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How to prepare the dough for carp and carp and how to catch

For carp fishing and carp used a huge number of different attachments because a sufficiently diverse diet of this fish.

Many fishermen ignored is very easy to prepare and effective baitdough.

Bait for carp and karacak to prepare the bait for carp with their hands

The contents

  • Usually as a nozzle for carp fishing and carp
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the test, as the nozzle
  • How to cook. Recipes nozzles
    • Corn dough
    • Pea dough
    • The potato dough
  • Aromatization of the nozzle
  • How to stick the dough for carp fishing. Technique
  • Useful video

Usually as a nozzle for carp fishing and carp

Most fishermen do not want to use the dough for carp fishing, arguing that fish when it falls only on float tackle, and that this head often flies off the hook when casting. However, it is often the dough is one of the most productive lures when fly fishing peaceful fish – in many places almost the only one who is able to seduce the fish.

And properly prepared and impaled on the hook, the dough can even be used for distant casts.

The advantages and disadvantages of the test, as the nozzle

The undeniable advantages of this bait when fishing for carp include the following:

  • When you strike the carp sucks the dough easily, providing an excellent notch.
  • Carp is easy to find with this lure on the bottom even in muddy water, as the dough leaves beside him attractive to fish, a cloud of fine particles.
  • If you use flavors, the nozzle can be given any smell that carp would be better to respond.
  • To prepare this bait is quite simple, it does not involve any expensive or scarce ingredients.
  • Scraps of dough can be used as bait.

However, there are some shortcomings, which will have to face when fishing for carp on the dough:

  • This nozzle can unjam small fish, so there may be bycatch.
  • The bait needs to be changed with each casting tackle. In the absence of bites should change the brush head every 20-30 minutes.

How to cook. Recipes nozzles

Recipes dough a lot – often at the same time use cornmeal, peas or potatoes , as these herbal ingredients are particularly attractive to carp.

Corn dough

For its preparation it is better to take white corn because it makes a more viscous consistency lure.

  • In a wide pan filled with water and brought to a boil.
  • In a pot of already boiling water poured 0.8 times the volume of water of corn flour, carefully sifted through a sieve and spread with a spoon.
  • Content covered with a lid and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Capacity is removed from the fire, and the bait is mixed with a spoon for 10 minutes until required consistency — the dough ball should not crumble when you push, be elastic and a little sticky.
  • If necessary, the bait zameshivaetsya hands.
  • Pea dough

    To prepare this bait can be used as whole peasand pea porridge and quick cooking.

  • Peas are soaked in water tanks for 8-10 hours.
  • The soaked peas are filled with water and cooked to puree consistency.
  • In the final stages of semolina is added to give the mixture the desired viscosity.
  • The potato dough

    Potatoes can also be used to prepare bait for carp.

  • Several potatoes boiled in their skins, then cleaned her up.
  • The peeled tubers are rubbed on a fine grater, add a little salt and sugar.
  • In the grated potato is added to wheat flour in the ratio of 1:1, after which the mixture was stirred until a homogeneous mass.
  • From the mixture formed a ball, which is brewed in water on a slow fire for half an hour.
  • Finished mass is cut into pieces of the desired size.
  • Attention. Store the finished dough is best in the refrigerator in a plastic bag, however you should not expose it to freezing, as the lure may lose its properties after defrosting it becomes more friable.
    Aromatization of the nozzle

    One of the advantages of a test nozzle is the possibility of aromatization, in which the lure can be given the necessary smell, preferred by carp in a particular water body. For this you just need to drop a little essence to the batter just before fishing, or to add a substance with the desired odor.

    Often uses the following flavors:

    • Garlic;
    • Anise;
    • Sunflower oil;
    • Honey;
    • Vanilla.

    How to stick the dough for carp fishing. Technique

    Particular attention when fishing for carp on the dough to give it the mounting on the hook , since the wrong bait the nozzle may fly off the hook, delivering a lot of inconvenience. To achieve this we often use the following tricks:

    • A hook with a spring. While the shank is worn spring is withdrawn from a conventional disposable lighter. This allows much stronger to hold the nozzle on the hook. When using small hooks, the spring should be shortened.
    • The addition of wool. In the bait added fluff the mineral wool fibers. They are a kind of reinforcement, binding the particles of the nozzle. Care should be taken to not create irregularities and lumps.
    • The use of beads on the hair snap . The hair is fixed plastic bead, which nelepovitz bait. Bead keeps the dough even with sharp transitions in the far distance. Also instead you can use a Styrofoam ball – especially if the fishing conditions (e.g. mud bottom) assume a floating head.

    Attention. Fishing it is advisable to take some dry wheat flour as the dough can change its consistency, becoming less viscous. When this loss of properties you just need to add some flour and knead the lure down to the desired thickness.

    When fishing on the waterways must often perezapustit tackle, as it will be faster to blur the dough. In order to reduce unwanted catches of small fish generated from the bait balls for carp fishing and carp should not be too small.

    Useful video

    How to cook a nozzle for carp from potato dough in the video below:

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