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How to properly and securely tie the jig

The key to successful winter fishing is to select a good place of fishing, the use of warm and comfortable gear, as well as, proper training gear, and it concerns the tying of jigs. Most of the components for jigs do not differ from regular options crochet fishing hooks and they can be divided according to the method of tying for the ear hook or the shank. By the way, if you don’t know how to choose the place where to drill the hole, then read about it here.

Importantly, try to fix it in position with hook up to form a fishing line angle of 145 degrees. This will reduce the probability of a descent of fish.

Self locking nodes

If the jig has a hole, you can tie the fishing line with self locking hubs. In this case, initially you want to skip the fishing line through the body, and then tie a knot. The most popular methods presented in the pictures below:

Some tips for nodes

However, for other “winter hook”, made of harder alloys, the essential other options binding that will help to reduce friction between the main line and the jig, and, consequently, to reduce the likelihood of breakage. In order to properly and safely tie a fishing line to a jig made from tungsten are some of the features. To reduce the likelihood of breakage should make a loop of fishing line-braided line, and tie it as follows:

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