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How to cook skewers of catfish?

Solid fishing in length of several days is not without result, and even more without a barbecue. But when you’re in the middle of nowhere from civilization, then you take what you already caught catfish. Som is one of the most suitable fish for this dish. The fire and coals for that fisherman you will find anywhere.

Kebab made from soma

The contents

  • Different ingredients for barbecue
    • Natural flavor
  • The recipe for skewers of catfish
    • Method prepare the marinade
    • Method of cooking fish
  • Cooking the oven to work
    • Little experiment
  • Barbecue
    • Some of the nuances
  • Video skewers of catfish:
  • Conclusion

Different ingredients for barbecue

The variety of the components used for the preparation of skewers of catfish are very wide. The most common marinades:

  • with mayonnaise;
  • lemon;
  • dry white wine;
  • tomato juice;
  • weak solution of vinegar;
  • onion gruel.

Use spices, such story, very widely. It all depends on Your preferences, some prefer other spicy very spicy, and some just salt, Bay leaf. In General, skewers of catfish is hard to mess up, he forgives and bold experiments.

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Natural flavor

I’m more inclined to this opinion, that the kgs of shish kebab with spices and marinade better not to get involved.

Better fish to leave its natural taste, and add marinated components, for example, vegetables

The law does not allow me to cook it “in nature” (culinary inspiration came when are not able to travel out of the city, and near the fires to ignite prohibited). I try to cook skewers of catfish in the oven, but the smoke will be very missed!

Kebab prepared with catfish in the oven
The recipe for skewers of catfish

Cut pre-cleaned fish. Take the catfish fillet without skin and cut into small uniform cubes.


  • tomatoes;
  • sweet pepper;
  • onions.

Other components:

  • salt;
  • lemon;
  • vegetable oil;
  • vinegar;
  • rosemary;
  • black pepper;
  • cumin.

Some of the details. For marinating the vegetables I consciously picked onions and tomatoes with the pieces of the upcoming barbecue, and colorful sweet peppers to use for beauty.

Skewers of catfish recipe
Method prepare the marinade

First you need to marinate the vegetables. Cut onion into slices, and try to make they not broken up into rings. Cut the tomatoes slices. Peppers first in half lengthwise, remove the partitions and seeds, and then cut them small squares, about the same size as the fish pieces, tomatoes and onion. Then take a suitable container and put back all the layers, each layer add salt and pepper. All fill slightly acidic vinegar solution and leave in the shade, but previously tightly covered. Marinated it about 2 hours. However, hours do not have to be monitored closely (nothing terrible will happen). Take care of some other business.

Method of cooking fish

Take the fish pieces and done as well as with vegetables — salt, pepper and lemon juice sbryzgivaem. And I also used spices for fish, but that wish. And today I added a little dried rosemary. Although it is not a traditional flavor “under the fish”, but I really like it. Then added a little vegetable oil. Further on a simple “barbecue” scheme — stir everything up in a bowl and put in refrigerator for a few hours.

Cooking the oven to work

Now prepare the grill, which then will be fried skewers, and a tray positioned beneath it. Cover a baking sheet with foil. This operation will help in the process of cooking, when the oven only the upper grill, then the foil will repel a little heat, and part of the sides of the barbecue beneath will also be prepared. When the oven is fully equipped and has two grill and convection, then the roaster itself will protect the oven from dripping from the kebab solution and grime, it will remain simply remove and discard the foil. To make the skewers do not stick to the bars they need to fluff with vegetable oil.

After preparation of the oven need to heat it to the maximum. Get all components from the refrigerator and begin to build the barbecue. Alternate pieces of fish with promarinovatsya vegetables.

Tip: for a shish kebab is better to use metal skewers, as they are when heated in the oven or the fire fry meat inside. When there is no iron, suitable hardwood, but only for the oven, on a fire they are burned.

Kebab, roasted
Little experiment

Reviewing packages with spices, they saw a pack of caraway seeds. Remembered the taste of toasted caraway seeds, and I decided to experiment and add a few grains (though previously, I never did). Agree that cook without experiments is just boring, right?


Cooked the skewers and put in heated oven, set the temperature to 225°C, and turn on convection. Next, observe the process, and periodically looking at the need turning over, so the dish was cooked evenly. I have all the sides cooked without turning.

Some of the nuances

Although I didn’t use the ideal conditions for barbecue and the oven, I have everything worked out great! There are, of course, the nuances — the meat is still more baked than fried. It is juicy and gives a lot of moisture in the home this Golden brown will not work, despite the hood. Home is home, there is not enough of the smell of smoke. But still agree, it’s all terribly delicious and beautiful! And cumin were, in their own way, separate from everything. No it does not hurt, and not helped. Superfluous he is here.

Overly worry about the side dish as vegetables a lot and they turned out spicy, piquant, against the fish contrast. Even add lemon juice was not required. Although it will not prevent boiled potatoes and canned peas. But consuming fish and whether the barbecue is better with cold good dry white wine.

Tasty skewers of catfish
Video skewers of catfish:


And in the end. The recipe above is a very good and simple. After all, it can be used both at home and in nature. And it’s all due to the properties of such a magnificent fish as catfish.

For the main methods of cooking in General, som is very close to the sturgeons and flavor slightly inferior. This fish, like mentioned above, it is difficult to ruin, it with many incongruous and tasty with the different methods of cooking.

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