much better reacts to the jig. At last the ice is also possible to obtain good catches, using as bait live bait, but you have to choose smaller fish, as a perch stomachs filled with milk and eggs, and they are not willing to take medium and large bait.

The best time for fishing – usually the middle of the day. Also a good bite you can get in the morning and evening. But it is best to go to the pond for the day. If you start fishing in the morning and continue till evening, get on a good perch bite is easier. This is especially true if you don’t know the specifics of the reservoir, and to ask what time is usually the most active whale, not one.

The choice of a place of catching

The first-ice perch, including a large, actively feeding in the shallows. Here it is necessary to look:

  • next to algae;
  • in snags;
  • on the crest and the pits.

Hole it is better to drill so that they were located 3-5 metres from the algae and driftwood. If they are closer, the baitfish can make them snap and confuse her, if you continue – will decrease the chances of a good catch.

Gradually, the bass moves to deeper areas, moving closer to the middle of the pond. This usually occurs in December. Here the most promising points are snags and irregularities of the bottom relief. But after the whales left off the rocks into the deep, biting it not so actively.

Winter fishing rod-iuzovka

Hunting for bass with live bait would be a regular fishing rod for trolling. The length of the spinning – usually up to 30, rarely up to 40 cm Rod should be equipped with inertial or spinning reel.

The tip must be fixed, the nod, which can be made of metal springs or thin steel plate. The main thing – that it is quite easily bent at an angle of 45 degrees.

The rod for winter blesneniya perch
Snap-in rods for perch fry in the winter

As the main fishing line when fishing for perch fry are best suited monofil. The optimum diameter is 0.15-0.2 mm. This scaffold, on the one hand, allows the small bait fish to move actively, on the other hand, several inhibits its activity. However, if you use high quality monofil with good breaking load, he kept catching bass of any size.

Sinker can use a weight of 2-3 g. It is better to have 10-20 cm above the hook. Rigging a fishing rod well suited tees, less used counterparts and dinamiki.

You can also put the leash: of monofil or fluorocarbon smaller than the main line, the breaking load or, if the probability of biting of a pike made of steel or fluorocarbon with a thickness of 0.3 mm.

Snastochki for current

The current can be very successfully catch perch on dead fish. The water flow will ask her a game. To equip the fishing rod is better to use a sliding sinker and the stopper on the line.

The fish can put on a single hook. Another option is to use snastochki of the two hooks, fastened with wire, one of which is located in the head of the lure, the other in the tail.

You can also apply for perch fishing on sprat from the ice outlet on the leash.

The gear on a dead fish
Choice of bait

For perch from the ice is well suited to any small fish, but live bait is preferred with narrow elongated bodies. It is best to choose among those who live in the pond where fishing.

It can be:

  • minnow;
  • roach;
  • elec;
  • small perch and so on.

Of these the longest fish stays alive on the hook minnow. The optimum size of bait to hunt bass – 3-8 see
Catch the fry using a fishing rod, but it takes a lot of time. A more convenient option is to use execute with fine mesh. To make it yourself.

This catch is simple:

  • should be done in the ice hole and pour into it the bait;
  • put it in the water delivered;
  • to raise it, pulling with it the available live bait.

Please note! Zhivtsov it is possible to prepare for the future. Within 1-2 weeks, they are well preserved in a barrel of water that stands in a cool place. Periodically they need to feed and clean up of the capacity of the sleeping fish.

Fishing bait is better to carry in a thermos, where the water does not freeze and it stays alive.
For perch from the ice on the trout you can buy in the store any small fish to use as bait in its entirety or in parts.

Fishing technique

The bass moves quite a lot. Therefore, in order to remain a good catch, it is necessary to drill a lot of holes and constantly move from one point to another. Ice chips from the drilled holes better not be removed, then the fish will be less wary.

The easiest way to spread the bait on the hook is to introduce a sting in the back between head and dorsal fin with one hand and withdraw with the opposite. Thus it is necessary not to interrupt the spine. Then the fry will remain viable will be mobile and will remain an attractive perch for a long time. When fishing in streams it is possible to stick behind your upper lip, taking the sting out through the nostril.

To catch a perch fry, simply place the snap-in water to the desired horizon and wait for the bites. Usually fishing takes place near the bottom. But whales can hold and middle or upper layers of water. So at the beginning of fishing it is necessary to check different horizons. After it is clear what layer the most bites, you can focus on the harvest.

But the best results fishing will bring, if a little to play along with the bait. You can do this:

  • first, to lower it, stopping every half-meter-meter;
  • then keep the snap at the bottom, occasionally a little lowering and raising it;
  • then with pauses every half-meter-meter to raise it itology or to the ice.

The length of the pause should be about 5-10 seconds. During stops often perch attacking the bait. All movements in this “posting” live bait must be slow and smooth. Perch are biting on live bait confidently, so bite hard to miss.

Perch fishing on live bait in winter is an interesting method of fishing, which can be safely taken on Board. It is especially important on the first ice, but you can also catch and spring. Fishing rod will suit any collect snap snap.

Some inconvenience delivers fishing for whitebait, storage and moving with him around the pond. But there is nothing complicated. But the perch sure to please you with a good bite, he likes fry and willingly responds to it.

Useful video

Perch fishing on live bait in winter in the video below:

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