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Like fishing for carp and carp flat method

Fishing success where the object of fishing – this cautious fish, like carp , are largely not depend on the luck of a fisherman, and from them knowledge of the nuances of fishing and gear used . Flat method of catching carp might seem similar to the well known spring or a pacifier, but its productivity is higher, due to the structure of the flat feeders.

The contents

  • What is flet-method
  • The advantages and disadvantages of snap-in flat method for carp fishing
    • Features and nuances of fishing with flat method carp
  • What lure and bait to use when fishing for carp on the flat
  • Technique and tactics of catching carp on a flat
  • Fishing for carp on the flat: video

What is flet-method

The main feature of the flat-snap is flat on one side feeder. While its lower, flat face cast lead and the frame for filling a bait with a mixture of runs of lightweight plastic.

The lead performs the role of cargo, while simultaneously providing the only possible position of the feeder at the bottom on the cast – plastic frame with a lure up, while the feeder rests on its flat okrujenie the bottom.

To the main fishing line flat feeder is mounted or a dull way in which it is fixed, or sliding, when the fishing line is threaded through the tube in the trough and not fixed. The very manger in the sliding embodiment, the fastening moves along the line with an amplitude of 30-40 cm

Important! In a remote version of the snap when fishing with flat method means samopoczucia carp, so its mass is to ensure hooking the fish must be at least 30 gr. For moving the snap-in designed for a more cautious bite of the carp, as it feels no resistance when you bite, you can use a less heavy feeders.

Flat feeder is equipped with one short leash length from 5 to 15 cm with a single hook, the size of which is chosen depending on the nozzle. In this case, the hook attachment may venetica in the bait mix, and placed side by side.

The advantages and disadvantages of snap-in flat method for carp fishing

The feature of the structure of the flat feeders attaches to tackle a number of advantages when fishing for carp:

  • Flat method convenient to catch in ponds that have silted or covered with a carpet of algae from the bottombecause the flat, wide shape of the feeder allows them not to sink.
  • The bait mixture is always at the top, this eliminates the option when the trough falling down the hook, making the catch impossible.
  • When the location of the hook attachment in the bait mixture even after its washout hook remains on a clean pad, leaving the chance for a strike. Such as the location of hook significantly reduces the number of hooks gear.
  • As with other types of feeders, the bait mix for fishing the flat method is delivered directly to the place of casting.

The disadvantages of the flat method is the fact that the flat shape of the trough can create some problems with the accuracy of the cast. Also from open feeders will quickly clean up the lure when fishing for carp in reservoirs with a strong current, this feature complicates fishing at great depths.

Attention! You should pick up certain types of flat-feeders for use in various fishing conditions.
Features and nuances of fishing with flat method carp

Depending on the characteristics of the reservoir, which will be fishing, should determine the type of theand you want to use.

There are the following main types of flat-feeders:

  • Classic. These feeders have a classic outdoor look, but may vary the number of edges in the frame for filling a bait mixture, the weight, the shape of the base. Used at an active biting of a carp.
  • Banjo. These feeders have small bumpers, they are a little smaller in mass, than the classical. Well suited for sliding installation with careful bites of a carp.
  • Scoop. These flat feeders have the shape of a scoop, which makes them more comfortable when fishing at great depths, as a mixture of the bait when casting is not so much washed away. Typically, they are stuffed with pellets – the granular bait of industrial production, but you can use viscous mixture made at home.

Sometimes manufacturers of feeders produce special shape to facilitate insertion of the bait into the trough.

When fishing for carp flat method when relatives apply for snap you can use elastic monofilament, but if you increase the casting distance is better to use braid. Some manufacturers produce feeders with rubber shock absorber that dampens the jerks carp, this is especially important when fishing near the shore.

As for carp fishing hooks preferably of small size, do not skimp on this part a snap. It is better to choose products from well-known brands, avoiding the fakes, as this will help to avoid annoying gatherings with a kink or a bad hook holds.

What lure and bait to use when fishing for carp on the flat

A mixture of bait when fishing for carp flat method must meet the following requirements:

  • To be viscous enoughto stay in the trough during casting and delivering it to the bottom of the reservoir.
  • To have a pronounced attractive to carp smellthat the fish could find it and the nozzle on the bottom.
  • To be fine, so the carp could not get enough of the bait, and thereby to allocate a larger fraction of the nozzle on the hook.
  • The consistency of the mixture should be such that it is not eroded in 10-15 minutes after casting.
  • A bait mixture for the feeders should attract the carp better than starting.

You can use ready-made industrial bait mixture , which can also vary in viscosity, however, it is possible to prepare complementary foods at home.

To do this, take the following ingredients:

  • 10 parts of corn flour;
  • 10 parts of millet;
  • 2 pieces of infant formula;
  • 1 part wheat bran;
  • 1 part mint of canned corn ;

Cornmeal, millet, bran and corn cook until full of cooking, shortly before readiness to add formula. Also in the finished bait , you can add a little honey as a flavoring.

Attention! In the preparation of bait mixtures for carp fishing to make sure that the groundbait did not burn, as this will significantly reduce the number of bites.

As the nozzles on the hook when fishing for carp flat method may be applied vegetable and animal bait – corn, peas, boilies , worms, maggots, bloodworms, and others, depending on what it prefers to carp at a particular reservoir at a given time.

Technique and tactics of catching carp on a flat

When fishing for carp on the flat first of all you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the reservoir, which will be the fishing – nature of bottom, presence of underwater currents, the depth.

Before fishing, you need to make a starter SCORM carp, it should be remembered that the starting Zagorska must yield to the attractiveness of the bait mixture for stuffing flat feeders.

Casting gear is best done at the same place, you can choose a landmark on the opposite shore and set the limiter on the fishing line for fixing the casting distance.

You can use a neutral bait mixture, which is directly on the spot of fishing to add different flavors, choosing the most attractive to fish.

Help ! In order to ensure the right consistency, the bait mixture, you can roll a small ball of it and throw into the water near the shore, to see which hour it will dilute with water.

When fishing for carp on the flat you can use multiple rods at the same time – this allows you to sh in most waters, and is also faster to find out what the nozzle carp prefers. It is not necessary to produce casts more than once every 15 minutes, as the bursts may scare cautious carp especially when fishing shallow.

Fishing for carp on the flat: video

Lessons in carp fishing and carp flat method .

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