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How to dry fish?

Since time immemorial, people prefer to place their settlements on the shores of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and near other water sources. And this is not surprising because fish in our diet, as food is one of the first places. Fish protein in the human body digested much easier than meat protein or the protein of poultry meat. The fish is very often included in various diets, and during the Orthodox lent, the Church grants her the use of his parishioners. Fish meat also contains large amounts of calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iodine and lots of beneficial microelements.

Salted and dried fish

Since ancient times people were interested in the issue of preservation of fish. One of the first methods of preserving the fish catch is salted and dried fish products. These methods have long been known to almost all peoples from the South to the North. Do You know how to dry fish, or how to keep a good catch? In this article, we will cover topics: how to dry fish at home, how to store dried fish, as well as consider a few recipes of salted and dried fish.

Since ancient times, people used to dry fish in the sun or simply rinse it with wind. With the advent of salt the fish before drying began to glaze. Thanks to the pre-salting period of preservation dried fish has increased several times. Also people began to pickle and eat and eat caviar. Even in ancient Rome, caviar considered food of the gods, and the flow of salty caviar on the table accompanied by the sound of flutes and pipes. The ancients believed that this product has miraculous properties and helps to strengthen the feelings of love.

The contents

  • Preparing fish for salting
  • Salting fish
  • Preparing fish for drying
  • Drying
    • Preservation of salted dried fish
    • Devices for drying fish
    • Industrial method of drying fish
    • Useful tips for the processing and preservation of fish
  • Video drying fish

Preparing fish for salting

For drying more than just good fish average fat content, for example, carp, roach, roach, weighing up to one kilogram. In larger fish, make a small incision along the spine from head to tail, allowing the fish to dry faster. Scales with salting the fish are not removed. After You thoroughly clean and wash the fish, you can go to the process of salting.

Salting fish

Before drying the fish thoroughly with salt and pepper. Salt itself has a property to absorb moisture. For salting it is better to use coarse salt. This salt slowly dissolves and absorbs much more moisture. Previously prepared fish lay in the pan in layers, sprinkling it with salt. Fish are placed as tightly as possible, and the top layer you pour salt so that it completely covered the last layer of fish. If you add too little salt, the fish will be too bland. Generally accepted that a fish will never “take” more salt than is necessary for its perfect Ambassador. The fact that the salt crystals clog the free space between the fibers of the fish meat and do not allow to penetrate the larger amount of salt. So if You slightly overdo it with the Ambassador, you can not worry more salt Your fish still will not retract. Over salted fish put the yoke and leave it in a cool place for a few days. Well salted, the fish must have dark gray color, except if it is pulling the head You should hear the characteristic creaking of salted fish.

Salting prepared fish
Preparing fish for drying

After a few days the fish washed from the salt and slime, then you soak it in clean water and put to soak. It is believed that the fish need to soak as much time, how much it Sollas. After the fish is wiped and treated with a solution of vinegar 3% or not refined sunflower oil. Through this treatment You will protect the fish from the larvae of flies (maggots) and other pest products. Now you can go directly to drying.


The fish is dried usually in a well-ventilated, Sunny location. The fish hung on to a rope or fishing line, penetrating her through the eye or lower lip. Also the fish hung on hooks. These hooks can be made of a paperclip. When drying the fish should be covered with gauze or a piece of tulle. Usually the fish is dried for about a week. Drying period mainly depends on the size of the fish and weather conditions. It is also possible to dry fish in the kitchen stuffing it over the gas stove. So You can dry fry for just a few days. Using this method of drying, do not hang the fish less than 80 cm from the burner.

Drying salted fish
Preservation of salted dried fish

Now it is necessary to ponder the question, how to store dried fish. Keep the fish in a cool dark place. For longer preservation, the fish wrapped in parchment paper and leave to preserve in the refrigerator. You should pay attention to the fact that poorly Packed fish can dry. Use salt-dried fish for cooking different dishes, including soup. Also if it is grind in a mortar, then You will get the output of natural fish flour.

Devices for drying fish

All of the above-described method of drying fish can be safely called a classic. But the fish is dried for thousands of years, so the Arsenal fans in this lesson has a lot of secrets and devices that allow to simplify the method of drying and storing fish. Consider a few of the fixtures preparation of salted and dried fish.

The first device can be manufactured at home. To do this, take a few wooden slats with a thickness of about 2×2 cm, length choose. Bring down these rails small nails, to make a square wooden frame. After getting to the bottom of the frame a piece of plywood MDF and cover with a similar plywood top frame. The sides of the frame wrap the gauze or mosquito netting. Device for preparation of salted and dried fish is ready. In this box of dried fish for a few days. The main advantage is that You protect your catch from the flies. The fact that flies lay in the gills of the fish are small larvae that soon turn into maggots. You should pay attention to the fact that when dried fish the bottom of the dryer should be covered with oilcloth or other waterproof material. This is done in order to avoid the moisture does not get to the plywood fiberboard. If you do not follow the basic rules of operation of the dryer, then over time its bottom will rot.

Improvised fixture for preparation of salted and dried fish

If You have no desire or ability to make that adjustment, then you can buy the device for drying fish in the fishing shops of Your city or order it online. The weight of such articles does not exceed 2 kg, and lay the fish down there can be no less than homemade. Additionally, this dryer is much more compact and does not occupy much space in Your home. It is also possible to dry the mushrooms and fruits.

Professional tool for drying fish

There is a third way to quickly and efficiently dry the fish. It is an industrial hot air dryers. In such dryer about six hours to dry all the fish, which it will fit. Its principle of operation is the following. You lay the fish in to the drying compartment and the electric dryer socket. Dryer warms the air to a certain temperature, then the fan blows it in the upper compartments filled with fish. This method is good to dry the fish in the winter time. Besides all the advantages of this method, it has one significant drawback. The fact that this device works on 220 volts and You will not be able to use it outdoors. Also, when using such a device in the house the air is constantly circulating in a small space. This factor greatly affects the taste of the finished product.

Grinder fish, mushrooms and vegetables
Industrial method of drying fish

There are a few other more professional methods of drying fish. It is a hot method and freeze-drying. The first way the fish is dried in large industrial enterprises. With this method the fish is dried at temperatures around 200 °C and whiter. At such high temperatures in fish meat is in the process of hydrolysis of fat and protein that helps to remove moisture from the meat. Also, fish meat is the intoxication of enzymes, oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and destruction of vitamins. The second method or freeze-drying is also used mainly in large industrial enterprises. This method is based on the transformation of water, which is in fish meat in the ice. To this raw material is frozen and industrial morosely cameras. After freezing the fish is placed in a special tank, where under the influence of chemical and physical processes is the conversion of moisture from solid to gaseous state. In simple words at this stage of drying, the ice turns to steam. With this method, to evaporate about 90% of moisture and fats remain untouched, which gives the fish its original form. If you put a fish for a few hours in the water, there will be a watering meat and fish will become the original structure.

Useful tips for the processing and preservation of fish

If You wish to have the prepared fish dish was not only delicious, but healthy You have to properly handle and keep. Below are a few tips for preserving and processing of fish catch.

Before you put the fish in a basket or package, wipe it dry, and stuff the belly with sprigs of conifers or plain paper;

After catching fish in the summer, immediately clean it from the inside and put it in a container for the storage of sprinkling a small layer of salt. In the winter the fish can be cleaned at the end of fishing;

Store and transport the catch should be in special baskets. Do not keep your catch in plastic bags. They fish fast and goes out fast;

To preserve the fish during the hot summer days her shift nettles. Nettles also clog the gills and belly. This way you will increase the shelf life of the catch several times;

In order to keep the scales from fish straying in different directions and did not fall on other products fish before cleaning is placed briefly into cold water. After that its clean. Wet scales stick to the blade of the knife.

Fish with small scales, such as bass pre-dip for a few seconds in boiling water. After the scalding, the scales are easily removed with a fish carcass;

Also the fish is very well cleaned after processing it with vinegar, and in order that the fish does not slip in the hands, fingers tentatively dip with coarse salt.

I hope these simple tips will help You keep Your catch, and to simplify the preparation of fish dishes.

Salted and dried fish

In fish, as in many meat products, is inhabited by different kinds of bacteria and microorganisms. Inappropriate preparation of salted and dried fish You run the risk of seriously poisoned. The most common disease, which can be transmitted in the result of improperly prepared fish opisthorchiasis. This is a serious parasitic disease can lead to very unpleasant consequences. To avoid the possibility of becoming infected such infection and several other diseases, follow all the above methods of cooking fish. The main rule is do not spare salt, and well dried fish. Because all the parasites in the fish meat, and other protein products multiply and live only in a moist environment, and many of them do not tolerate close contact with salt solutions. Also never buy salted and dried fish on hand. This product it is necessary to prepare meals from high quality of raw materials or bought in specialized stores. It’s not uncommon, when people buy a product from unscrupulous “artisanal” producers, and subsequently, cause serious food poisoning.

Video drying fish

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