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How to pull fish hook from a finger

This situation at first glance seems ridiculous and not really life as experienced anglers such incidents do not happen. At least they think so, experienced fishermen. And the case with a hook piercing his finger through, only decent episodes of the Comedy. Remember the Prosecutor from “peculiarities of national fishing?”. It was all funny especially the episodes with fallen into a swoon by a doctor and a fireman, which is all sterile. And this is understandable, since he and the fishermen in this film literally “do not dry”. Meanwhile, such situations are not particularly rare, and in the fishing life. And in the role of victim are not only newcomers like the Prosecutor from the movie. “And the marksman may miss”. Experienced anglers, too, are on the hook. And here the main role plays an accident. Everything happens in this life.

What to do in the first place

Most often the hook of the fisherman finds in the case, when fishing takes on donkey-zakidushki with the pendulum swinging and casting. There is usually a lead with a hook, especially a long leash, is in an uncontrolled area. Donka with a rod, particular, a feeder, is devoid of such danger. The hook on the leash is just not reach up to the angler.

In a situation where when casting or in another case, the hook stuck in your finger important thing is not to panic make a scene and not tear immediately hook from a finger.

How to pull the fish hook if the barb does not pass through the soft tissue

The simplest case, when the tip of the hook just stuck in the skin and finger pulp, but the beard does not pass through the soft tissues of the hands. Here only there is a risk to enter into the wound of any dirt and along with it the infection. But this is dangerous. And here from a small wound can be formed already a big festering wound threatening sepsis is a serious infection. The more that further fishing will still be associated with water and river mud. So after getting the hook caught only the stingwill be removed from the finger, should treat the wound with iodine, which should always be in the medicine Cabinet angler. Then treated with preservative need a place to put a band-aid and then try not to wet the finger, a few possible.

How to take the hook out with a beard of a finger

In the case when the sting of the hook and goatee when casting heavy sinkers pierced the finger firmly and deeply, will have to wait and sweat from the pain, which in this case is inevitable. But the fisherman guy after all, and an ex-soldier, statutes prescribe to endure the hardships and privations of military service, here – fishing, which sometimes is not inferior to the hardships of army hardships. And the situation with the Prosecutor of a Comedy movie to show up here more forgiving, because there is a hook one vigorous jerk went through. And Aesculapius-the fireman remained only to bite pliers stinger hook to then without too much difficulty to get himself of the hook. In our case, you will need a small but painful operation. Anesthesia, of course, is not required, but if you have a little vodka, then you can take her for some peace and pain relief, a way for the weak. As a surgical tool required pliers with side cutters, or pliers, and wire cutters. Someone carries with them both. And rightly so. These tools always come in handy.

Now in fact most of the check out operation pan

No matter what, you need to print a stinger hook and beard out. This is the only way of liberation from the hook. So you’ll have to pull the hook into the flesh of the finger and bring it through the skin below the beard was free.

Then will just have to bite off the stinger with a barb and pull the hook from the finger in the form of the usual wire. It is clear that for pain and joyful at the occasion of the liberation from the hook without anesthesia is not enough… But here you can understand the fisherman, the more that he will still find a reason. It’s fishing. But first and foremost it is necessary to treat the wound. For processing it is best to use iodine, brilliant green, chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, in extreme cases, a saturated solution of potassium permanganate.

What to do if currently there’s no tool

If not take off the pliers and you are on Bank one, then sadly, nothing will remain how to pack up and move to the nearest clinic. And fishing, consider ruined. Therefore, the pliers should always be in the tool kit for fishing.



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