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How to fry carp in the pan

Fried carp in Russia has long been appreciated. This fish is found almost in every natural body of water, especially good carp lake. Usually, it is cooked in a pan on vegetable oil or sour cream. But today we will tell about several unusual, but very tasty recipe, which is the power of even the most inexperienced cook.

The contents

  • Choose fish
  • Prepare it for roasting
  • How to fry carp in the pan: the recipe
  • Useful video

Choose fish

This inhabitant of open water is by the color of silver and gold . At markets and in stores usually sell silver. The taste is no different from his brother.Carp must be fresh. To determine this is simple: the recently caught fish, scales shining, the eyes are not cloudy, and the gills (this is one of the main indicators) pink or scarlet. The body should be firm and not to give under pressure.

Pay attention to the smell. Fresh onbittel lakes it smells like fish and even a particular river smell, not a characteristic “flavor” of the beginning of spoilage. It is best suitable for frying a carp of medium size. Then it will turn out with mouth-watering crust.

Prepare it for roasting

Brought home the “catch” needs to be cleaned. Scales of this species are quite large and clean easily, but absolutely for ease you can sprinkle chicken with vinegar. Below the scales are not scattered around the kitchen, place the fish in a basin of water and there clean using a knife or even a spoon.If you fry purchased copies of the head, remove the gills, otherwise the dish will taste bitter.You can not remove and fins. If they are browned to a crisp, it will add a cooking spice.

How to properly clean fish from the scales

Now it is necessary to remove the insides. Do this carefully so as not to damage the gallbladder. But if this happens, do not despair, it is possible to sprinkle the belly with lemon juice, then bitterness will not.If abdomen is difficult to clean because of the small scales, it is possible to remove at all.By the way, if you find the eggs, fry and it is also delicious. However, and milt have their appeal.Before cooking the product should be thoroughly washed in cold running water.

Help! On the back of the fish need to make a few cuts across the torso. So you will break the small bones that quickly now so roasts that will not be visible while eating. Not only wield a knife often, and then frying the fish just falls apart. If the carp are small, incisions do not need bone roasts.

Before frying a few minutes to hold fish in the milk, it will save her from the possible smell of slime, if the purchase lived in a small lake.

How to fry carp in the pan: the recipe

Go to the main part. Prepare your ingredients:

  • carp prepared — 2-4 PCs.;
  • garlic – 2-3 cloves;
  • onions – 2 heads;
  • ginger;
  • sunflower oil;
  • semolina;
  • salt, pepper, spices;

You can use ready seasoning for fish, then just follow the there proportions. Oil well heat in a cast iron skillet. Calculate the amount so that it cover the main ingredient about a third. There mash the garlic and ginger, it will give the oil a special taste. In a bowl add semolina, salt, pepper, spices to taste. Stir well.Now fry until they are brown. It should take minutes for 5 on each side. That is semolina gives the dish a distinctive delicate taste, which many like more than the breading in flour.

Help! Sunflower oil can be replaced with corn, it also attracts many gourmets.

Remove the fish from the pan, peel bulb onion and cut it into rings. Fry until Golden brown, overlaid them carp on a serving platter. Nice to sprinkle it with green onions or parsley. Feeding can be cooked with potatoes or rice, but fried fish is good without the garnish. This delicious fish with sour cream, tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes. And if a mug of foaming beer (and soft), — then, indeed, yum.

Attention! Carp fried in the pan must be hot, cold, it loses almost half of its gustatory qualities.

If for frying purchased or caught fish will be too much, better you clean it, disembowel and put it in the fridge until the next cooking.

Useful video

Recipe for fried carp with garlic lovers fish.

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