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How to prepare baits for catching carp and carp

Carp or his closest colleague carp is a desired trophy for any real angler. Small are carp weighing up to a kilogram, but this is a decent fish, which is very nice to compete. But much more interesting to catch instances of medium and large sizes, because their weight often exceeds 10 kg and can reach up to 20-25 kg. And the best tip for hunting the fish will be anyway. If you know how to properly choose and how to use them, they provide excellent catches.

The contents

  • What I’d suggest
    • Features fishing for carp and carp on boilies
    • The principle of boilies
    • Why boilies catch big carp
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the nozzle
    • The benefits of using boilies
    • Disadvantages
  • What are boilies for carp to choose
    • The types of baits for catching carp and carp
    • Size Boyle
    • Color
    • Taste
    • Dips
  • Purchased and self-made boilies
  • The rating of store-bought boilies. Top 6
  • Tackles for catching carp and carp on boilies
    • Float rod
    • Donka
    • Montages for fishing boilie
  • Carp fishing on boilies with PVA packages
  • When catching
  • The choice of a place of catching
  • Complementary feeding
  • How to catch carp carp on boilies
  • Useful video

What I’d suggest

Boyle is bait for catching carp fish, primarily carp and carp. It is made from a special dough by boiling or steaming. Boyle may be spherical or cylindrical shape. Round used more often, cylinders.

In the composition of the bait may include:

  • milled cereals (wheat, corn, barley flour);
  • starch;
  • dextrin;
  • dyes;
  • flavours (vanilla, pineapple, plum, caramel, fish oil, pepper, dill, mint, cinnamon, paprika, etc.);
  • flavoring (salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, aspartame, citric acid, etc.);
  • various binders (eggs, agar-agar, gelatin, syrup, treacle, molasses etc.);
  • plasticizers (propylene glycol, glycerin, polyethylene glycol, honey, syrup);
  • preservatives (sodium benzoate, sorbic acid).

Features fishing for carp and carp on boilies

It is best to use for carp fishing and carp on boilies carp special (carpfishing) tackle. This kind of bottom fishing rods. It consists of a powerful rod and a reel and fishing line. After casting a sinking Boyle falls to the bottom, is floating above the ground, where it might sooner or later find the fish. In carpfishing usually use multiple tools. When an abandoned 3-4 and more fishing rods, chances for a strike is much higher. Dother options to catch up on normal feeder or float rod for long casting. On baits usually catch it on the middle or long range, where rests the trophy fish.

The principle of boilies

From boilies for carp fishing and carp expressed an attractive aroma and taste. So they work well as bait, as bait. To overfeed point to handle, it is possible to bring them onto the boat, use a special device for casting baits — Cobra — or to use a special boat on the radio.

If Boyle is used as bait on the hook he’s not pushed. Use special equipment, so-called hair installation. Boyle with the help of a special needle is put on the thread (of hair), which is located in the vicinity of the hook. When the carp or the carp pulls the bit into his mouth, he takes and hook that must catch the fish by his lower lip.
When you use hair of the installation of carp intersect very well, the probability of blank sweeps is minimized. The fish are not usilivaetsya about the edge and not so frightened when Boyle takes on the hair. Moreover, to impose these baits on the hook very difficult, as they are quite hard.

Why boilies catch big carp

Boilies too hard, so small fish could break off from them CusackI. Therefore when fishing for carp and carp on this bait is not disturbed by the change. Such fishing may only prevent large bream, which experienced anglers-carpatica perceive about the same as fans of catching roach and carp on the Donk perceive bleak.

The advantages and disadvantages of the nozzle
The benefits of using boilies

From boilies there are two advantages:

  • this is a very tasty headthat attracts carp and carp much better than any other baits;
  • as mentioned above, the small fish when fishing boilies is not worried, so this is a great bait for the targeted hunt for a trophy specimen.


To boilies disadvantages include the high price. Of course, if you use them only as a nozzle, the costs will be not so great. But if the lure to handle, they need a lot of. It is possible to use normal loose bait in the balls, but then in place of fishing will be approached and small fish.

Help! Anyway, you can do it all yourself, but then have the disadvantage that their preparation is time consuming and requires a fairly large number of ingredients.
What are boilies for carp to choose

The beginner at first glance it may seem that selecting suitable baits difficult, but actually there is nothing complicated. It is important to know what to pay attention, not to be mistaken with the purchase.

The types of baits for catching carp and carp

Baits are divided into:

  • floating and sinking;
  • dust-forming or soluble, dry, or cooked.

Most often used sinking boilies. After casting they lay low and not alert the fish, as it reminded her of her natural food. Boilies floating baits to use when carp feed on the surface. But this bait looks unnatural, therefore, fall for it is mainly small individuals.

Dusty Boyle immediately after getting in the water begin to dissolve, emitting a plume of turbidity, which attracts fish. The disadvantage of this nozzle is that you have to do perezapisi to replace it with a new one. Dry baits, in turn, can work at the bottom very long.

Size Boyle

Usually use round boilies with a diameter of from 8 to 30 mm. Balls with a diameter more than 24 mm, as a rule, apply only to pof prikarmlivanija. Boilies with a diameter of from 8 to 24 mm, respectively, are used as nozzles.

  • Balls size 1.5 cm , well suited for catching small and medium carp and carp, as well as in situations when the fish are inactive. One of the important advantages in that they retain the longer taste and smell than large ones, since the ball is much more evenly heated and cooled in the preparation.
  • Boilies with a diameter of 1.5 cm, in its turn, is the best option for catching trophy fish. Also they are suitable for hunting medium or carp if it is active in fishing days. Great piece, as you know, your mouth rejoices. To draw a specimen of major Boyle, as a rule, much easier than small ones.

I’d suggest the small size can be used as bait, and large — as the nozzle. Collecting the little balls from the bottom, the fish will stay in the point of fishing longer.


Color Boyle is usually unimportant. Often used yellow, red and purple. For fishing in muddy water is best suited white or light yellow boilie, which will be in this situation more visible to the fish.


Free all baits can be divided into three main groups:

  • fruit — are best suited for fishing in warm seasons, when the water is well warmed up;
  • fish is a good option for fishing in spring and autumn, cold water;
  • spicy — they can be used when fishing for warm water and cold.


To make Boyle more attractive to carp and carp, before casting tooling it can be dipped in a special flavour baits is dip.

Help! After typowanie this nozzle becomes pronounced with an attractive smell, to which the fish will be difficult to resist.

Dip allows you to select the bait for the hook among many boilies, the bait lying on the bottom. Because of this carp are much more likely to faster it will find and want to try.

Purchased and self-made boilies

On the question of how to prepare baits or buy them, everyone is responsible for himself. The benefits of making boilies with your own hands:

  • this allows you to save;
  • if you will be making boilies alone, you will always know exactly what is included in their composition;
  • you can create your own recipe according to your desire — a passionate carpatica empirically select their rosters and improve them to achieve the best catches in the waters where they fish.

The benefits of using purchase lures:

  • no need to waste my timeI’m cooking;
  • if you buy high quality boilies from a trusted manufacturer, there is no doubt that they will work as it should, but to make a good bait with your hands is not easy.

Help! If you are a beginner kabatnik, better to start with store-bought boilies. Once you learn to fish with them, if you wish, you can produce this nozzle independently, selecting their own compositions.

Ways independent production of boilies and recipes for their flavor

The rating of store-bought boilies. Top 6

What baits you can safely buy without fear to be mistaken with the firm?

    • Richworth. This company can be called a recognized market leader. In the manufacture of boilies, which are produced under this brand uses the highest quality ingredients. In stock a very large collection of sizes, colors and flavors of boilies.

Read more about Beulah Richworth

  • Dynamite Baits — the company that due to the high quality of its products is known worldwide. It offers a wide range of sinking and floating boilies, pellets, attractants, bait crumbly mixtures and other attributes of successful carp fishing. They will satisfy the needs of both novice and experienced carpatica. All components of the company’s range perfectly match each other, which provides a wide field for experimentation.
  • Tandem Baits. A British company that manufactures in Poland European quality products at affordable prices. In stock Tandem Baits is a great accessory boilies and dips. Bait this company is a very good choice for the money.
  • Mainline — the company produces high-quality boilies, using carefully selected ingredients and flavoring. Besides, in assortment there are Mainline pellets, attractants, flavors and flavor enhancers. Using them when fishing baits, fishing can be more productive.
  • Nutrabaits company-manufacturer of boilies, baits, attractants and other liquids for catching carp and carp, which was founded in England in 1986. Its products for many years in great demand due to its quality and efficiency.
  • Prologic — boilies in addition to excellent quality at reasonable prices, this Danish company produces a wide range of products for carp fishing — rods, reels, landing nets and other accessories, clothing, carp mats and so on. It has a range of everything to make fishing as comfortable and effective.

Tackles for catching carp and carp on boilies
Float rod

Float tackle is a good option in the first place for catching small to medium carp and carp on short and medium distances on water without currents. For fishing near the shore you can use the centrifugal rods. They can be used purposefully to catch carp and carp up to a kilo, and with the proper skills — to pull out and fish weighing 2-3 kg, if she goes on the hook.

But even better for catching this fish will approach the bait for long casting. The elements of such a tackle:

  • the rod length of about 5 meters with the test of the order of 10-30 g;
  • spinning reel size 2000 for catching small carp from 3500 — fishing for big;
  • the main fishing line with a diameter of 0.25 mm and a length of 100 m;
  • a normal float with carrying capacity of 2-8 g or by the special float-wagler for long casting;
  • leash manolescu with a diameter of 0.2 mm with a length from 1 to 1,5 meters with hook of appropriate size.

Attention! Such a set allows you to make long casts, getting to the feeding grounds of the fish, located far from the coast. Float-valerom you can easily send snap-on 40 to 50 m.

If the depth of the fishery exceeds the length of the rod, you need to use the sliding mounting of the float.


For carp fishing and carp on boilies will fit:

  • feeder or special carpfishing the rod length of 3.5-4.5 m with a test from 40-80 up to 120-150 g;
  • spinning reel of size 2500 to 6000 with a bait runner;
  • the main fishing line with a diameter of 0.25 mm;
  • sinker or feeder;
  • a leash of thread tensile load at 20% less than the main line.

For fishing on the Donk should use a reel with bait runner. When you switch the special box this device freely passes the line when poticaj fish. Thanks to this, the carp or the carp won’t be able to drag the bait into the water during the bite.

In carpfishing used electronic bite alarmthat beeps when a fish takes the nozzle. But you can do the usual bell. Also when fishing for small carp and carp, you can track bite on the tip feeder rod.

Donka — the best option for fishing for large carp or carp. First often to catch the current, and make it float rod uncomfortable. Suitable tackle allows you to send a snap even at 100-150 m. Experienced carpatica fish are a good size only the market, with a float rod they don’t use.

How to choose flies for carp

Montages for fishing boilie

Standard installation for carp fishing on boilies at medium and long range fit:

  • on the main line have to wear a silicone tube 30 cm in length;
  • snap clasp and safety clip;
  • on the other hand bind to the clasp on the leash with a length of about 25 cm, at the end of which is hair accessories;
  • to buckle to attach a sinker of the desired weight on the swivel.

Another variant of mounting — inline. To make it you need:

  • to put on the main fishing line up-protivogerpetical;
  • skip the fishing line through a sinker with a through hole;
  • to tie it to the swivel;
  • mount the swivel to the leash with a hair snap.

In addition to this snap-in, you can apply more and methoden installation. Its main element is a special feeder that is stuffed viscous bait. In addition to her at the end of the snap are all the same leash with a hook and hair with Boyle. Feeder type method can be mounted on the snap as motionless, and installation inline to the fishing line can freely pass through it when it bites the carp or carp.

Regardless of whether you use a snap with a sinker or methoden trough, its end should be the hair accessories. This is the best option for this kind of fishing. For the manufacture of hair snap you will need:

  • pedestrian material or braided fishing line;
  • hook;
  • the cut of the silicone tube with a length of about 2 mm;
  • special adhesive for the manufacture of snap-ins for fishing baits that you can buy in fishing store.
  • a pair of scissors.

Hook size should be such that the distance from the sting to the forearm was equal to the radius of Boyle. For example, to Boyle with a diameter of 14 mm, this distance should be about 7 mm. In the simplest variant of hair snap the hair is a continuation of the leash, which is made from leavers of material or braids. To do this installation, you must:

  • tie on the end of a leash loop;
  • thread it into the eyelet of the hook on the side where the tip;
  • snap hook regular site so that there is the free end of the fishing line with a loop length of 3-5 cm — it will be the hair.

The installation is ready. Can also be worn on the shank silicone tube that will tightly encircle it and squeeze the forearm hair.

Boyle put on hair by using a special awl with a hook on the end. To assemble the snap-in required:

  • Boyle pierce through with an awl;
  • to catch a hook on the end needle loop at the end of the hair;
  • Boyle pull on the hair;
  • to put on the end of the hair retainer, so that the bait doesn’t fall off when casting.

Carp fishing on boilies with PVA packages

Using PVA-package, or PVA stick, you can throw in any distance snap with Boyle and hook together with a small amount of bait. After getting into the water and falling to the bottom of the packet will dissolve, releasing food and bait. The advantage of this installation before snap-in with a trough that the hook can’t catch on the grass during the fall. In addition, in the package you can put any bait — for example, the same boilies or pellets. So to snap with PVA sticks should pay attention.

When catching

In March and April carp and carp you can catch, but this time you have to “grind”. Fish has not yet begun to feed actively, it is a long time come up to the bait and reluctantly takes the nozzle. In may, when the water is well warmed already , you can expect good catches.

Summer is the best time for carp fishing on boilies. Because the water is warm, the fish are feeding quite actively. The best catches you can get in August , as the appetite of the carp increases with the approach of autumn.

Autumn carp is preparing to go into winter torpor and to a certain point, that is, before the water temperature falls too low, continues to feed actively. Look for the fish is away from the coast. Towards the end of autumn, as in spring, carp reduces its activity. At this time, to catch him, but bites have to wait much longer than summer.

The choice of a place of catching

Promising areas for catching carp and carp will be:

  • eyebrows and pits, including drop offs near the shore, where the depth does not exceed five feet;
  • sandy shallowswhere fish come to bask in the sun;
  • coquina;
  • borders of thickets of water lilies and other aquatic vegetation.

Complementary feeding

A good bait is one of the key moments of success when fishing for carp and carp. To the fishing produced good results, it should be plenty. Experienced carpatica who do trophy fishing, you can for a trip to the pond to use it in an amount of up to several tens of kilograms. It is important for summer fishing. In spring and autumn bait requires much less.

There are tri variant feeding when fishing for carp and carp baits:

  • the use of a bait mixture that molded into balls;
  • fishing with the feeder method, hammering the bait.
  • to overfeed the place of fishing handle.

The advantage of the latter option that is selected for catching place will not stay small fish. But to lure only handle not necessarily — when the bait suitable large carp or carp, and so it will displace a trifle.

There are three basic ways to deliver boilies at the fishing spot when fishing from the shore.

  • They can bring on the boat and pour the water in the area. This is a very accurate way of feeding, but it will need to have a flotation device.
  • It is possible to throw the bait into the water using a special fixture — Cobra. Precision feeding suffers, but it is still enough to attract the fish to snap.
  • In recent years more and more popular in carp fishing are the special boats radio control for feeding to handle. This method allows you to deliver baits in exactly the right place.

In that case, when used for feeding the mixture into balls, on the bottom of the still to be delivered and a small amount of boilies. “What’s on the hook and the bait” for catching carp and carp important as it is for catching any other white fish. Boilies can be added to the mixture prior to mold her balls, or drop into water separately. Such a compromise when used, the bait mix, and baits, is the best.

  • Bait for carp and carp
  • How to make bait for carp with their hands

How to catch carp carp on boilies

The first thing after as the place is chosen, it is necessary to overfeed. On the starting SCORM you can use up to 1/5 of the total number of bait. Although it is usually sufficient and fewer — 1/10 or even 1/20 – to quickly attract fish to the fishing spot. In the process of fishing you can always finish feeding, if the bite begins to subside.

Next step — throw snap to the point of fishing. If you use a float rod for long casting or Donka, the line should be previously marked the necessary distance casting to Ral over and over again to send a snap to the same distance. To fix the line clip when fishing for carp and carp not necessary, as this strong fish that has a strong resistance, can easily break it in this case.

Important! After the snap-in is neglected, we can only wait for a bite. Unlike catching a small fish like roach and carp good carp bite is not as active. For trophy fishing for a day can occur only 1-2 bites, but the fish weight, quite possibly, will exceed 5 or even 10 lbs.

So, if you are using a ground rod with audible alarm bite, you can always move away from the tackle and go about their business. If the same applies to the feeder without signaling or float rod, will always have to follow quivertip or float. This is one of the reasons why such equipment is not suitable for carp fishing — after all, wait just one bite can be all day.

Useful video

Boilies for carp with their hands.

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