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Spring bass fishing – how, where and what to catch him?

To start perch fishing is possible in early spring as soon as ice will descend, and the water is slightly warm. To catch a fish you can without difficulty even in the case of muddy water. The main thing to choose equipment and place.

Where to catch bass in the spring?

If you plan on fishing for bass in the spring on a large or medium river, then the location of the boats will play a significant role, as in places it can be found almost everywhere.

In the coastal area to catch it is to implement in places where driftwood trees protrude above the water or close to it, is also suitable places near the Islands of vegetation in reeds or seaweed. If you plan to fish on the lake, it can be found either in shallow water, where the flocks of this predator like to hunt, or in the sunken slopes, or submerged holes. If the pond is large enough for the fish predator you can search in those places where the bushes hang over the water surface or in the creeks.

A distinctive phenomenon of fishing for this fish in the spring is that this time of year, it can be distinguished visually. If you heard “jokaydia” the sound, and saw that fry ran to the side, it is a sign that the perch were on the prowl. In this case, the water should drop a bait, but a few meters longer from recession fry.

In the spring time, the bass like not to eat, just follow the bait, so it should be cast on the surface of the water, not deep, thus it is necessary to change the speed and trajectory of the lure to generate interest and provoke a predator on the hunt.

How to catch bass in early spring on spinning?

The main feature of the fishing this species of fish in the spring is that adults in this period of the year is limited to the stomach stuffed belly with milk or eggs. So sea bass fishing in early spring on a spinning involves the use of bait is small in size or in the form of fry. The spring perch is just not going to fall for the tackle of large size.

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