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Recipes carp smoked at home

Smoked carp is a delicacy dish which can be prepared outdoors or in the home. In his meat contain useful for the human body vitamins and minerals, restoring the brain and spinal cord, strengthen the mucous membranes, normalizing the level of glucose in the blood.

At observance of technology of treatments-smoked carp in the meat are retained antioxidants, substances that help protect against negative effects of free radicals, which are beneficial for the skin. Hot method of Smoking helps to melt from fish excess fat, so get a dietary meal, 100 grams of which contains just 112 Calories.

The contents

  • Rules for the selection and preparation of fish
  • How to smoke carp: recipes
    • How to smoke carp: a classic recipe
    • Smoked carp in a spicy marinade
    • Carp in wine marinade
  • Useful video

Rules for the selection and preparation of fish

Getting a delicious and wholesome meal depends on used for the preparation of the product. Ideal buy fresh, and even better live fish. If you use chilled carp, you need to check its freshness: eyes should be clear, gills red. For Smoking you can use frozen carp, but only if it is not thawed several times.

This fish will be loose, after Smoking the meat will disintegrate into fibers. Before cooking carp gutted and removed the gills from it. The scales with it is not removed as it protects the meat from excess soot. Carcasses weighing up to 1000 grams smoked whole, larger specimens are cut into halves along the spine. Very large instances, it is recommended to cut into pieces a La carte.

How to smoke carp: recipes

For cooking carp essential smoker and wood chips. The correct choice of wood chips largely depends on the taste of these dishes. Universal option is alder chips or shavings: it gives the meat a mild, slightly sweet flavor. Aspen chips makes smoked bluff. For flavor you can add to the smokehouse branch of a juniper or a mix of alder chips from cherry, Apple, pear, plum.

The wood of fruit trees is ideal for Smoking fish at home. Categorically not suitable for laying in a smokehouse wood chips from trees, which give the combustion of tar(pine, birch) or rich in essential oils(Rowan, wild cherry, eucalyptus, sea buckthorn). Before placing in the smokehouse wood chips for 20-30 minutes soaked in water, then spread on a gridhaveto glass excess fluid. Wood before placing in the smoker should be moist, but not wet.

How to smoke carp: a classic recipe

3 pounds fish take:

  • 200 gr. salts;
  • 50 gr. sugar;
  • 20 g. black and red pepper.

Stages of preparation:

  • Carp rubbed with salt and pepper inside and outside and put in the cold for 12 hours.
  • With Pisces wash away the excess salt and hung for podvyalivaniya for 1-2 hours in a cool, ventilated place. To protect from dust and insects carcass wrapped in gauze.
  • At the bottom of the smoke chamber is placed a layer of wood chips in 2-3 cmabove it set the grid with foil.
  • Prepared carcasses are laid on the grate and cover with a sheet of foil to protect it from soot. Lovers of dark brown can put the fish without the foil. Only in this case, the bars need to be oiled so that the fish does not stick to it.
  • Smoked carp lasts 35-40 minutes, depending on the size of the carcasses. Timing is not since the installation of the smoke house to the fire, and from the beginning of the exit from under the cover of smoke. The first 15 minutes, the fire support moderate. Gradually the temperature should be increased. The last 20 minutes the fish should warm up to maximum heat at a temperature of 120 degrees.
  • After allotted time the smoker is removed from the heat, but the cover is not open. Give the fish to soak in the smoke for another 40-60 minutes.
  • Important! Can not be put in the smoker too moist fish. In this case, the carp will get cooked, the meat will be crumbly and tasteless.
    Smoked carp in a spicy marinade

    • mustard beans – 3 tsp;
    • black pepper or a mixture of coarsely ground – 2 tsp.;
    • salt – 80 gr.
    • water – 1.5 liters.

    Prepared fish pour the brine. The amount of brine is calculated in such a way that the carp was in it freely, completely covered with water. The time of salting in the cold for 12 hours. It is also possible quick pickling at room temperature. In this case it will be sufficient to sustain the fish in the brine for 4-5 hours. After brining the fish are dried with a towel, carefully removing all the moisture. The pieces are then rolled in pepper and mustard, 3-4 times.Smoked carp as previously described. Fish pieces cook faster, so time reduces to 30 minutes.

    Help! Every smoker has some features(thickness and quality of metal, platnosti cap installation), so to calculate the exposure time of fish it is necessary experimentally. The willingness of the first Smoking determine, to reverse the fish in half. If the skin separates from the meat and from the ridge follows the juice without admixture of blood, the fish is ready.
    Carp in wine marinade

    Dry white wine gives the fish a juiciness and a spicy aftertaste, so it can safely be added to the marinade. The ingredients for the meals:

    • carp medium size – 2-3 carcasses;
    • water – 2 liters;
    • salt – 1,5-2 tbsp;
    • lemon juice and soy sauce – 3 tbsp;
    • wine – 2-3 tbsp
    • black and red pepper – to taste.

    Stages of preparation:

  • Carp rubbed with salt and put under oppression for 3-4 days.
  • Then placed for an hour in a bowl of cold water for the excess salt.
  • Fish are dried for 10-12 hours in limbo.
  • From water, wine, lemon juice ,soy sauce and pepper prepare the marinade. All components were mixed and lightly heated on the stove. Then the marinade is cooled and placed in it carp for 10-12 hours.
  • After a time marinating carp obsushivayut towel again and RUB with pepper.
  • Smoked fish 35-40 minutes as described in the first recipe technology.
  • Help! The level of heat inside the smoker helps to control a drop of water on the lid. If it immediately boils and evaporates, heat is better to reduce, otherwise the carp inside undermountain.

    The ratio of nutritionists to smoked products are not unambiguous and many argue that they are harmful to health. But carp smoked, cooked at home, without chemical additives and harmful flavors – a real masterpiece of culinary art. When used in reasonable quantities it will bring only benefits and deliver to the owner and his guests a lot of fun.

    Useful video

    The technology of preparation of carp at home on video.

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