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Ice-fishing for perch on the edible gum

Taken at fishers considered that the most efficient and already well-established classic baits for perch are the baits with bloodworms. Followed by the so-called “besttelki”, that is the bait without bait, then various silicone dummy, well, and, of course, completing a number of perch lures known to all vertical spinners. It seems that the human imagination is exhausted. What else can seduce a modern whimsical perch? And what could be better than the old-fashioned coachman and a reliable spinner?

But two years ago a well-known company Lucky John offered anglers a completely new type of bait called “hog Haughey”, made of soft plastic and has a strange in addition to their fantastic form and even taste.

Lucky John “Haughey Hog”

In addition to perch the bait willingly take pike, perch, and paid ponds fishing for trout, and quite large. In appearance, “Hogy Hog” it is impossible to determine which species to include is an artificial being, but obviously there are signs of arthropods and some insects, so there are legs, antennae, claws, some tentacles and a tail. In short, the monster of horror movies… However, when all these moving parts of the lure begin to squirm and tremble under the pressure of the water jets, that can not withstand the sluggish inactive fish. It is in a weak bite such bait is able to tease any predator, small and big.

This edible rubber lures called because sixty percent of the flavoring ingredients included in the material from which made “Haughey Hogue”, and thirty percent of the oil that covered the bait. In the process of catching the oil gradually washed off with water, but the taste of the bait is retained until the end of fishing.

Bait company Lucky John have different sizes, where “Hogy Hog” by 1.2 inches are used most often for perch, and bait size 1.6 inches used to catch pike, Zander, trout.

Edible rubber Hogy Hog

Also, different colors “Haughey hog”. The range of the fishing stores there are 10 different colors. Usually such lures palette consists of bright aggressive and relatively dull colors, where can prevail greenish, brown and muted purple tones. Bait painted in a bright fierce colour, usually used in the beginning of fishing to attract and keep the predator, and then go to “Hogy Hog” more subdued colorings. Bright baits are used in areas where the density of fish is quite large and takes it actively. But during active greedy perch bite comes a moment of calm. Apparently, the fish or like bright baits or have become less active and aggressive painted “hog Haughey” can already scare. It should go to the bait dimmer. It often revitalizes the biting and often the fish begins to bite in the same way as in the beginning of active fishing.

Greenish “Haughey Hog”

There are differences in the tastes of these exotic baits. Usually there are two kinds of taste imitations. This is the taste of shrimp and the taste of cancer. Depending on the reservoir and fishing conditions fishermen use a particular taste. However, as experts say, it is hardly possible definitely to say that the bait smells like shrimp. But obviously this is due to the fact that we are used to eat all cooked with the addition of various spices, pepper and Lavrushka. It seems that the specialists of the Lucky John went on in the creation of their lures and tasted raw prawns and crayfish, just so know exactly what you need for this whimsical fish…

Bait of edible rubber must be mounted with head, bringing the tip of the hook to the belly with soft paws and tentacles. It is very important to choose the size of the jig. Too small jig with a small hook will not be able to work with the impaled bait. Better if hook will even be disproportionately high in relation to the body of the lure, within reason, of course.

Perch caught on Hogy Hog

When fishing with bait “Haughey hog” does not require too intense of a jig with very small vibrations. Otherwise the lure will be able to develop their potentialities, namely, smoothly shaken all their tentacles, antennae, claws, tail and other active elements that are inherent to these successful products is the Lucky John. And always you want to check the middle and upper layers of water, where perch often beyond Malcolm.

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