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How to cook millet for fishing (the proportions and cooking time)

Millet, or rather, porridge from millet, has received wide recognition among anglers. It is used as bait for catching different species and families of fish. As a bait for carp, millet is an ideal product. With it, you can also catch bream, carp and other fish species.


Millet for fishing, in addition to the use for bait, even can be used as a nozzle. The main condition for the preparation of high-quality porridge, choice of cereals. Krupa is selected by color, odor, presence of different impurities. Color millet that is intended for cooking the bait should be bright yellow. Millet should not give off unpleasant odors, especially such as the smell of mustiness and mold.

The basic rules for making a quality bait from millet:

  • The lack of debris and contamination;
  • Proper proportions;
  • Strict compliance at the time of preparation.
  • To avoid the presence in the finished cereal debris and other impurities, before cooking it you need to carefully sort and rinse. There are several ways of preparing fish bait. So, for example, a feeding of millet for carp, is cooked in milk, with the addition, as a flavoring, butter, with a strong smell – hemp or linen. After cooling, such a mess in wrinkled balls. Balls diameter – 1.5 cm. For the problem of porridge, to be used as bait for different fish, it is cooked without the use of a variety of flavors, as their addition does not make sense, because of rapid washout in the water. The standard and very popular method of cooking millet porridge, based on simple ingredients: water and grain.

    In what proportions the proportions and how long to cook millet?

    To obtain high-quality cereals, it is necessary to observe the proportions of water and cereals. Water is used a lot, its abundance ensures the correct consistency. To avoid getting stuck porridge, after cooking, it is necessary to fill with cool water several times. The ratio of the proportions of water and rice is 1 to 8. One kilogram of millet is poured into a pot with eight liters of water, and the water should first boil.

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