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How to make minced pike

The most common and simple method of cooking river fish is its frying. Sometimes the hostess would not even know how rich assortment of all kinds of culinary delights. Notable among them are dishes made from pike.

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  • What can be cooked from minced meat pike
  • How to prepare the carcass for cooking
  • How to cook minced pike
  • Useful video

What can be cooked from minced meat pike

Simple to prepare, delicious and hearty meals you can make with pike meat. A bit of diligence, patience, attention, and your family will reward you on merit, requiring supplements.

Of pike forcemeat can be made:

  • Golden cutlets with a crispy thin crust;
  • ruddy pies (any table decoration) served with a rich fish broth or soup;
  • juicy fragrant dumplings, which can be served with hand-made sauce, at worst – with butter or sour cream;
  • fish roll, original taste and appearance;
  • gentle air souffle – favorite food of kids (if it worked!);
  • large cakes of unleavened dough or sand;
  • little crispy envelopes-puffs (“danger” of this dish is that starting to try, the consumer is very difficult to stop).

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How to prepare the carcass for cooking

We must admit that this part of the work causes the most problems for the inexperienced hostesses. But it’s not so scary!

First you need to release pike from the skins. This requires:

  • Rinse the carcass. A stiff brush or sponge to clean away the mucus. With scissors or a very sharp knife to cut out all the fins, cut off the tail. In the middle of the abdomen to make a shallow incision from the head to the end of the carcass. The same incision is needed at the back. It must also be the full length of the fish.
  • The hardest part of the job behind. Now, holding one arm pike head, the other gently to release the carcass from the skins. To do this, grab the edge of the skin from the tail and pull it towards the head. The maximum freeing one-half of the fish, flip it, and the same is done with the other hand. When the skin is removed from both sides of the pike is at the head, and cut it off with skin. As the result, white-pink carcass of a pike.
  • Left to release it from the bones. With this intention to deepen the incisions previously made in the abdomen and back. Then the loin will be held only along the spine. With a knife or hands to release the fillet on both sides. From fish leaving only the spine and ribs.
  • Inspect the fillet, pull all visible bone. Cut into pieces.

    Important. To remove the skin the easiest way with frozen fish, when the whole “not walking” in his hands. To release the fillet from the bones easier after a full defrost (or fresh fish).
    How to cook minced pike

    Each dish pike has lots of recipes. But there are features that you should consider, sending pieces into the grinder:

    • the distinguishing feature of this fish is dry, which requires special additives to make meat juicier, fatter, softer, and more;
    • as ingredients that can improve the consistency of the meat, it is permissible to use other varieties of fish, lard, vegetables, eggs, milk, white bread…

    The filling of pike, you can prepare, not only scrolling fillet in a meat grinder. For cakes and pies often use finely chopped pieces. To this forcemeat made to add potatoes, roasted onions, carrots, rice, and various seasonings.

    Beef patties, dumplings, rolls traditionally crushed using the grinder. The consistency of the finished soufflés should be air. So it makes sense to skip the fish through a meat grinder twice.

    Depending on the ingredients of ready-made stuffing can have a light, mild taste or a very pronounced and intense. It depends on the taste preferences of those for whom the dish is prepared.

    Useful video

    How to cook cutlets of pike in the video below:

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