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How to make boilies for carp and carp with your own hands

Boyle is an excellent bait for catching of large fish, primarily carp and carp . Those Laggards are coming to such a head very willingly.

Boilies are best suited for catching medium and captured specimens. When fishing they are not concerned about the fines, which can be very annoying if you use corn , peas and other baits.

But boilies are not cheap. If you need to use them not only as attachments but also as bait , it might take a round sum. However, baits can be prepared and independently. Nothing complicated in the preparation no.

Using one of the tested recipes, you can make a great effective bait, which will not be inferior expensive purchase bolam .

  • Ways independent production of boilies and recipes for their flavor
  • Baits for catching carp and carp

The contents

  • Flavours for boilie
    • The types of flavors
    • Stimulants of digestion
  • Dyes
  • The technology of preparation of Boyle on carp and carp
    • Tools and accessories
    • The stages of preparation
    • Flavoring and coloring boilies
    • Sinking, floating and dusting anyway
  • Boilie recipes for carp and carp
    • Versatile recipes
    • For fishing in spring and autumn
    • For fishing in the summer
    • Dusty Boyle
    • Semolina boilie
    • With potatoes
    • Hepatic Boyle
  • Useful video

Flavours for boilie

Good flavor – one of the most important components of boilies . Thanks to him, the carp or the carp are much more likely to find the bait offered to them.

The types of flavors

Flavors that are used for boilies for carp with their hands, can be divided into 2 groups.

  • Liquid. It is a fragrance that can be purchased in fishing stores. Use the same flavours that are added to the usual bait – vanilla, caramel, honey, garlic and so on.
  • Dry. This group includes spices and herbs. You can use practically any – from fennel and anise to curry.

Help! Directly on water soluble ready to dip in the dips – special flavors, designed to impart the smell of the lure before it is cast into the water.
Stimulants of digestion

If the boilie added the stimulants of digestion, food is eaten quickly pass through the stomach and intestine of carp and then fish will feed more actively, as they will not be able to get enough.

As promoters of digestion, you can use components of plant origin:

  • seeds of fennel;
  • seeds of fennel;
  • milled flax seeds;
  • milled hemp seeds.

Another option is enzymes (Festal, Mezim, Panzinorm and others). Well as an additive that stimulates the digestion of fish, is often used betaine. This substance, which is produced from sugar beet in the sugar production. It is highly soluble in water.


To give boylam one or the other color, it is necessary to use dyes. In most cases, the color of the lure doesn’t matter.

But sometimes it is still important. For example, when fishing on a dark muddy bottom bright boilies will stand out, and the chances that the fish will find them much higher.The colder the water is, the better carp smell.

So color is especially importantif fishing takes place in winter. It is not necessary to use for fishing in ponds with muddy water, dark baits. For night fishing fit lure with fluorescent dyes.

This files most often for fishing on carp and carp are used:

  • white boilie;
  • yellow;
  • red;
  • purple.

In fishing stores , you can buy special dyes for boilies. There are a variety of colors – black, orange, purple and so on. But you can use regular food coloring sold in the grocery stores, shops for confectioners and so on.

The technology of preparation of Boyle on carp and carp
Tools and accessories

For making boilies for carp and carp are necessary:

  • two bulk containers;
  • the measuring device that allows dosing of dry and liquid components;
  • spoon or fork for preliminary mixing of ingredients;
  • rubber gloves.

Help! Gloves need to after making boilies dye is not ingrained in your hands. To clean it afterwards can be difficult. If the dye is not used, gloves are not needed.

Not much for making boilies will be the meat grinder or blender, as many of the dry components, you need to grind before adding to the mix.

Also you can use additional prisposobleniya:

  • rolling tables boilie;
  • the syringe or gun with nozzles of different diameters, which are used for making sausage of dough.

The stages of preparation

The sequence of actions when preparing the boilies as follows:

  • you need in one container mix all dry ingredients and the other with a liquid;
  • pour liquid into dry mixture or pour the mixture into the liquid with constant stirring, make sure that there were no lumps;
  • thoroughly knead the dough so that it is firm, elastic and not sticky;
  • taking up the resulting mass in small pieces, roll them into sausages, with a diameter which is close to the desired diameter boilies;
  • cut sausages into short cylinders and roll them out of the hands of the balls;
  • to prepare boilies in a pot of boiling water or in the microwave.

On the question of which is better – pour the mixed wet ingredients into the dry ingredients pour dry or liquid – no single answer. Fits both the first and second option. The main thing – to test in the end there were no lumps, which components must be stirred during their connection. Once the dough is ready, it is better placed in a plastic bag and leave it for 30-40 minutes.

The standard way of making boilies is to put the rolled balls in a colander, put it in a pot of boiling water and boil for 1-2 minutes. After that they should be spread out on a towel and allow to dry. It takes from 12 to 24 hours. To do it in a well ventilated area.

Attention! I’d suggest laying out for drying, it is necessary to make sure that they do not touch each other. Dry bait should be in the shade, not the sun.

Baits, which are no preservatives, must be stored in the refrigerator, so they don’t spoil. Bait with preservatives can be stored at room temperature for a long time while remaining attractive to fish.

Flavoring and coloring boilies

Add liquid flavors necessary in a very small amount. On 1 kg of the mixture takes 3 to 7 ml of this flavor. It is better to dissolve in water before adding it to the dough. In this case, the flavor will be dissolved by mixing the mass uniformly.

Dry flavors are added before kneading. That’s just a recipe for boilies for carp and carp: 1 kg of the mixture we must add 2 tablespoons of Caria, 1 tablespoon red pepper, 1 teaspoon crushed anise seeds and 15 g of ground cinnamon.

Help! Liquid dyes should be added to dishes where they mix with the liquid ingredients before you add them to the dry mixture. Dry colorants, in turn, are added to the dry mix before mixing.

Sinking, floating and dusting anyway

If first cook anyway, and then dry or freeze them, the result is a dense balls, which will be good to sink.

When cooking in the microwave, on the contrary, is quite airy and light floating boilies. How long to cook I’d suggest a certain size for a specific recipe can only be determined experimentally.

For this we need to put in the microwave test a small batch, put the power to max, start to warm them and see how soon they begin to burn. Burnt boilies to use as nozzle or bait is not suitable.

When cooking the next batch time should be slightly reduced, 15-20 seconds, the result is a good bait for carp and carp. Usually for making boilies in the microwave at maximum power requires about 180 seconds.

If you need to cook a dusting boilies, rolled up dough balls need not be subjected to heat treatment. You just need to leave them on a towel for a few hours to dry. In this case, it happens anyway, which after immersion in water will quickly break down, giving nutrients and creating a haze.

Instead of eggs, which are almost always used as a binder in the preparation of these lures, it is better to take to use instant products – syrup, molasses or honey. After falling into the water, these baits are rapidly destroyed, so when fishing they have to do frequent perezapisi snap to replace the bait.

Boilie recipes for carp and carp

In fishing stores you can buy special mixes for making boilies. They contain all the necessary ingredients, so it remains only to cook it or warm it in the microwave.

But the dough is made by yourself, much cheaper. Mostly for making boilies ingredients of plant origin. Most often used:

  • cereals;
  • flour;
  • food for the birds;
  • different seeds, for example sunflower and hemp;
  • potatoes.

Also used ingredients of animal origin, such as:

  • eggs;
  • milk;
  • meat;
  • fish.

Knowing all the necessary ingredients, it is possible to pick up the boilie recipes yourselfto try them out on the ponds and to select the best formulation. So do many enthusiastic carpatica. Constantly experimenting, you can pick up trains boilies that will bring the best results in those or other conditions of fishing. But, of course, better to start with the preparation of bait for carp and carp of proven recipes which have already proved their efficiency.

Versatile recipes

To cook just Boyle based on the monkey, you have to take:

  • 2 cups semolina;
  • 1 Cup corn flour;
  • 1 Cup soy flour;
  • 1 Cup of dried milk;
  • 0,5 Cup of hemp seeds;
  • 10 eggs;
  • 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil.

Seeds before adding to the mixture should be ground using a blender, as the eggs shake. Rolled dough balls should hold in boiling water for 2 minutes.

Another versatile recipe:

  • 1 Cup corn flour;
  • 1 Cup semolina;
  • 50 g of salt;
  • 25 grams of cannabis;
  • 25 g of ground roasted sunflower seeds;
  • 15 ml of betaine;
  • 2 teaspoons chocolate flavoring.

Universal boilie is based on rice and wheat flour with the addition of corn:

  • 100 g rice flour;
  • 100 g of wheat flour;
  • 100 g corn flour;
  • 100 g of milk powder;
  • 100 g of ground birdseed.

For fishing in spring and autumn

When the water is cold, fish is looking for food, which are high in protein. From the smells of it in this time is better attract fish.

Recipe high protein boilies with fish:

  • 300 g of wheat flour;
  • 200 g minced fish;
  • 100 g rice flour;
  • 100 grams of bird feed;
  • 75 g of wheat bran;
  • 60 g of milk powder;
  • 50 g of wheat germ;
  • 50 g of sea salt;
  • 15 g of betaine.

Boilies fish with flour:

  • 300 g of fish flour;
  • 250 g cereal flour;
  • 65 grams of bran;
  • 60 g of flour from the squid;
  • 50 g of wheat germ;
  • 50 g of milk powder;
  • 50 g of meat;
  • 30 g of salt;
  • 15 g of betaine.

Recipe of corn-based:

  • 400 g of corn flour;
  • 200 g of soy flour;
  • 150 g semolina;
  • 100 g of milk powder;
  • 50 g ground sunflower seeds;
  • 50 g hemp seeds;
  • 10 eggs;
  • 1 tablespoon salt;
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar;
  • 1 tbsp fish oil;
  • 1 tablespoon of betaine;
  • 7 ml Monster Crab flavouring.

For fishing in the summer

In summer, the fish prefers vegetable food.

Boilie recipe based on flour:

  • 1 kg wheat flour;
  • 1 kg of corn flour;
  • 1 kg rice flour;
  • 800 g of milk powder;
  • 1 Cup chopped feed for the birds;
  • 48 eggs;
  • 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil.

Balls made according to this recipe, need to cook until until they float.

Soluble soy flour:

  • 400 g of corn flour;
  • 400 g soy flour;
  • 150 g semolina;
  • 100 g milk protein (available at health food store);
  • 50 g hemp seeds;
  • 50 g chopped roasted sunflower seeds;
  • 50 g of salt;
  • fruit flavour.

This boilie is based on maize and rice:

  • 200 g corn flour;
  • 150 g rice flour;
  • 100 g semolina;
  • 50 g of wheat;
  • 50 grams of bran;
  • 50 g of milk powder;
  • 50 g of meat;
  • 30 g of gluten;
  • 30 g of salt;
  • 15 g of betaine.

Dusty Boyle

For making dusting lure well suited to the following components:

  • 500 g buckwheat flour;
  • 300 g of ground Flaxseed and hemp seeds;
  • 300 g corn flour;
  • 200 g semolina;
  • 550 g of corn syrup.

The ingredients you need to mix, roll balls of them and leave them for a few hours to dry without heat treatment. To give boylam more pronounced flavour, buckwheat flour and flax seeds and hemp should be lightly fry in a frying pan before adding them to the mixture.

Semolina boilie

To prepare this bait, it is necessary to take:

  • 600 g semolina;
  • 300 g of milk powder;
  • 1 Cup of chopped roasted sunflower seeds;
  • 1 Cup corn flour;
  • 1 Cup soy flour;
  • 9 eggs;
  • 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil;
  • 5-7 ml of flavoring.

Before you make the dough balls, it is better to wrap in a plastic bag and let it stand for half an hour.

With potatoes

To prepare the bait with potatoes, it is necessary to take:

    • yellow potatoes (high starch content), grated on a grater with large holes;
    • 5 eggs;
    • 1 Cup flour;
    • 1 Cup semolina;
    • cake.

Fishing for carp and carp on the potatoes

Hepatic Boyle

To prepare this bait you will need the following ingredients:

  • 300 g raw liver;
  • 2 cups semolina;
  • 100 g of soy flour;
  • 5-6 eggs;
  • 3 teaspoons of honey;
  • 1 tsp dried garlic.

The liver before adding it to the mixture should be ground in a blender. Cooking these boilies need to until they start floating.

Useful video

Recipe of boilies for carp.

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