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How to tie fishing line together. 3 best site for all occasions

Table of contents

  • How to tie fishing line
    • Leader (Leader knot)
      • Carrot (Mahin knot)
        • Albright (Albright Knot)

There are times in fishing, or in the process of installation, when there is a need to tie the fishing line to make a sturdy but compact unit. Come to the aid of three fishing site, which will help in all cases.

How to tie fishing line

The connection lines by means of the loop the loop is a very convenient way, but not always the best. The need for tying fishing line may occur in different cases:

  • you may need a temporary node, which will connect the ends of the dangling fishing line;
  • you need to connect the main line with a shock leader (a thicker line on which lie the peak load during the cast);
  • it is required to connect the installation with the main line;
  • other atypical cases.

To sites that tally on the main line, special requirements: the site must be compact and “sleek” – it is easy to pass through the rings when casting, playing a fish and the normal PREROLL.

3 best knot for tying fishing line:

Leader (Leader knot)

A very simple knot that is often used to link the main line with a thick shock leader of monofilament. Securely connects monolescu of different diameters, forming a neat bundle and is very easy to fit.

Carrot (Mahin knot)

The conical form of this node, for which he was named “carrot” makes it one of the best knots for attaching the shock leader to the main line. If you want a node that will not interfere with the cast – a Carrot. It is suitable for binding woods in any combination: with different diameter, filament structure, made of different materials (nylon, fluorocarbon, microfiber).

Albright (Albright Knot)

Node “Albright”, also has an elongated shape and is often used to link the different lines together. It has a few modifications.

All these modifications are suitable for connecting lines of different thickness, structure and material, but for example, the “improved Albright” (Improved Albright) is better suited for binding with a thin line.

Node “Alberto” (Alberto Knot), also a modification of the “Albright”, is suitable for bonding any fishing line with fluorocarbon.

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