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How to choose the flavours and attractants for carp and carp

The basis of successful fishing for carp or carp – is the attractive bait that the fish can’t refuse. That is why in modern conditions when a sufficiently large competition anglers at the water can not do without the use of flavorings and attractants.

The contents

  • What flavours and attractants
  • The effectiveness of attractants and flavors when fishing for carp/carp
  • How to react to the smell of carp
  • Flavours for carp and carp
    • What smell likes carp: “signature” flavors
    • Attractants and sprays
    • Scents and attractants seasonal. What smell likes carp
    • Flavours with their hands
    • The attractant with their hands
  • How to use scents and attractants when fishing for carp and carp
  • Useful video

What flavours and attractants

Flavoring for fishing is the substance that gives the bait a very pronounced odor that will be attractive to fish.

Especially successfully they are used for catching fish, looking for food using olfaction, in particular, for carp and carp. Attractant – a more complex substance which can affect not only the smell, but the taste buds of the fish, prompting her to swallow the bait, as well as causing hunger and stimulating the fish to bite.

Do not have flavoring or attractant for carp or carp will have a smell that is attractive to human taste preferences in fish and humans are very different.

Also, in addition to natural substances and scents, attractants contain synthetic substances produced in laboratories and have no natural analogues.

Produced and “bouquet” of flavors, consisting of several aromatic substances.

Attention! The composition of attractants can include different flavors.
The effectiveness of attractants and flavors when fishing for carp/carp

Efficacy of flavorings and attractants does not guarantee a successful carp fishing or carp, since in many respects the behavior of this fish is due to weather conditions – water temperature, oxygen content, atmospheric pressure and other natural factors.

So there are times when the carp do not leave their holes and refuses food even if it is in the immediate vicinity.

However, under favorable conditions for power supply when carp goes in search of food, using the odor coming from the bait or lures, fish can be attracted from a large area of the pondas the carp when searching for food, rely heavily on their sense of smell.

Especially justified is the use of attractants and flavors with significant competition anglers on a particular body of water when fish prefer bait that is bright, attractive aroma, and therefore ignoring the one that has no noticeable smell.

Important! When using scent attractants is unacceptable to be guided by the proverb “porridge oil will not spoil”. Should carefully observe the permissible concentration for the baits or attachments, otherwise the effect will be the opposite – excessive doses will scare the carp and carp.
How to react to the smell of carp

Every kind of fish has its own preference of flavors – there are flavors for predatory and peaceful fish, there are also substances that are attractive to any one species of fish – such as carp or carp.

However, in each specific body of water carp may be the smell.

Moreover, in a particular body of water the taste preferences of carp can vary depending on the season, due to the need for different nutrients, water temperature and even time of day.

Such differences are observed due to different forage base, the main for carp in a particular water body. While carp may prefer as familiar tastes and scents to attractants, and simulating those substances in which the fish lacks.

Applied to the bait or lure attached to a flavoring or attractant dissolves in water and then spreads over a considerable part of the waters of the reservoir. When searching for food, carp, focusing on the smell, will follow in the direction in which its concentration is higher, thus coming directly to the lure or bait.

Attention! When using scent attractants need to be prepared for the fact that the effectiveness of fishing will only increase over time, not instantly. This is because the active fragrant substance must first dissolve in water, attracting the carp to a specific area, and only then we can talk about the attractiveness of the particular smell for carp.

Flavours for carp and carp

In a practical way the following scents that are most attractive to carp and carp:

  • Garlic. Common fragrance, which is used to attract or carp. Often is not a separate and additional component in the preparation of mixtures of various aromatic substances.
  • Anis. The time-tested aroma, used for many decades.
  • Vanilla. Used to attract many cyprinid fish, including the carp or carp.
  • Med. Perfect attracts the carp and the carp, often used in combination with other flavors – garlic or fruit.
  • Hemp. Is traditionally one of the most popular when fishing for carp or carp.
  • Dill. Flavor with the odor used by anglers to be added to bait mixes and baits. Many fishermen noted that the smell of dill is attractive to fish even in large doses.
  • Caramel. Widely used for almost all types of carp fish. Most often applied to the bait.
  • The fruit flavors. Flavors with smell of banana, peach, strawberry, pineapple, plums and other fruits are used both separately and in various combinations for catching carp and carp.
  • Chocolate. Is versatile in catching many fish of the carp family.

What smell likes carp: “signature” flavors

Our market has gained popularity following manufacturers of flavours for carp fishing:

  • Sensas is a French firm with a range of flavours for carp fish “Aromix” to be added to the bait mixture.
  • Dynamite Baits – British firm that manufactures lures, bait mixes and flavors for carp, in particular, the range of Korda Kiana Carp GOO.
  • Richworth – English firm and the range of flavours for carp Carpbuster.
  • Traper is a Polish company that produces for carp and other “white” fish ruler “Aromatix”.
  • Silver Bream – the Russian firm, whose products feature low prices in comparison with foreign producers in quality, which results in consistently positive feedback from anglers.

Attractants and sprays

Among the assortment of sprays and attractants for carp, carp the most popular are the following:

  • Top Secret killer carp. The attractant, according to the manufacturers, the stimulating bite of even the well-fed and lethargic fish. Components are kept secret.
  • Sagr Spit – universal attractant that can be used for both carp and predatory fish.
  • Berkley Gulp – spray animal feed. Makes the bait on the hook more visible to carp due to stronger natural smell.
  • Rapala Aqua Liquid – attractant that works effectively for catching carp regardless of the season.
  • Hungry Fish trigger fish, based on synthetically allocated a substance that stimulates the feeling of hunger from the carp.
  • Blooder Dry season trigger fish, which included, among other substances, contains dried blood, attracting and carp, and even predatory fishes.

Scents and attractants seasonal. What smell likes carp

Depending on the time of year the carp prefers different smells. This is due to the fact that the fish instinctively detects your body nutrients, which will differ in different periods – before spawning or wintering, as well as in summer . Therefore, the impact of fishing you can improve, knowing the propensity of carp in a particular period of the year to certain smells.

In summer, at higher temperatures the carp prefers a vegetable diet. So at this time of year more effective flavours such smells:

  • Pineapple.
  • Strawberries.
  • Banana.
  • Peach.
  • Drain.
  • Corn .
  • Tutti-Frutti.
  • Caramel.
  • Vanilla.

When the temperature of water in carpand, like other fishes of its family, reflected the need for animal stern, so his interest shifted to the following flavors:

  • Shrimp.
  • Crab.
  • Shell.

There are also flavors that carp interested, regardless of water temperature. Their appropriate use in any season:

  • Hemp.
  • Garlic.
  • Med.

Among the attractants and sprays in the warm season it is better to use Starbaits Peach, King Fish, tutti Frutti and other fruit, in the winter, efficient Berkley Gulp and Berkley Buzz Bait, and in all seasons can be used Hemp King Fish, King Fish Carp, Rapala Aqua Liquid.

Flavours with their hands

If desired, flavorings can be in the home, and the hood can be done from almost any substance.

To do this in a bowl with a small amount of alcohol – 50-100 ml add the crushed product, for example, dill, and leave in a dark place for 3 weeks. They after pour the alcohol and dilute it with two parts water and two parts of glycerin in the ratio obtained from an alcohol extraction.

Exhaust ventilation can be used and ready-made concentrates fruit essences. However, they need to take much less to obtain 50 ml of fragrance, enough to take a few drops of concentrated essences. Water and glycerol are taken at the same time in equal volumes.

The glycerin in the mixture is necessary in order to keep the smell while casting a lure into the water. If you dilute the extract with water, the smell will be washed out when immersed in water for a few minutes.

In the same way it is possible to produce and flavors of the animal feed. This requires a chop, for example, a number of earthworms, and then fill them with alcohol, allow to settle specified period and then to dilute the extract with water and glycerin.

Attention! For the preparation of alcoholic extracts from freshly harvested plants to prevent fermentation alcohol is added a pinch of salt.
The attractant with their hands

To prepare attractant for carp you must first choose a solution that will keep the added flavors. This can be sunflower or olive oil, oil from sesame seeds. It is added to the base flavor, for example, juice from canned corn. You can also use the oil from sprat canned food – when preparing for an attractant-based animal feeds.

Liquid base flavor aid is added – for example, fruit extracts, garlic, curry, almond oil, vanilla.

You can also make an attractant based on sugar syrup. To do this in two parts of water dissolve three parts of sugar, and then cooked the basis of the attached aromatic component, for example, cocoa powder, grated chocolate, herbs, vanilla. After adding the syrup is boiled for 10-15 minutes, then removed from heat and cooled.

How to use scents and attractants when fishing for carp and carp

When using scent attractants should observe the following rules:

  • The flavor should be stored in tightly sealed containers in a cool dark place, so as not to lose their properties.
  • If dosage is unknown, add the aromatic substance in the bait can be small doses until the effect.
  • You should not rely on the same proven flavoring or attractant by reducing bites. The decreased activity of the fish carp is a signal to start to experiment and change the flavor to which the fish lost interest.
  • Even in the same bodies of water the taste preferences of carp can vary even during the day.
  • It is possible to use several flavors, combining them directly on fishing.
  • When fishing in cold water is better to use sprays, whereas at a higher temperature for longer will keep the flavours oil-based.
  • Fishing is better to take a neutral bait, no smell, to be able to experiment on the site and to determine the most effective flavor. Optimum to 10 different variations of smells.
  • It is important to remember that the same flavor from different manufacturers may have different efficiency depending on the quality. The purchaser should give preference to trusted brands.
  • To flavor not fed up with carp, it is possible to change it after a few bites, then going back to the previous one. This tactic often increases the biting activity.

Useful video

TOP 10 Attractants for fishing on carp , carp, roach in the video below.

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