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How to catch perch on the devil in winter fishing video

Perch bite throughout the winter, and because it is the most popular fish to catch from the ice , there are so many options of baits to hunt for him. Standard jigs, spinners and balance weights far enough away not to all. The more under the hand of different lures, the greater the chance of a good catch. Definitely worth adding to the Arsenal of hell . These original besttelki well attract perch.

The contents

  • What is a Jack?
  • Features perch on the devil in winter
  • The choice of gear
    • Rod
    • Nod
    • Fishing line
  • Varieties of hell
    • Body shape
    • The type of hook
    • Material
  • How to make a devil on the bass with your own hands?
    • Casting in the form
    • Wrapped
  • Technique and tactics for catching bass in the devil in winter
  • Perch fishing on the devil in winter: video

What is a Jack?

The devil is the lure of the special shape, the body is orientated in the water vertically. These lures are equipped with triple or Quad hooks. To hell caught without replanting, that is, the jig – a kind besttelki .

Ideally, the Jack should play strictly up and down, not walking at the same time from side to side. Thus, the nozzle on the hook would spoil his game, upset the balance of the lure.
Hell on hooks can be placed multi-colored beads or pieces of kembrikom. This files most often for perch in the winter are used such as hell with the extra “decorations”. In the absence of natural bait on the hook beads and end sleeves make the bait more attractive to fish.

Bizmathica “Devil”
Features perch on the devil in winter

Technique and tactics of catching the Jack is similar to the technique and tactics of catching any other bezmetallny a jig. But the animation techniques are somewhat different.

Otherwise, with the exception of special wiring techniques to be applied, fishing with the devil is no different from fishing any other bezmetallny. Jigs would be a great addition to a fishing collection, which should be used on each Okuneva fishing along with other baits, to determine the most efficient options.

In addition to the whale, the hell well caught bream, roach and other fish. It’s a pretty versatile bait, which can bring you a lot of bites and trophies in any period of the winter fishing , from the first to the last of the ice.

The choice of gear

Special requirements to tackle for perch on devil no ordinary fishing rod , which will be in the Arsenal of any fan of fishing with a jig from the ice.


You can use the fishing rod balalaika, or mormexico fishing rod with an open spool. Suitable tackle with the reel side or the other, but such designs are rarely used today. Fishing rods with reels easier to use.

The usual length of spinning tackle for perch on devil with ice – 15-25 cm easier Than this rod, the easier she is to catch. It is better if the arm will be made from tube or foam “warm” materials that are not cold hands and also have small weight.

A fishing rod balalaika winter fishing

A very important element of a snap, which to a large extent depends on the quality of the animation of the lure, and hence the number of bites. Good nod for catching the Jack should be light and elastic, does not freeze in the cold. Ideal – Mylar nod. Also well show the variations of thin steel plates. Such nods are made, in particular, from watch springs. The standard length of this item of equipment is of the order of 15 cm.

Attention! The less wind, the longer the nods you can use. In windy weather the length of the nod should be reduced.

Experienced anglers often prefer to make nods to perch on the devil and other besttelki yourself, as to find a really good option in selling is not easy.

Fishing line

The best option for the line Jack on the perch ice – monofil. It has several important advantages over a network:

  • freezing and covered by ice at low temperatures.
  • good stretches and absorbs the jerks perch on the hook is essential when fishing for fish with such weak lips;
  • less visible in the water, which is important when hunting for whale, whose vision is well developed.
  • You can use fluorocarbon. Its advantage over the monofil is that it is even less noticeable fish in the water. In addition, fluorocarbon monofilament is stiffer, therefore less wear on the ice and is more durable for winter fishing.

    The disadvantages include higher cost and larger in diameter than monolescu the same breaking load. Due to the large thickness of the snap has a greater resistance to the water, with the result that it is stronger than the drift current, and the play of the lure is free. Fluorocarbon is rarely used as the main line, most of it are leashes.

    Suitable diameter of the monofil for perch in the winter – 0,08-0,14 mm. If the main line uses a fluorocarbon, it needs to be slightly thicker.

    Monofilament fishing line for perch
    Varieties of hell

    All hell for a perch very similar to each other, but there is between them and differences, and need to know how to choose a lure.

    Body shape

    Form all hell can be divided into 2 groups – narrow elongated and bulk short. As a rule, when fishing for perch the best results bring the second. Extended features – primarily for bream. If the first and last ice whales often takes and the hell with narrow elongated bodies, in gluhozime often bites them there at all, while the bulk of the bait bring in the catches.

    The type of hook

    The hook on the Jack can be fixed or suspended. Most often used lure with built in hooks that are easier to find or make with their hands. But hanging hook attracts bass at the expense of freedom of movement, and this sometimes allows you to increase the catches.

    In most cases, one fitted tees. Much less commonly used bait four hooks. They are a little better pinpoint fish, but large benefits to its owner do not provide.


    Hell is made of:

    • lead;
    • tungsten;
    • tin.

    Lead bait is a basic option. They are inexpensive, you can always find them on sale, they are easily made with your own hands. Tungsten devils have the advantage when fishing at great depths and on the course. They weigh more than lead lures of similar size, so better suited for such conditions.

    Tin devils, which have a minimum weight, can be useful when fishing at a shallow depth, when the smooth play of the lure, but they are used very rarely.

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    How to make a devil on the bass with your own hands?

    There are quite a few ways of making a damn for perch in the winter with your hands, from which you can choose suitable for yourself. Some anglers combine several methods.

    Let us consider two simple ways that can independently produce a good out at home.

    Casting in the form

    For this method of manufacture to melt lead and then pour it into the improvised form of foil. The procedure of manufacturing such a Jack, the following:

  • It is necessary to take the piece of wood and make it three cuts at an angle of 120 degrees to each other with a depth of 3-4 mm.
  • Three hooks with a long forearm to bite off the ears, to insert their brands into the notches on the wood so that the shank of each of them was looking up.
  • Take a piece of flat wire, coiled at one end with an eyelet for attachment to a fishing line and insert this wire in a wooden block in the center point, so that it is held between fore-ends of hooks.
  • Wrap the entire structure with a thin wire to fix it. When it is important to center it, only then the devil will show the game strictly in the vertical plane.
  • Make a funnel out of foil and put it on the hooks and wire loops.
  • Pour funnel molten lead.
  • When the metal has cooled, it is necessary to get future Jack-a wooden block and handle with a file and needle files to give it a finished look.
  • Also for making out on a perch you can use ready-made tees purchased in the store. The price of bait increased slightly, but the process will go faster, and all the bait will be more precisely centered.

    Ready Jack can be painted. To do this, the bait must first be treated with a degreaser – alcohol, white spirit, kerosene, gasoline, or any other – and then apply it in 2-3 layers of any waterproof paint suitable for metal.


    Also the body of the devil can be made from wire. To do this:

  • take a triple or quadruple hook, store-bought or made by yourself;
  • twist it by the wire, creating the right forum, the body of the lure – from elongated to surround;
  • using a soldering iron to cover the bait with a solder;
  • to process the body of a devil with a file and needle files;
  • if you wish to paint the finished lure.
  • How do you make the perfect Jack for 1 minute, is shown in this video:

    Technique and tactics for catching bass in the devil in winter

    Baseline wiring of the Jack is as follows:

  • it is necessary to lower the bait to the starting point, and then asking her spinning oscillations with small amplitude and high frequency lift to a height of 30-50 cm;
  • then bait again lowered to the starting position and perform the transaction again, lower hell, you can game or no game;
  • following a few such transactions, it is necessary to change either the horizon of fishing, or equipment wiring or the hole.
  • The starting point for such wiring may be placed at the bottom and in the middle or even the upper layer of water – depending on where today holds the perch. It can feed on all horizons, therefore, the desired height must be chosen on each fishing trip. When fishing in the lower horizon can be before posting to knock the devil on the bottom to attract bass.

    Another animation feature – smooth spinning swinging with an amplitude of 5, 10 or even 15 cm works Well combining these methods, we must first raise the hell up, setting him spinning fast oscillations, and then drop wobbles.

    You can also try and reverse option. Another possible way of animation – halfway to lure small quick vibrations, then go to smooth jiggle.

    When fishing for perch on the devil in winter brings good results for two-stage tactic fishing hole :

  • first you need to “rock” the place for the Jack is lowered down, some times they are beaten on the bottom and then perform a sharp podbrey to a height of 20-30 cm, as when I animate the spinner – all to attract perch to the hole and arouse his interest in the lure;
  • you can then switch to playing the devil, which was described above, and wait for the bites.
  • Thus, in perch fishing on the devil in winter is no big deal. Will need the usual gear with the standard nod-and-line. Tactics for catching of minke whales in the devil in winter is no different from catching other besttelki, but you need to learn some of the nuances of the equipment transaction. The problem with this usually does not occur, and that this bait is very productive in the Arsenal of many fishermen.

    Perch fishing on the devil in winter: video

    Read more about techniques for fishing the Jack you’ll see in this video:

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