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How to catch pike in September on spinning

With the arrival of autumn fishing for pike is becoming more interesting – the summer heat subsides , which affects the behavior of the predator.

Pike becomes more active, begins her autumn zhor, that allows to hope for its successful catching the spinning with the right tactics and the right choice of baits.

The contents

  • Features of the behavior of pike in September
  • The search for promising sites pike
  • Technique and tactics of fishing for pike in November on spinning
  • Lures for fishing in September for pike
    • Spoons
    • Turntables
    • Silicone
    • Crankbaits
  • Wiring requirements
  • Useful video

Features of the behavior of pike in September

September is notable for the significant differences in temperature of air during the day – even if the day is warm weather , at night it is much colder.

Due to this water temperature in the reservoirs is reduced, and the pike slowly recovering from the shock, caused by summer overheating water.

It increases the activity feed – if in the summer regularly ate only small species of the predator, then with cold water awakens the appetite and large specimens, which leave deep pits in search of small fish and begin active drift on the water.

Active pike in September may be for the whole day, especially in cloudy weather, but in warm, Sunny weather to feed on it will be in the morning and in the evening.

The search for promising sites pike

In September, freshwater sharks can be found both in traditional magic places among driftwood , near fallen into the water or hanging over it trees, in the Windows among the submarine shrubs , and in open water in shallow water, where it comes for grown fry.

Large specimens are kept for several more depth, preferring at this time to appear on the underwater slopes of thebordering ditches or steep banks.

In watercourses in September, the pike rests on the braids and behind them, in the pits and zatoky and snag areas.

In the reservoirs to find the predator at growing in water trees on the overgrown open areas or in areas with uneven bottom topography. Often the Parking lot shark – various hydraulic structures, bridges.

Where to catch pike

Technique and tactics of fishing for pike in November on spinning

Techniques for catching pike on spinning depends from the used baits to September is characterized by the diversity of the used lures .

Although in September the pike itself is drifting on the water in search of food, it is not recommended to stay in one place for more than 15-20 minutes in an unsuccessful casts. However, when fishing at the bottom of the large specimens shows good results long fishing from one place.

You need to strive to spinner took place either near the bottom in open water or directly from the driftwood or seaweed when fishing on the edge with the vegetation zones. River pike caught mainly on the bottom.

Often attractive places are out of reach for them when fishing from shore. In this case you need to use the boat.

Lures for fishing in September for pike

In September, pike starts autumn zhor , because individual predators of different ages are creating competition for ourselves. All this makes the fish react to the various baits.

Traditionally, the pike caught in the fall on the oscillating and rotating blesny , wobblers and silicone tips. The relevance of Popper to fall is reduced.


Autumn is the only time of year when catching pike on spoons lures is just as effective as other lures. The choice of the shape of spoons depends on what depth you will be fishing for transactions at the bottom it is better to take a narrow spinners, who will not rise from the depths when posting, but when fishing in shallow water is better to use a wide spinner for slow transactions.

If these fish are in the immediate vicinity of the vegetation, it is better to use uncoupled options kalabalak.

Fluctuating blesny for catching of a pike


When fishing spinning lures also need to pay attention to the place of fishing. In shallow areas it is better to use predpolojenie spinners, especially in the beginning of the month, but close to cold, you can go on zadniaprouye options.

Size fans for pike fishing in September can vary from No. 3 to No. 5 according to the traditional classification of spinners , Maps. The shape of the petal and its angle of inclination is chosen depending on the depthwhere you are fishing – the deeper will be the wiring, the thinner must be a petal and less angle.

Spinner for pike


Silicone nozzles are characterized by their versatility – they can be used to sh in any water bodies, they cause pike interest at any time.

Traditional for catching of a predator in September are considered vibrohvosta and twisters .

For fishing in deep places , you can use a weighted jig head, and when fishing in shallow water to use nozzles with the possibility of animation with a slower transaction.

The colors of silicone lures in September can be anything, as at this time the pike are not so cranky. Suit of dark colors, ranging from purple and dark red and brown finishing. In cloudy weather it is better to use lighter colors silicone ear tips, and a sun – darker.

The optimal size silicone tips for pike to September are considered bait a length from 8 to 15 cm, because at this time, the predator likes bigger prey.

Important! Remember that when fishing at a depth of visibility is. Therefore, when posting at depths of over two meters is not recommended to use a dark silicone nozzles.

Silicone lure for pike


The color of the crank to the Sep also does not have to pike special value. But in cloudy weather it is better to use lures bright colors. As for the shape, that remain the most productive lures in the form of a small elongated fish.

Council. On Wobbler small size for pike happen often bite other predatory fish, especially perch. So if you aimed for pike is better to use baits of a larger size. When using the Wobbler with a length of more than 10cm bite other fish are dramatically reduced.

10 best lures for pike

Wiring requirements

With the onset of autumn the wiring for pike on spinning can be accelerated in comparison with summer, when the lazy monster does not pursue fast prey.

When fishing in shallow water it is best to use uniform wiring, not allowing the lure to sink to the bottom. The speed of the transaction varies from the shape of the spinners, so she did not rise to the water surface.

In areas with uneven terrain of the bottom performing well speed wiring, particularly with a good knowledge of the reservoir.

Attention! Often areas where the pike fishing is very limited vegetation, driftwood or other water hazards. In such cases, you can sacrifice the speed, achieving the slow-motion spinners in the water column. Apply for this wide spoons, rotating blesna with a large angle of inclination and width of the petal, and also composite lures.

Autumn is the best season for pike. If in early September, the tactics for catching pike is still like summer, closer to the end of the month when the difference in temperature becomes greater, the fishing becomes much more interesting, since the probability of catching trophy instance. Pike in September you can not only search, but also to wait, when she will come into place, because at that time she was already more active in looking for small fish.

Also in September, it becomes possible to capture not only in large bodies of water with pits and deep places, but also in small ponds, where the water cools in September, allowing the pike to become active.

Useful video

Video of the September fishing on a small lake .

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