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How to cook peas for fishing and to catch him?

Peas is one of the most favorite and essential tips for catching such fish as bream, IDE, carp, carp and even a roach. The popularity of such nozzles due to the fact that the peas on the hook is pushed easily, and when casting is held. But, not all, even experienced fishermen know how to cook peas or how to cook barley for fishing.

What peas to catch?

If you are going to catch on dried peas for fishing, it is best to use whole, not peeled because the first option is more traditional and easier to put on the hook. But do not hurry to abandon the split – it is perfect for future bait.

Besides all this, the fish are biting and fresh green peas. Well, if the summer is over, and to cook and soak the peas do not want or simply have no time for this – do not worry, today in any major shopping store, you can find frozen or canned peas. All this cooking of the peas, this is not a farming maggots.

How to cook peas for fishing?

If you have only dried peas, before fishing, you need to prepare it is to soak. Peas are usually soaked for 15 hours, and the need to add one teaspoon of baking soda in one liter of water (and the older and harder the peas, the more soda you can add). After 15 hours, the peas are harvested in a small canvas bag, goes back into the pot (and not to be this bag to drop to the bottom) and put on fire. Readiness you want to verify every 15-20 minutes. Besides, while boiling you can add a little milk, this will accelerate the cooking process and make the attachment more attractive to fish. If milk is not at hand, can add a small amount of vegetable oil. After this, the water is drained and the city spread on the plane and allow time to dry.

Also there is a simple and quick way of cooking peas for fishing. You can just pour a small amount of peas in the thermos and fill it with boiling water. So, after 5-6 hours you will be able to start fishing.

How to plant peas on the hook

Each pea has its own bright spot – the former place of attachment of Rostock. Exactly and there it is best to stick stinger hook. That’s all! And how do you cook peas for fishing?

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